Chapter 1 – Falling into the Unknown

Hello, Mekoblank18 here submitting his first fanfic...ever. I'm hoping (and I say hoping) to get quite far on this one, so be kind and no death threats please, I already have 18 and 11 are from me. Yes, I am a little insane, but never mind, enjoy the fic.

"Life is a completed enigma; it has so many different viewpoints which in turn strand out to begin a series of complex eternal questions. I think it is basic instinct to discover and journey into the unknown, think ideas that have never been thought, combine things together in hope that it will work out. Hopefully I too, will venture into the wondrous world in hope for knowledge, understanding and wisdom, perhaps even..."


Double D was forcefully yanked from his inspiring daydream and slammed right back onto the face of reality thanks to his tone-death short tempered friend, who was in a state of fury and impatience combined.

"ED, Speed it up down there otherwise this scam will have to wait until tomorrow and I hate those 3 words put together in a sentence like that!" screamed Eddy at the top of his powerful lungs

Ah Yes, Once again, The 3 Eds spent another warm Mid-July Day to carry another 'flawless' scam. This time, it was a Journey to the Centre of the Earth scam where Eddy, manipulative as his is, bribed poor Ed into digging the vertical underground tunnel in hopeless efforts of finding the Mole People...loveable oaf.

"Eddy, I see no sign of the Mole People or their Quantum-Powered Terraforma Energy Manipulator Cannon that could turn our major cities into smouldering cinders, like in Revenge of the Intergalactic Used-Car Salesmen #37." called Ed as it echoed in the seemingly endless tunnel, drifted thousands of miles upwards towards the surface.

"Just keep digging, Lumpy and you Sock-head, keep working on that passenger capsule" shouted Eddy pointing at Double D as his head was hidden by the gaping hole in the middle of the cul-de-sac he was bending over.

As Ed replied with his much-loved "Dig-a-hole" chant, Double D continued on his work, but still immersed in his thoughts. The capsule was egg-shaped and could hold barely 6 people, though it's meant for 4. It was made from random rubbish for the junkyard included scrapped car frames, wood remaining from their rollercoaster scam, even Eddy's hardboiled egg maker met its maker for this scam to exist. The capsule was attached to a wooden harness which branched onto 4 stands each on one side of the hole

"This scam is going me richer than I thought my wildest dreams with our Super-Duper Ed-arific Journey to the Centre of the Earth scam, the kids was pay plenty to ride this new baby" said Eddy with smirk on his face that put the Grinch to shame. Double D sighed on in desolation and put the finishing touches on the capsule's outer shell. "At long last" Double D sighed to himself as he guided the capsule over the hole by turned a series of dials and cranks, "The containment capsule is complete and standing by, Eddy"

"About time too" grumbled Eddy as he turned his head towards Double D and back towards the hole "Hey Monobrow, that's deep enough, you can stop now" shouted Eddy.

"OK, Eddy" said a voice behind him.

Eddy jumped in the air with fright and almost fell in, but in a rare streak of luck, grabbed the side of the hole. He looked up to find Ed looking back at him with his trademark goofy grin

"ED, where did you come from, more importantly how did you get out of the hole so fast?" said a confused Eddy.

"Ahh, Some things are best left uneaten, Eddy" said the dimmest Ed. Eddy crawled out of the hole and slapped Ed with such a force that Ed's head spun faster than a washing machine on steroids. Ed giggled insanely until his rotating head slowed to a stop, "Ha Ha Ha, Oh Yeah, Look what I found" Ed cheered as he pulled a full-size dinosaur skeleton from out of his jacket to full cartoon-like manner and held it above his head.

"Why Ed, You've just uncovered a full-sized Bambiraptor from the Cretaceous Era" said Double D in delight as he took out his magnifying glass "Did you know that this specimen is around 75 Million Years old. Ed, this is Amazing".

"T'weren't nothing" chuckled Ed as he threw the skeleton structure over the head, across the street and crashed though Rolf's window to which he replied after poking his head out of the shattered glass

"Who threw this shrivelling up thing-me-majibber that resembles Rolf's Great Nano's Prize Prunes...ED BOYS" shrieked Rolf as he jumped through his already broken window as rolled towards the unfortunate Eds, but stopped as he almost hit Kevin while he was riding along the street on his bike.

"Hot-Shot Kevin, join me in crushing these Ed-boys like grapes inbetween Papa's toes." Said Rolf

"If it involves pounding those Dorks, I'm always in Rolf" said Kevin with an evil-catlike grin on his face

"RUN AWAY" shouted Double D and Eddy, but before they could accomplish that, Ed, terrified out his wits grabbed them both and threw them into the capsule along with himself afterwards and locked the door

"Good thinking Ed, I like to see them thick-heads get us in here" sighed Eddy as he made himself comfortable. Double D took this opportunity to check over the detail of the structure of the capsule, while Ed was...just being Ed.

"Cool, it's like being in an egg..a chicken egg, I am a little baby chicken ready to be hatched and fed chewed-up worms" shouted Ed in glee as he started to jump about.

"ED STOP" shouted Double D and Eddy together "You'll damage the steel frame of the shell"

But too little, too late, the rope from the harness broke, causing both the containment pod and the harness to collapse. Both Kevin and Rolf looked on into the hole as the 3 Eds were falling rapidly in their weird-looking craft screaming and shrieking (except for Ed, who was still in a state of ecstasy) until they were swallowed up by the dark abyss.

So, basically if you haven't figured it out, (if you haven't and don't want to know, please cover your ears and shout LALALA, I'm not listening" in your loudest voice until a loved one comes into the room and slaps you) it's a crossover (Hooray!) between Ed, Edd n Eddy and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I haven't decided on pairings yet *dramatic voice* I'm only a beginner, I'll get back to you on that. Anyway, please review and hopefully next chapter will be up in the next week, Cheery-bye