For Asgard

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Summary: SG-1 encounters a powerful woman while evacuating a village under attack by the Ori.

"Get down!" Lt Colonel Samantha Carter shouted as a passing Ori fighter opened fire at the fleeing refugees she and Daniel were trying to protect.

Energy blasts hammered down on their positions as Carter and Daniel along with the few refugees with her dived for cover into the bushes and behind the trees that lined the path through the forest.

"Sam! You okay," called out Dr Daniel Jackson as he dusted himself off as he got back to his feet from where he had ducked down out of the blasts' field.

"I'm fine. Anyone hurt?" she called out to the refugees with them.

After a few seconds no one replied in the positive.

"All right people, lets keep moving, the gates still a ways a away!" she said goading the people on.

The assembled group quickly started down the forest path once more hoping to reach the gate before more Ori forces descended upon them.

After a few minutes the Ori fighter had not come back down for second pass against them, Sam started to believe that maybe their luck would change.

Alas fate was fickle the group had advanced no more than a few dozen meters when several Ori warriors emerging from the tree line.

Carter and Daniel didn't wait for them to say anything before they opened fire upon them with their P-90s.

Bullets screamed through the air and hit the Ori warriors two dropped immediately before the rest returned fire with their staff weapons.

Pulse blasts found their marks in the bodies of several of the villagers and they went down in short lived screams of pain. Their lives shortened by the whims of those who would call themselves the servants of true gods.

The battle was short and furious but in the end all the Ori warriors lay ion the ground dead or dying.

The sound of sobbing cut through the post battle haze that threatened to overwhelm Carter's mind as she checked to make sure that the Ori warriors were dead.

"Why?" screamed one of the villagers at Daniel, "Why would they do this? What have done nothing to them?!" she demanded in grief as she held the body of her dead husband.

Daniel stooped down next to the distraught villager, "I'm sorry, I can't say anything to make this better we can't stay here, we have to keep moving...your husband wouldn't have wanted you to die here," he added at the end gently to try and ease her away from the body of her loved one.

"What does that matter!" the woman cried in anguish, "You promised to protect us and failed! The invaders will kill us all!" she wept in tormented anguish.

Daniel exchanged a concerned look with Carter, they needed to keep the villagers moving, and these words and beliefs would be the death of them all.

"The Witch! She can protect us!" exclaimed one of the youngsters with them.

"Arnasc, how many times have I told you never to mention her name!" the youngster's mother exclaimed.

Carter frowned as the remaining villagers murmured amongst themselves.

The witch? She mouthed at Daniel.

He just shrugged and looked at the varied expressions on the faces of the villagers.

"Who is this witch?" he asked tentatively.

Nobody answered him at first , "She's a stranger that appeared suddenly, a hunting party found her house in the woods a few years ago." One man said reluctantly.

"She's a monster, that feeds on the flesh of the innocent," cried out one hysterical woman.

"Hush, woman, that's just a tale, she's a healer. A year ago a sickness came upon the village and we'd all be dead if not for ministrations," argued another villager.

This started the off the remaining villagers, all arguing about the witch and her intentions, some calling her a demon and others an angel. But all agreeing on one thing that she possessed some type of unknown power.

Carter and Daniel exchanged surprised glances and they both wondered, who and what this witch was? Some type of advanced alien? A hiding Tok'ra? Or even an Ancient?

"Maybe you'd better lead us to her," Daniel suggested.


Much grumbling and arguing later, their reluctant guide led them to the a clearing in the forest. It had been only a short walk and they had thankfully not encountered any more Ori patrols or been attacked by any more Ori fighters.

A small undistinguished house stood in the middle of the clearing next to it was a small tidy garden with a tall stone monolith in its centre. At a first glance as Daniel and Carter approached the place there was nothing remarkable about it, until he noticed the Norse runes that decorated the door. As Daniel stepped up onto the landing to get a better look at the runes to be sure.

The runes read, approach without fear any who come seeking help.

Daniel frowned, what were Norse runes doing here on what was obviously not an Asgard world? The natives they were leading were of obvious central European ancestry and not a one was a blonde Scandinavian.

"Sam., the writing on the door...its Asgard," said quietly, a sliver of hope reaching into his voice.

Surprise blossomed in Sam's heart, "Asgard? But this world was never one their protected worlds!" she exclaimed.

Daniel frowned, "I know," he said as he stepped off the house's landing and headed towards the stone monolith in the middle of the garden next to the house.

As he approached, he saw more writing in Asgard decorating the stone. He frowned in surprise and concern as he rear what was there.

"Sam you should here this, it says here: In our memory, we fought and died for Asgard and the Odinson."

Sam frowned, "OK-that's a strange remembrance, in 'our' memory?"

"It's stranger than you think, the Odinson was an ancient term for Thor, the son of Odin." Daniel explained.



"As in Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet?" Sam repeated in surprise.

Daniel opened his mouth to reply but was beaten to it by a strong female voice.

"No, as in Thor, god of Thunder, Lord of Asgard and wielder of the mighty Uru hammer Mjolnir," the voice said gruffly.

Carter and Daniel whorled around, weapons at the ready and found themselves with was presumably the witch the villagers had spoken of.

She was a tall woman wearing a brown robe and with the hood down so not even her face could be seen.

"Why have thou come to mine home in such numbers?" she asked, gesturing to the gathered villagers that were grouped in the clearing next to the house. "Do you seek to drive me from mine home?!" she asked angrily. "Have I not always helped when asked? I have never sought thanks or tribute from your people before?! Speak! Tell me why you invade mine sanctuary such!"

"My name is Daniel Jackson, I'm an explorer from Earth..."

"From Midgard?" the woman said surprise, her tone softer now.

Daniel nodded, "Yes, we came here to save the people here from the followers of the Ori, they've invaded this world because the people would not accept the book of Origin as their religion," he continued explaining.

The witch snorted, "These Ori are fanatics, I have seen the seen the type in all the ages of Asgard and the nine worlds." She finished in disgust.

Nine worlds? "Yes, unfortunately their army is here now and we are cut off from the rest of our friends and the Stargate." Daniel explained. "we were hoping that could help us reach the Stargate."

The witch was silent for a few moments, "What is this Stargate? Why do you need to reach it with such haste?"

Daniel was a taken aback by her response and shared a confused glance with Carter, if she knew about the Asgard then how could she not know about the Stargate?

"Uh, the Stargate is a device that allows travel between worlds, we're trying to evacuate these people to somewhere safe," Carter cut it.

"A magical portal? But I have never sensed any magic on this world," retorted the witch in confusion.

"It's not actually magic-" Carter began.

"Then it is the human sorcery known as science then?" the witch cut in.

Carter just nodded, human sorcery known as science?

Everything this woman said just brought out more questions.

The witch nodded, "I will aid you then..." she paused for a second before reaching back and lowering her hood.

Daniel and Carter were taken aback by the beauty of the witch. Long black tresses cascaded down her shoulders and fierce green eyes gazed ferociously at them.

"I am Sif, and I shall aid your just cause!" She proclaimed proudly. "Quickly hide, I hear interlopers coming upon us."


Carter gazed out the window at the front of the house from where she was hiding. She was watching as a dozen Ori warriors marched confidently out of the tree line and approached Sif where she was standing defiantly in front of her house.

The leader of the Ori party stepped forward and proclaimed, "Bow down before the will of the Ori or else!"

Sif answered back, "You know not you speakith to mortal! Back down or I shall stain the ground with your life blood."

Much to Carter's horror, the Leader sneered at Sif and lowered his staff weapon, he fired without a seconds hesitation and Sif went flying back several feet, she rolled to a stop as a small brown mound in the middle of the path.

The Leader turned back to his men with a laugh, he opened his mouth to speak but the sudden look of shock that appeared on his men's faces stopped him in his tracks.

Carter gasped silently as she saw Sif was once more on her feet dusting herself off as if nothing had happened.

"You have attacked me-suffer my wrath!" she proclaimed.

Sif moved with lightening speed and suddenly there was a golden blade in her right hand and a silver one in her left. The blades moved faster then Carter's eyes could follow.

Sif was upon the Ori warriors before they could react, blood spattered her brown robe as the Ori leader's head suddenly became lonely for his shoulders. She didn't stop there as she pressed the attack against the others. She impaled one warrior on her golden blade as she screamed, "For Asgard!"

She lifted the impaled warrior bodily up, his body sliding down the length of her blade as the hapless warrior screamed in bloody agony. She flung him off her blade with a flick of her wrist and he went flying back into the treeline, to die messily of blood loss.

The other warriors started to react to her but it was too late, they brought up their staves to ward off her blows but her blades were unerringly accurate and every blow was a killing blow. Her blades finding soft tissue and heart's blood with every move.

Carter was stunned at the sheer brutality of it all, as she watched Sif disembowel the Ori warriors without a seconds hesitation.

As quick as it had begun it was over, and Sif stood triumphant surrounded by the carnage she had enacted upon the warriors of the Ori. Blood soaked her robe and was sprayed across her face from the numerous arterial jets that her swords had inflicted upon her enemies.

Carter slowly got to her feet as Sif slowly made her way back towards her house, cleaning her blades upon the edges of her already blood stained robe.

Sif gazed about her and smiled, "It had been too long since my blades have tasted blood, Dragonfang especially. Too long has the sword of the Valkyrie not been used in righteous battle!" she stated enthusiastically.

Daniel who had also emerged from where he was hiding cautiously approached Sif, he gazed down at the battle field littered with dead and dying Ori warriors. He looked back at the beautific blood stained Sif in disbelief and confusion.

"What are you?" he finally managed to ask.

"I am Sif." she answered simply, as if that was enough of an answer.

"But what are you?" Daniel repeated.

Sif frowned, "Are you not from Midgard? From Earth?"

Daniel nodded.

"Then do you not know of Thor?" she continued.

"I know the ancient Norse legend of the Thunder God and I know Thor Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet," Daniel said.

Sif frowned, "What of Thor and the Avengers?"

"The who?" Daniel said in confusion.

Sif's frown increased, "I do not understand what is going on, how can you not know of the Avengers and the brotherhood my Lord Thor shared with Captain America and Iron Man?"

Daniel just shook his head, "I'm sorry, I've never heard of these people."

Sif's shoulder's drooped and the light seemed to go out of her eyes, "I do not know what is going on but it seems we have much to discuss." She paused taking in a deep breath.

"I am the Lady Sif. Goddess of Asgard and survivor of Loki's betrayal, I died during Ragnorak battling the demon hordes of the fire demon Surtur. I do not know how I came to this world or if any of the others survived the final battle, but I do know if that you are truly from Midgard then you are my only link back to find out what has happened to them and to Asgard."

Carter and Daniel stared openly at the self proclaimed goddess for a few minutes, trying to take in all that her words could possibly mean for them.

Daniel turned to Carter and said in an annoyed and long suffering voice, "Does this mean I have to rewrite the history books...again?"

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