Author's note: I do not own Hellsing or its characters. I also do not own Death, Susan, or Discworld. This is for the 30 Kisses challenge using list theta. Theme 22: Laughter

All Hallow's E'ven

Alucard felt his master's summons and drifted up from the basement to answer. He found Integra not in her office but in her chambers. Gone was her typical suit. It had been replaced by a long-sleeved black velvet gown. Alucard frowned noticing a thick streak of black running through her pale hair. Integra looked up from the mirror.


"You look particularly fetching tonight, Master. Is there something I should know?" He ran a finger down her neck which was promptly smacked away.

"I will require your services as an escort tonight. I am being required to attend a party, and I do not need the irritation showing up without a date will cause." She gathered her long hair into her hands, twisting it into an elegant knot. "You will behave like a normal human for the duration of the event and refrain from making any difficulties."

He smirked. "Now why would I cause you any problems, Master? On Halloween no less."

Integra turned to glare at him. Alucard simply smirked taking in the way her gown clung to her curves. She looked beautiful though he couldn't quite figure out what her costume was supposed to be.

"And just what do I get out of this, my Master? It hardly provides me with any entertainment at all."

She reached for a black leather belt and scabbard set out on her bed. Once those were on, Integra slid a silver rapier into the scabbard. "I suppose I could be persuaded by good behavior to offer you some of my blood."

The dress left her neck deliciously bare. Ignoring his survival instincts, Alucard came up behind her and pressed a kiss to her bare neck just over her pulse. "I promise to be good, Master."

He got a gun shoved under his nose. She glared at him, stepping back. "None of that, Alucard. You'll get your blood afterwards. If you behave."

Integra eyed him critically. "You'll also need a costume."

"And just what are you, Sir Hellsing?"

"Susan Sto-Helit, Death's Granddaughter." A smile curved her lips. "I doubt many at the masquerade will recognize the costume, but it seemed fitting."

She slung a black cloak over her shoulders and fastened it with a heavy silver broach. She raised an eyebrow at him. "I trust you can find an appropriate form?"

He smirked and allowed his form to shift. A six foot skeleton dressed in a black robe and carrying a scythe with glowing eyes replaced his normal attire.


"Quite well."

Alucard offered her his arm as they exited her rooms. Walter raised an eyebrow as the pair descended the stairs into the manor house's entrance.

"The car is waiting, Sir Integra."

"Thank you, Walter. We should return sometime after midnight."

"Of course, Sir Integra."

They were just about out the door when Alucard caught the butler muttering:

"And with any luck there won't be a death toll at the party."

From the look on her face, Integra had heard that as well. Laughter filled the night air, and many souls shivered.