14. All you questions should be answered

"Robin!" Pause "Robin!"

Nami walked round the corridor and yelled for Robin. She needed to speak with her now.

"Robin! Where the hell are you?!"

Nami stood by Robin's door. She knocked on the door for the 5th time. She had waited here for 10 minutes already, but nobody answered to her. That is why she walked through the whole ship and hoped to find Robin. But nothing. So Robin had to be in her room. However, the room door was locked.

"Robin. I beg you. If you're in there, come out! I need your help. A big problem. "

Nami was waiting for a response. It did not come. This made her very angry. She hit the door with her leg and walked away.

Where was the older woman, when she needed her the most? She wasn't able to solve the problem by herself. She needed Robin! Immediately!

At the same time on the other side of the door Zoro sighted. Finally Nami went away and he hoped that she wouldn't come back. Why was she disturbing them at all? If she had a problem then why needed she Robin's help?

"I have to go to talk to her immediately." Mumbled Robin in Zoro's hands.

"Be a little more here." Zoro kissed gently her neck.

"This is not fair. You know that I want to stay here."

"What is the problem? Stay here."

Zoro kissed her back. Robin moaned and almost gave up. It was so good to stay here without any obligations and concerns. A paradise on earth. But she has to go now.

"Soon not only Nami would search for me. After a day has past, Sanji would start to worry, too."

"Let them worry."

"Haven't you noticed that nobody is searching for you?"

"What should it mean now?"

"Nobody dares to look for you."

„Oh, come on. Nami and Sanji are not afraid of me. Sanji would be happy if he could kick me out of the bed."

"This was before the accident." Robin released from his hands, stood up and began to dress. „The things doesn't change to normal back with one day."

"Yeah, I know."

"Shouldn't you train?"

Robin was already at the door and turned to him. Zoro hadn't notice how fast Robin had been. He whined on the bed. Of course, he had to go to train, but why now!

Robin chuckled and she was out of the room, leaving the child in the room. She did not want you to go too, but Nami seemed to need her help and she wanted to help her friend. She fastened her steps and soon she reached the deck.

Nam was sleeping, at least so it seemed, on the chair. Her face seemed uneasy and nervous. Usually, when she was sunbathing, she had a small smile on her lips.


Nami slowly opened her eyes and when she saw that it was Robin, her face began to shine.

"Robin, where the hell have you been the whole time?!"

"I studied a few books." Or, him ...

"Yeah, right." Mumbled Nami, "Still, you could have answer to me! "

"What is wrong?" Robin sat next to Nami and listened.

Nami sighted and wanted to say something, but from the kitchen came her problem, Luffy. When he saw Nami, he immediately stopped. He did not dare to walk. He was denied to come near to her.

"Er .. I will go. "Said Luffy, and he wanted to walk away.

Robin understood that Nami's problem was related with the captain.

"Luffy, I would like if you could stay and explain me what is wrong with Nami."

Nami made a horrible face. She glared at the older woman.

"Nami is pregnant and it is my fault!"

Robin blinked and began to laugh. "What lovely news Nami."

"Bakaaaa!" Yelled Nami. "I'm not pregnant! Can't you understand it already?!" Nami sank down in her chair. "You see Robin, that's the thing. He thinks that I am pregnant, although I am not, and he do not believe me."

"But I have kissed you!" whined Luffy.

Nam facapalmed. Again the same story. Even if Nami tried to explain to him, that the things don't go so, he did not believe her. From whom he took such stupidity?

"Captain, who told you that she could be pregnant?"

"Sanji told me! After he had seen us kissing he said that you are pregnant and I shouldn't talk to you anymore. He said that I should leave Nami to him. I could not understand him at the beginning, because I knew that the you can become pregnant only after sex, but he told me that I was wrong."

Both women stared at him. Had Sanji really had told that? This could only be jealousy. Robin began to laugh. But it seemed that Nami didn't find it so funny.

"I'll kill him!" Nam rose from a chair and run into the kitchen. "For dinner we get minced meat!" The door closed with a big bang.

„Luffy, she is not pregnant. You're right, only after sex she could get pregnant. "Robin smiled.

"Yummy. Minced meat."

Robin did not say anything about it. If Luffy heard the word meat his mind didn't work anymore.

"Yo-ho-ho. What noise is here? "

Franky and Brook came on deck.

"Nami cooks for us today."

„Oh noo!" Franky whined

Brook froze. He did not imagine, what took place in the kitchen and what did Nami's cooking mean, but the yells which came from the kitchen where terrible.

"Oi Robin. Where were you the whole time? "

"I read." The usual activity after all, in her case.

"Together with the swordsman? I saw he going into your room in the evening."

Robin remembered that Zoro left the room when he brought food for them

"He needed a training manual." Said Robin with a smirk.

"Yeah right." Mumbled the 3 men at once.

Robin blinked. They didn't believe her? At the same time Zoro came on the deck. He stopped by the others. When he saw her he couldn't just not to smile.

"Oi Zoro. Where are you going? "Luffy asked.

"Training." Zoro

"Alone?" Said the three men and they looked to Robin. She tried to make an innocent face, but they didn't believe her.

"Yeah, alone. What's weird about it?!"

"We thought that you would like to train with you partner Miss Robin." Brook said.

"What the hell?!" Zoro almost fell when he heard it.

Robin chuckled. What a lovely day on Sunny.

Zoro was training in the crow's nest. He had been in peace for several hours and it seemed somehow strange. It was evening and he couldn't hear anything from the others. Although it was good, because he could concentrate on one thing. He had not been trained for long time. 7 days were an eternity for him.

After some hours of training he found that it was enough for the day. He looked out the window and saw that Nami had appeared on deck. A few minutes ago, there was nobody on the deck. Now, however, there was in Nami there and she seemed to be resting.

Zoro swear that did not go to his room a few minutes ago, when there was no Nami. Now he had to face her. Of course, they all had already forgiven him, but it was not easy face Nami again.

Zoro climbed down and decided to go to the kitchen. He quietly walked over the deck, so that Nami wouldn't wake up. Zoro didn't know why Nami here was. But she looked very stressed and that meant she didn't have a good mood. Such a moment should be avoided.

"I would not go there instead of you."

"Why?" Zoro stopped by the door. He could not get out of here.

"Sanji is lying under the table."

"Why? Not that I do not think that it isn't positive, but ... "

"He wanted to destroy my relationship with Luffy and I beat him hard. And moreover, I said to him that you are with Robin. "

"Was that necessary?" Zoro's voice rose.

"Was it necessary to hold Robin back in the morning when I needed her help?" Said Nami as a wickedly.

Zoro stare angrily at Nami and then went to the kitchen. Somehow, he felt pity for Sanji. That man made him sometimes angry, but he helped Zoro when he had hard times.

As Nami had said, Sanji was lying under the table. Zoro heard some mumble. Everyone is against me ... I hate myself ... Zoro already regretted his decision to help Sanji.


"Go away." Whined Sanji

"You know, when Luffy has again a crazy idea to take to our team new nākamā and if it is a woman, then you have no rival. Brook is a skeleton and terrible, Franky too childish, Chopper an animal and Usopp too weird. "

Sanji looked to Zoro with sparkle eyes. He could be right after all. For a moment he forgot his loss of 2 women and began to dream when a woman comes to the team he would be the next to get a girlfriend. But he should he get Luffy so far that he would take a woman?

Zoro had done something nice for Sanji. He quickly walked out of the kitchen. When he was on deck, he heard the familiar voice.

"It isn't nice to lie to Sanji."

"Silence." Zoro turned around and put his hand on Robin's mouth.

Robin stood calmly. Zoro felt how Robin smiled. He knew that she was playing with him again. He hated it, but could not do anything against it. Robin liked him when he was nervous and confused.

"It is your fault when I my hair gets gray." Zoro took a hand away and began to walk down the stairs.

This time Robini laughed. She enjoyed it. Robin watched how Zoro sat down by the mast and tried to fall asleep. She knew very well that Zoro wanted peace now. The best time to go to tease him more.

"It is not nice that you were lying, but it was nice that you were lying." Robin walked to the mast as well.

Zoro raised his eyebrow. He tried to understand Robin's sentence. But it was easier to play that he was sleeping. It was after all a game. Doesn't this woman have anything else to do? For example, some books to read? Certainly, but Zoro had to admit happily that he liked that Robin chose the bullying instead of reading the book. At least she was near him.

Robin sat next to Zoro and supported her head against his shoulder. During the day they couldn't be together. Presumably they will have only the nights for each other. It was enough Robin at the moment. When compared with the situation before the accident. Zoro didn't want to be with her for one minute in the same room.
Robin had pushed her feelings down. She even didn't notice that they exist. At first, it took the time to get used to the knowledge that she can be other people together. Nākamā were important for her after time, including Zoro. But by him the feeling was different.

Robin is often portrayed the team as a village and its life in a novel. Nami was like a little sister to Robin, who liked to be in the spotlight. Luffy was like a little brother who always had to pick something. Sanji was like a neighbor's boy who loved her and every girl. Brook musician, who was at the border madness and genius. Usopp inventor, who was not given enough room. Chopper a pet, who needed love. And Franky pervert uncle, who had to be kept away from children.

Zoro was the gardener and Robin secretly watched him. Solitary, hard-working and nice gardener. All of these thoughts come from one of the novel, which she had read. For Zoro best suited to the gardener character. The main character was a young girl who fell in love with a simple gardener. But she had not the courage to say to him that and watched only him from the window every day.

After 5 years, the gardener married. The young girl couldn't live with the fact that she never told him how much she loved him and committed suicide.

Robin imagined her as that girl. Although that character was different than her. But soon Robin noticed how she was watching the swordsman as the girl in the novel did.

Although Robin thought that she didn't resemble to the main character, she acted exactly like she. Robin was too afraid to show her feelings, because thought that her feelings could destroy her current family. But luckily her story didn't end as the novel.

Robin sighed. When Zoro was injured, she could be together with him. But it was not the right time to tell him about her feelings. She was glad that she had been waited for the right time to say. Now she could play with him all the night.

"If others hear what you said about them, they will kill you."

"And who is going to tell them?"

Robin showed a finger towards the kitchen. Of course, she knew that Zoro had thought that she would tell them. "You thought that me? You should trust me more. "Robin smirked.

Zoro sighed. Robin was still in the game mood. Zoro still did not like those games. Although he hoped he would like them someday because he knew that Robin won't stop with them. But for now he had to agree with them. At least Robin was with him.

Zoro was in Robin's dept and the little effort to agree with Robin's games, was not a big thing. The dept had been that Robin had supported him during the last week. Of course the others had helped him too, but Robin saved him.

Zoro reason why only Robin was able for it, he did not know. He could only assume. When Robin came to the team, Zoro tried to keep away from her. But after time Zoro felt the need to know if she was alright. He had thought that it was the instinct that he had to protect his nakamas and Robin was a nakama. Zoro only now realized why he wanted really wanted to protect her.

In the past he did not want to admit it. His lifestyle had no space for love. That is why he ignored every sign that it might be in love. But now he had to think about that question: Is he now ready to find the necessary time and space for her?

He had already admitted that he loved her and there was no way back He had to find the space and time and he knew that he could do it. Moreover, how much time could Robin take? They spent time together during the nights. While Zoro is training Robin can read books. And now Zoro had one more reason to train more. He needed to be strong enough to be able to protect Robin, because he didn't want to lose Robin.

Someone should have told him that sooner that he had time for love. But he could not change the past. That's why it made more sense to look towards to the future.

"And again a day has ended." Said Zoro

"End of a day is the beginning of our time."

Robin looked to the sunset. But when she noticed that Zoro was so quiet she looked back to him.

"What?" Robin smiled at him.

"I noticed again that you are perfect."

Zoro bent closer to her and kissed her passionately. After their lips meet, both forgot the sunset. When they broke the kiss, they staid for a moment close. Robin felt his breathe on her lips.

Robin sank back and put her head on Zoro's shoulder and she still managed to see the sunset. She wanted to enjoy it, but she felt his lips again on hers and it was very distracting. But then the sun set and Robin knew that it wasn't their last kiss today.


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