Chapter 3:

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Three years later

"Bella? Bella?" I heard faintly. I groaned sleepily, not ready to become awake yet. I had such a nice dream, it made me want to stay asleep much longer.

"Bella, wake up!" Someone pulled the covers away, and I threw my arm over my eyes to protect them from the sudden light.

"Leave me alone, Alice. I was dreaming…" I said groggily.

"Yes, I know. But guess what! I don't care. You need to get up, now! You know it's our karaoke night tomorrow, and you don't have an outfit yet. We are going shopping!"

And that was one of my best friends, Alice. Rosalie, my best friend since childhood, was probably making breakfast. At least, it smelled like waffles and coffee in here.

I yawned, stretching myself. The dream played again in my head, like every morning since I had met him.

"Are you coming?" Alice yelled from downstairs. I yawned again, and stood up, thinking about the dream.

Every night, the same dream came back. It started on the first night after I met Edward, and it kept going on, even now.

It didn't matter what I was dreaming, if it was about something stupid like college or shopping with Alice, it always changed suddenly. And there was no patron in it, either. It could be near the end of the dream, but sometimes the dream started with it.

Like this night; I dreamt about our karaoke night. I needed to sing too, and I was a total failure, everyone was laughing at my false notes. But then, suddenly it changed.

I was standing at one end of a meadow, just a few yards away of the path I followed the first time I came here in my dreams. That time I had been able to move around, but now I was frozen. Every night, I was frozen in the same spot, not able to do anything else but smile and breathe.

And I loved it. Because very night, in my dreams, I met Edward. He was always standing at the other side of the meadow. He was always smiling, just like me, happy to see each other I think. And every night, I wanted to move, I wanted to go towards him and hug him tightly.

I wanted to tell him where I was, because after Jake and I broke up I moved to Seattle with Rose. I didn't know if he was able to find me now, and I didn't know where he was, either.

For the past few months, things had become worse. Seeing him every night wasn't enough anymore. Because I knew I belonged to Edward, and he belonged to me, I didn't date. But I missed life this way.

At least, that is what Alice kept telling me. Rosalie kept trying to tell her it's okay, because Rosalie knows how I feel. A few weeks after we moved here, she fell for a bouncer named Emmett. We went to a club together – the same night we met Alice, by the way – and a few guys were bothering her. So Emmett stepped in, and they fell in love.

That night, Rosalie confessed everything to me. Alice didn't know anything about our soul mates, she didn't believe in those stupid things. She said they were for lovesick people, "who see their boyfriends as gods," as she often said it.

But Rose and I knew better. We had met our soul mates, and we weren't going to let them go. We weren't planning to share our lives with anyone other than that person.

Even though technically I was a single, I didn't see myself that way. Alice did, and she kept trying to get me into these double dates. She couldn't understand that all I wanted on a Saturday night was to hang out with Rose, Em and Alice, watching movies or something. I didn't want to go out, except for our karaoke night every other week.

Alice kept pushing me, though, but I tried not to give in that much. I did love the dancing, somehow I manage do to that without tripping over my own feet. But I didn't like drinking, and I didn't want to date.

I came downstairs, now sure that there was a cup of coffee waiting for me, next to the warm waffles with the hot chocolate sauce. My mouth began to water at the sight of it.

It was one of Rosalie's biggest secrets; she is a great cook. She loved to do it, but nobody expects that from her since she is like, the most gorgeous girl on this planet. And she's blonde. Most people think that that combination means that she's stupid, but she is actually one of the smartest people I have ever met.

"Morning," I muttered towards her, before taking a sip out of my mug. Rosalie knew how I liked my coffee, and this one was perfect. Strong and sweet, the best way to start my day.

She smiled at me, nodding. She knew I didn't talk much in the morning, not even to her. I took a bite of my waffles, and moaned at the great taste. She did it again.

She waited for me to finish my breakfast, which I did pretty fast. I was hungry after all my emotions in my dream, and Rosalie shook her head at me. She looked up then, and I knew Alice was behind me. I heard her tapping her foot impatiently, making me grin at Rosalie. I slowed down on purpose, and of course she noticed that.

"Bella! Hurry up! Seriously, we need at least a few hours, and I have college this evening! I want you to be perfect tomorrow, after all you're going to perform!"

Hence, my nightmare. I winced when she said that, and shook my head to myself. I felt so stupid for agreeing with that during our Truth or Dare game last Saturday. I thought I'd be able to do it, but by now I was a nerve wrack. I knew which song I was going to perform, and I knew I could actually do it; if only the nerves were gone. I had the skills, I had the motivation. I just didn't need the nerves, then I would e fine.

"Fine, fine." I answered Alice, standing up to go to my room. I was on my way to my closet when I saw my dark jeans and red tank top waiting for me. She also laid out my underwear, a black bra with lace on the edges and matching panties.

I sighed, but put them on anyway. If I was going to throw a fit, Alice would give me hell about that, and I didn't want Alice against me this early in the morning. So I did what she wanted, but I put my hair in a ponytail. And I was going to fight for that. I really didn't feel like curling or straightening my hair, so I just did things my way.

When I came down stairs, I saw Alice nod at me. "I figured you would do something like that, and it's a good thing, it fits with this outfit."

I sighed, and rolled my eyes. "Rose, you don't happen to have a cup of coffee to go for me, do you?"

She handed me the plastic cup with a smile. God, I loved that girl. She knew me so well, there wasn't anything better than a friend like Rose.

"Are you going to Em again?" I asked her while Alice applied my makeup. She just put on a bit mascara when Rosalie answered.

"Only this morning and the beginning of the afternoon. He has to work today and tomorrow, so I won't see him. Except for tomorrow night, of course, but that's my night with you girls so I won't hang out with him too much," she added.

When Alice was ready, I got permission to leave. I hugged Rosalie with a sigh, and followed Alice towards my day out of hell.


Shopping wasn't so bad in the end. I found a short black dress which was partially backless, with a ribbon holding the shoulders together. I had matching heels for it, so I didn't need to buy more. I really stood my ground on that, and surprisingly enough Alice let me sit down on a bench while she went shopping for another while.

Of course my thoughts drifted to Edward, how could they not? I longed to see him so much, I was afraid I was going to burst. I couldn't take it anymore, I needed him. I waited long enough for him to come and find me – that much was obvious. I had to wait till he came to find me. I had no chance of finding him myself.

If only he would hurry…

Not too long after I sat down, Alice came back with lots of bags in her hands. I raised my eyebrow.

"How many of them are for me?" I said, knowing that even though I didn't join her, she still bought me things.

"Just six of them. The other eight are for myself and Rose," Alice answered with a grin.

I sighed, but turned to where my car was parked. I knew I couldn't do anything against it, so I accepted it without complaining.


The night of my performance came up quickly, and I was a bundle of nerves by the time karaoke was an hour away.

Alice dragged me to the dance floor, making me protest at first but then I realized I could probably dance my nerves away.

I lost myself in the music, my body becoming one with it, moving along with the beats and instruments. I had my eyes closed, not bothering to look at my companions or any other guy than Edward. My mind drifted away, to unearthly places where I could rest until I would be found.

Something was different this time, and as soon as I thought that, the atmosphere around me shifted. My neck began to tingle, my body began to become full of electricity, and it had nothing to do with my nerves or the music. The world around me faded away, and the only thing I was aware of was that feeling. It became stronger and stronger.

I knew it before I turned around. My body and soul knew it before my mind could wrap around it, and they all did that very fast. I turned around when he was behind me, my eyes still closed, and I could feel the smile coming up on my face. I felt hands touch my waist, and I didn't need to open my eyes to know who was there. I felt the tears streaming on my cheeks, my feelings of happiness overflowing.

I opened my eyes then, though I did not need my sight to confirm what every cell in my body already knew the moment he stepped into the room. Brown eyes locked with green ones, and we didn't need to say any words. Our eyes spoke to each other, telling each other how happy we were that we had found each other. He leaned in then, his forehead resting against mine, his hands still on my waist while mine were in his hair, my arms around his neck. Our bodies fit perfectly against each other, like a missing piece of a puzzle.

And it certainly felt that way. The missing piece was now filled again, I felt whole and complete with Edward here. I had missed him terribly, but now I knew how badly I had missed him, right now when he was back.

The world slowly started spinning again, time had stopped for a moment and it began ticking again. I didn't care if anyone saw us, and I realized my friends were probably watching me but I really didn't care.

"You've been the only thing on my mind," I whispered, and I knew he would hear me, even over the loud music. He knew what I would mean, just like I knew he would.

"You too…" He answered, his eyes swimming with emotion.

Then we kissed, and it wasn't like the kiss we shared before. We could really enjoy this kiss, since now we could be together. We deepened the kiss at the same time, our tongues playing with each other, exploring and fighting for the dominance neither of us was willing to give. My whole body was pressed against him, from toes till head, there wasn't a sigh of air allowed to come between us. Our feelings were flowing between us, the connection stronger than ever.

When we finally broke apart, both out of breath, I couldn't help the wide grin on my face. And on top of that, it matched Edward's. He kissed my forehead, and grabbed my hand.

"I think it's time for me to introduce you to my friends," I said in his ear. He just smiled at me and let me lead the way.

When I saw Rosalie and Alice, they were both looking at me with raised eyebrows. Then they looked between me and Edward, and while realization dawned on Rosalie's face, confusion became apparent on Alice's face.

"Bella, who is this guy you're so fiercely making out with in the middle of the dance floor?" Alice said.

Rosalie just smiled at me, and stepped forward to hug me. She understood exactly what just happened, and I felt her happiness for me.

"Rose, Alice, this is… Edward," I said, squeezing the hand I was still holding. "Edward, these are my best friends, Rosalie Hale and Alice Brandon."

"Edward, as in… Edward-Edward?" Alice said, still not getting it.

"Yes, Alice. Which other Edward could I be with?" I said, rolling my eyes with a silly grin still plastered on my face.

"Congrats, guys," Rosalie just said, smiling at both me and Edward.

"Rosalie understands us, Alice doesn't," I explained in Edward's ear. He nodded, planting another kiss on my temple.

"Bella, are you prepared for your Dare?" Alice said then, grinning widely.

I gulped, but somehow I couldn't find my nerves anymore. It seemed they all disappeared at the moment Edward and I connected again.

"Dare?" Edward asked me, one of his eyebrows raised. I smiled at that.

"Yeah… It's karaoke night tonight, and I had the dare last Saturday that I have to sing tonight," I told him.

"And you were extremely nervous, weren't you?" It didn't escape me that he said it in the past. He knew exactly how I felt about this, and how I felt about it now.

I just nodded at that. From the corner of my eye, I saw Alice raise her eyebrows again, and I saw Rosalie sigh with a smile on her face.

This showed how important it was to me that Rosalie had found her own soulmate. She understood the concept, she knew how it felt to be together, and how we were able to feel each other's presence. Alice, who didn't believe in such things, didn't understand at all. Maybe we could show her that it was all truth, and make her believe there was a soulmate for her out there as well.

"Do you care if I join you? I can play the piano," Edward asked me then. I looked up at the stage, and saw the old black piano in the corner.

I looked at Alice, who had given me the Dare and therefore made the rules.

"I guess," she shrugged. "But then Edward has to play a song and you have to sing it, no matter which song he chooses." Alice's grin was mischievous, but I knew we wouldn't fail. "And Bella, you're not allowed to tell him which song he has to play!"

"But Alice! I've practiced one certain song! I trained myself for that song, I am not prepared for any other song! " I complained.

"Don't worry, love. You'll be alright," Edward whispered in my ear, squeezing my hand lightly.


"No buts, missy! That's my condition. If you want Edward to join you, that's my rule," Alice stated firmly.

"I know which song you're going to sing, Bella. It's been playing in my head since Saturday," he smiled at me.

Alice's eyes widened. "How can that be?"

I couldn't help but answer that, and to my surprise I said it at once with Edward and Rosalie.


Alice shook her head, mumbling things under her breath. I couldn't understand it, but I had an idea what she was saying.

"Alice," I said.

She looked up, looking at me. "Yes?"

"You know which song's been playing in my room ever since Saturday, right?"

"Ehm… yes?"

"So you know which song has been going on in my head over and over again? Which song I've chosen to sing tonight?"

"We all do, Bella," Rosalie answered that one.

"Good. Edward, no matter how much I hate it to put any distance between us now, please go to the other side of the room. That way we can assure Alice I won't tell you the title of the song somehow. And Alice, you're going to make a promise to me." I couldn't help but grin, and I saw Rosalie caught what I was doing.

"We're going to prove that soul mates do exist. I haven't told Edward anything about this, yet he says he knows which song I am going to sing. We're going to prove you that he really does know. If he plays the right song, you'll never say anything about it again, and you won't make faces or comments whenever we talk about the concept. If he plays the wrong song, and since we all know which song I chose we'll know it immediately, we'll never say anything about it again," I said.

Alice thought about it for a moment, and then she nodded. I turned to Edward, and kissed him for a moment before he walked to the other side of the room, and turned to me with a smile on his face. I winked at him, and he smiled wider.

I sighed, and couldn't help the grin on my face. It seemed to be there ever since I felt Edward. I didn't mind at all, but I felt like my jaws were going to be painful at the end of the evening for grinning too much.

Not much longer the karaoke part of the night really started. I was third, so I didn't have to wait much longer. The first one was really bad, singing a song from Celine Dion. It was much too high for her, and she couldn't reach the notes. The second one was a guy who tried to rap but it didn't really work out well. He didn't sound like he could sing either, and I winced when he tried.

Then it was my turn. I walked towards one end of the stage while Edward sat down behind the piano. He winked at me, and I smiled back. I walked towards the microphone and smiled at the crowd.

"I didn't tell Edward here which song was in my head to sing. He's going to play the piano, and I am going to sing the lyrics to the song I was planning to sing. We're going to see if they match! Let's see if he can truly read my mind!"

I grinned at that, because I truly believed they would match. I laughed at myself when I thought about if they wouldn't match.

I took a deep breath, and nodded at Edward. When he played the first notes, I sighed in relief, before grinning widely. He was playing exactly the song I had in mind; A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. I loved that song, and it made me thing of Edward somehow. I knew I would do anything to just be with him, so that's why I chose it.

I sang each note perfectly, completely filled with love and adoration for Edward. I knew we wouldn't take things slow in our relationship, we had waited long enough to be together. My thoughts wandered while I sang the song I loved so much. It was definitely one of my favourite songs, and not only because I could actually reach the notes I had to sing.

When the song was finished, we both got a great applause. Edward's piano skills were great, and together we were a great team. I had no idea how Edward knew it, but I knew it wasn't important. All that mattered was that he really knew, and it was once again proof that we really belonged together.

When we stepped off the podium, I yelped in surprise as I was suddenly pushed against the wall. Edward's lips attacked me, kissing my chin, cheek, nose, following the line to my ear before nibbling slightly on it. I was breathing heavily by the time he reached my lips, and I couldn't help but smile at the passion he was showing me. My passion for him was just as great, and at the moment it definitely felt as if I were on fire. But I pushed him away anyway.

"Please… not here… Not where we can't finish this," I said, my voice cracking. He nodded, smiling at me again.

"Sorry about that," he said, running a hand through his hair. "Your voice is so beautiful… it made me want you even more." He grinned slightly at that, but I could see his cheeks were a bit flushed. I felt like mine were the same, so I didn't care. Besides, it was just Edward. It didn't matter.

We walked back to Alice and Rose, holding hands and smiling at each other. When we arrived, I grinned at Alice. She just seemed to be stunned; she was speechless and her mouth was slightly opened. She really was astounded. Flabbergasted. Surprised in every way.

"Don't tell me again that soul mates don't exist. We've just proven you you're wrong," I said, smiling widely at each other.

"I know… Wow… I just… I really didn't expect it," Alice said, shaking her head.

Rosalie just laughed. "So now you believe us? And Ali? It's the same for Emmett and me. We have the same thing."

The conversation between them was lost to me after that, I was too focused on Edward at that moment. I was sitting on his lap, and he was tracing circles on my waist with his hand, my head resting against his chest while his other arm was wrapped around me.

"How did things go with you and Tanya?" I said softly to him, I wanted that to be over.

"We divorced six months after we met. We both knew it didn't work out so we just had to sign the papers," he answered. "And with you and Jacob?"

"Actually, we broke up the night after we met. He knew I didn't love him anymore. He moved in with his dad, and disappeared."

He nodded, and that conversation was over. We had the most important questions out of the way. And his hand was slowly driving me crazy. It was amazing what his touch could do to me. I felt like jumping him any moment.

"You know, maybe you should go home. You really look… tired," Rosalie grinned at us then.

I giggled, and kissed Edward's cheek. I stood up, and grabbed his hand.

"I'll stay at Emmett's, and take Alice with me. Have fun," Rosalie said to me.

I blushed at that comment, but I really didn't care. I couldn't feel happier. And when we left the club, walking towards my home that was just a few blocks away, I knew there was no way I'd rather spend my time than being with Edward. It just felt so right.

When we entered my house, my eyes locked with his, and I knew it was just the beginning of a long lifetime together with Edward.


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