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I walked around in the store, not knowing what to buy. I just came out of work, and I didn't feel like going home yet.

I just moved into this little town, Forks. It already seemed to be the rainiest place of the world.

I sighed. I knew that this moving thing wasn't a good idea. But I just got this new job as a journalist in Seattle, so it was better to live close. Besides, Jake's family lived closer here. But somehow this town made me feel lonely.

It wasn't that I didn't know how to meet people. No, not at all. But everyone knew beforehand that I would come. They knew my name, knew my age and they knew I had a boyfriend, Jacob. They even knew that lately we didn't get along as we used to.

This was the typical village that made me feel like I was trapped into a cage. Everybody knew everything about everyone.

I couldn't stand it. I was used to living in a big city, like my hometown Phoenix. I saw the highschool here in Forks.

I knew that there must be around 360 people at this school. I remembered highschool in Phoenix. In my year there were already more than 800 people. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to be on a highschool this small.

I looked around one more time, giving up. I knew I wasn't going to buy anything. I already had everything I could possibly need, since I came here everyday to buy me time before I needed to get home to make myself some dinner.

Jake wouldn't be home for at least three hours. He said he was going to visit his dad, and would be staying over for dinner.

I walked outside the door, not knowing what to do now. I could go home, but I could also walk around for a bit.

When I was debating what to do, I never expected that my life would change in such a drastic way.

I felt someone bump into me, and I felt myself falling. In an instant reflex I tried to catch myself with my hands.

Then I realised I missed my bag. It was grabbed from my shoulder without me noticing it. I looked up, knowing it was only a second ago that I fell on the ground. I saw someone running away with, of course, my bag in his hand. It was a tall, dark guy and he ran really fast.

He looked behind him, and I blinked when I suddenly saw someone appear. He tackled the robber, who dropped my bag. He looked bewildered at the guy who tackled him, and then started running again, this time without my bag.

In the mean time, I was surrounded by people who saw what happened.

"Are you okay?" I heard many times.

I nodded, and crawled up. I quickly checked if everything was still working.

I was still looking down, but I noticed that someone handed me my bag.

"Are you okay?" A velvet voice asked me.

"Eh, I think so…" I answered, checking my hands. There were tiny cuts on them, but that was okay. I fell a lot, so I was almost immune to the pain that it should have given me.

"Are you sure?" The voice said again.

I nodded, and looked up to see the man that helped me.

At that moment, the time stopped ticking. The world stopped moving, and all I could see were the beautiful, deep, green eyes that were looking in mine.

Several things happened to me instantly, but I didn't notice it. All my attention went to this gorgeous guy that stood up for me, while he didn't know me.

I felt my eyes roaming over his body, looking at him as if I was breathing the air I didn't have for a long, long time. And he did the same to me. He checked me out, and our eyes met a few times.

If it was any other guy, in this situation, or in any other, I would have blushed because of this. I would be ashamed that someone would do this to me, while everyone could see it. And I would be embarrassed that he saw me doing this to him. But now, that all didn't matter.

Suddenly, I noticed all the feelings that were flowing in me, and I felt my cheeks getting warm. Not because I was embarrassed, but because I was afraid I couldn't handle everything inside of me. It had to get out sometime, either sooner or later, that didn't matter.

The world started moving again, and I realised some people were looking at us. It wasn't until then, when I realised that moment had taken just a few seconds. To me it seemed like hours, no, more like years. I saw how I lived my life before, and also how it should be in the future.

As if he was going through the same thing, the guy, who was the reason for all these feelings inside of me while I didn't know his name or anything, moved. He held out his hand.

"Edward Cullen, nice to meet you."

"B-Bella Swan, nice to meet you t-too." I stuttered, still not able to think coherent thoughts.

"Can I offer you a drink?" Edward asked me.

"Y-Yes, I think." I answered, not knowing what to do.

"You think?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I saw the unspoken question in his eyes.

The look on his face was really funny, so I couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm sorry. I'd love to, thank you." I corrected myself, making him laugh too.

I held my breath, listening to the most beautiful sound in the world. I memorized it, and promised myself to never forget that laugh. There wasn't a sound that could be better than this.

"Come, then." He said, as he held out his arm. I took it, and surpressed the thought that I had a boyfriend, who suspected me to be loyal to him.

But what was wrong with having a drink with the person who just helped me? I wouldn't cheat on him, I would never do that.

Then what about these feelings? A little voice in my head said. I decided to ignore it, since it wouldn't help to listen to it anyway.

We stopped walking, and went into my favorite Italian restaurant. Probably the only one in town anyway, but it had the best Italian food I had in my life.

A waitress came over, and I growled softly when she smiled widely. Obviously Edward Cullen was someone that she liked.

Shock flooded through me when I realised I was jealous. Jealous? Me? I was never jealous. I shouldn't be jealous, because I didn't own this man.

And I wasn't able to. I have a boyfriend. The voice said again.

It took me only a few seconds to figure this all out, and I looked up. Surprisingly enough Edward was looking at me, and smiled when he caught my eye. I smiled too. I wasn't able not to, with this beautiful crooked smile pointed at me.

"A table for two, please." He told the waitress, never breaking eye contact with me.

"Sure, sir." She said with the sweetest voice I ever heard, causing me to shiver.

Don't care! I told myself. Of course, that didn't work. But I needed to get a grip on myself, or at least on the feelings that were about to overwhelm me.

The waitress, according to the name tag her name was Carla, led us to the back of the restaurant, wich had a very nice, comfortable atmosphere.

"Is this okay?" She asked, looking at me for the first time.

"Yes, thank you Miss." Edward answered instead, smiling politely at her. I saw that the eyes of Carla went wide, and smiled to myself. Of course he could do that to people.

She walked away, while we sat down.

A comfortable silence surrounded us, while we just looked at each other.

It was different than before, though. This was like we knew each other our whole lives, while we just met each other.

"So…" Edward started.

"So…" I answered, smiling a bit. I saw that he smiled too.

"Are you still okay, Miss Swan?" He asked me.

"Yes, I am still okay. And I prefer you'd call me Bella." I answered.

"Okay. Then you call me Edward, please." I nodded, and smiled again. I waited till he said something.

"Bella, as in, Isabella?" He suddenly asked.

"Yes. How do you know that?" I asked him, surprised that he knew. Nobody knew, except for the few people who had to know because of the official things.

"I don't know. It just came up in my head. Do you have more names than just Isabella Swan?"

"Yes, my middle name is Marie."

He nodded. "So your full name is Isabella Marie Swan. Nice."

I felt myself blush a little.

"And what about you?" I asked him.

"My full name is Edward Anthony Masen. I've got one brother, Emmett." He said when I opened my mouth. I raised my eyebrows. How did he knew what I wanted to ask? He just smiled a little, and continued.

"I grew up around here. You, obviously, did not." He said, bringing back the attention to me.

I sighed.

"No, I didn't. I grew up in Phoenix, but I got tired of that so I moved away." I hesitated.

"The good thing was, that… My boyfriend's family lives close." The last words came out as a whisper.

Part of me hoped, that if he didn't hear it, I could deny it. I never wanted anything bad to happen to Jake, and of course I loved him. But those feelings were nothing compared to the feelings I had for this man.

I knew what he was. I knew why I had these feelings, and I knew what I could do about it.

This man, across the table, was my soulmate. The one I was meant to be with.

From the first moment we looked into each other's eyes, everything clicked together. I realised what I was missing in my life. Him. He was the reason I existed, the reason I lived. The only one I could ever be happy with. I knew that if I could be with him, my life would be completed. I would be trully happy, and I could fully enjoy life.

All the things I couldn't do with Jake, because he wasn't the one.

I looked up from my thoughts, just in time to see Edward came back to earth as well, when a second waitress came towards our table.

"Hello. My name is Julia and I am your waitress for tonight. Can I get you something?" She said.

I was happy with this girl. She wasn't flirting with Edward, and looked at us both to answer her question.

"I'd like a cappuccino." I said, smiling at her. She smiled back, and turned to Edward.

"I'd like the same, please." She nodded, and walked away.

I looked at Edward, trying to find a solution for the problems I never had till the moment I met Edward, the moment I looked into his eyes.

"What are we going to do about this?" Edward asked, looking me in the eye.

I blinked in surprise, not able to respond for a moment.

I immediately understood that he was thinking about the same thing as I was. It also meant he realised that we were meant to be as well.

" I don't know… I 've got a boyfriend and you…"

" I am married, though we are trying to arrange a proper divorce." He said.

"Why do you want a divorce?" I asked him, truly interested. I was surprised that I wasn't jealous at her, unlike the waitress. Maybe that was because he hadn't met me yet, when he met is wife.

"Well, I don't love her, and I've never loved her at all, I think. We were too young, and did as our parents told us. I couldn't protest, and I thought everything could work out. But I don't love her, and she doesn't love me either. Right now we are living together as friends, trying to find a solution."

"How long have you been together?"

"Since we were eighteen. We turned eighteen a few weeks after each other, so our parents arranged that we should get married immediately. They always thought we were a cute couple, meant to be together."

I gulped, but smiled. He smiled too, and in his eyes I could see he apologised for everything, though he had nothing to apologise about.

"And what about you? How long have you been together with your boyfriend?" He asked me then.

"Four years. I met Jacob when I was sixteen, and two years later we got together." I answered.

"And… I'm sorry if I'm asking things that are too personal, but…" He hesitated, biting his lip. He seemed unsure of what to say. His eyes were at the table, so he couldn't see my smile. It was just too cute, seeing that he didn't know what to do with this.

"You can ask me anything. I have no problem with that." I said, trying to help him.

He looked up, and smiled. "Do you love him?" He asked.

I bit my lip. The answer was yes. It would, and should have been yes just an hour ago. But now I knew what it was to be with someone like Edward, I wasn't sure if I knew the right answer. Yes, I did love Jacob. But it was nothing compared to what I felt for this man, a man I didn't even know.

I felt the urge to laugh. But I managed to keep it a smile.

"I don't know." I answered, after a moment.

He nodded. "I'm sorry…" He said after a while, after the waitress gave us our coffee.

"Do you want something to eat?" She asked.

I immediately shook my head. "No, thank you."

Edward shrugged, and Julia walked away again.

"Now what?" I asked him, before drinking from my coffee.

He stared at the table for a while.

"I don't know. But there must be a reason for all this. A reason that we met just… now. On the moment we both can't use this. We know we are meant to be together, but how do we deal with that? What can we do now? I don't know the answer. I've never felt like this before."

I laughed. "You aren't supposed to! There should be only one person in the world you should have this with."

I shook my head, still smiling. "I can't believe this. And I can't believe you!" I laughed again.

He raised his eyebrow, questioning me what I meant without words.

I sighed. "You are so rational about this. At least, you seem to be. I don't have the words for this, I just can't seem to find them."

"You are right, I seem to be rational about this. But that might be because I always believed in soulmates. When I look at the relationship that my parent have, I know they are meant to be. They are perfect for each other. They've been together for twenty years now, but they are still just as much in love as they were when they were young. They were each other's first in everything, and they never let each other go."

"That is really romantic, you know. I wished my parents would be like that. But they divorced when I was just a little girl."

"Okay. Did you mind?"

"No, it was probably for the best. They fought a lot, and those fights always ended up with one of them leaving the house and sleep at a friends'. The other one would be depressed, and I had to take care of the one that didn't leave the house."

"Hm. Okay."

We drank our coffee, enjoying the silence. It was strange, because ever since I was little, I hated silences. But this was very comfortable. There was nothing to say, and I was just happy to be here, with this man that I barely knew.

"Isn't it a little risky, being here with you? After all, this is a village. People know everything of everyone in here. I don't want you to get in trouble."

He laughed his musical laugh, and shook his head. "I won't get in trouble. After all, Tanya, my wife, has a boyfriend on her own. I don't mind, and I know she doesn't mind either. Won't you get in trouble?"

"Honestly, I don't really care." I answered, smiling a bit. He smiled back, making my heart race in my chest. I could almost hear my heartbeat in my ears.

We finished drinking our coffee, and left. Edward insisted on paying for me, and for the first time of my life I didn't care about that.

We walked into a small street, when he stopped me.

He caught my eye, and we shared a very intense moment. In our eyes, were all our feelings for each other. In his I saw that he wasn't sure how this would end, and in mine he would see the doubts I felt.

Could this be reality? It felt more like a fairytale.

"Listen, Bella. We know we belong together, but that's not possible for both of us now. But one day, we will be together."

"Promise?" I asked him, unsure what the future would bring me.

"Promise. And we both know that we will meet again when we will be ready to be together."

I nodded, and felt the tears burning in my eyes.

We didn't break eyecontact, and I could see that he didn't like to say goodbye either. But we had to. We weren't allowed to be together yet, it would give too much complications in our lifes. We had things to complete first. I had to settle in, and Edward had to get his divorce. I would need to break up with Jake, though I didn't have any idea how to do that.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks, and I looked down to hide them.

I felt a hand under my chin, and it pulled my face up. I didn't look up, though. I didn't want to see the look on his face. I rarely cried, but this was not just something. It was goodbye to the one I wanted to hold forever.

When I looked up with the tears still in my eyes, and saw the look on Edward's face. It showed nothing more that apologies and love for me.

I gulped. We just met, but he was already the most important person in my life. I couldn't imagine Jake being so important in just such a short time. It had taken me two years to fall in love with him.

Edward seemed to hesitate, but then he leaned in and kissed my tears away.

I smiled, and wiped the new ones away with the back of my hand.

"I'm sorry. Usually I don't cry. It's just…"

"Shh. I know. But we will see each other again. We promised." He told me, with a sad smile on his face.

"I know. But when will that be?" I asked him, wiping the tears away again.

He shrugged. "When we will be ready. It might be in a few months, a few years, but it can also take decades. I don't know. But we will end our lifes together."

I nodded.

"Am I allowed?" He asked then.

Without details, I knew what he meant. I smiled, and nodded.

We reached out, and our lips met in the middle.

It was a kiss like I had never had in my life. Everything else, every thought went to the background, and all I noticed were our lips that were moving together.

His arms were around my waist, while his were around his neck. I felt his heartbeat, it matched mine. They were so fast, I was afraid that we would explode.

It was a very short kiss, but it made my skin tingle. I felt like I would never be the same again. I would never enjoy a kiss anymore, unless it was from this man.

"Thank you. I will remember this till the next moment we meet again. And I promise that we will be together from that moment."

"Me too." I told him, smiling.

He gave me a short peck on my cheek, and walked away.

I went to my own car, wondering what kind of good thing I could have done in my life to deserve this man. That he was my soulmate. That was just unbelievable. But I couldn't deny it.

I loved this man, and I couldn't wait for the next moment we would meet again. Because from that moment on, my life would be completed.

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