Disclaimer: I do not own Monk. I don't even own the basic idea behind this drabble. The inspiration came from my sister.

OCD doesn't even begin to describe some people. Mr. Monk knew that fact very well. He also knew there was a title for those who couldn't fit into the norm of the stereotypic obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. The people in that category had CDO.

What's the diffence you may ask? Why, simple. CDO is OCD, only the letters are placed in alphabetical order. It keeps the extremes from having excessively large panic attacks from seeing letters out of order.

Mr. Monk was very thankful he managed to stay within the norm of OCD. He was actually rather proud of that accomplishment. He vowed to himself to never get that lost in his compulsive habits. As long as he continued to manage that, he would stay content, or as content as he could be.