For Asgard

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Summary: SG-1 encounters a powerful woman while evacuating a village under attack by the Ori.

In the privacy of her chambers on board her mothership the Orici paced back and forth in annoyance and frustration, ignoring her lavish evening meal that was spread across an opulent table.

For the first time in her short life Adria found herself vexed and confused. A string of daring and bold strikes by the Jaffa led by an invincible alien woman with twin swords paired with lightening surgical strikes by the Tau'ri.

Adria's blood boiled as she thought of the resulting unthinkable loss of several worlds and two Priors to these assaults.

She paced back and forth in her quarters her mind replaying all that the reports that had reached her concerning the alien interloper, the one the Jaffa called Sif.

Such a small and insignificant name for one that caused so much trouble and instilled doubt in her crusaders holy mission.

Her thoughts boiled with rage and with an angry wave of her hand and an wrathful cry she sent her opulent dining furniture flying through the air to impact the wall with shattering force. Food flew through the air and spattered all over her once immaculate quarters. The sound of the crushed table echoing through her once quiet rooms.

For a few moments Adria just stared at the devastation she had done and mentally smouldered as she wished it had been the Sif that received the brunt of her telekinetic wrath.

Her musings were cut short when in response to the noise of her outburst one of her Priors hurried into her rooms. "My Orici, is something the matter?"

Adria turned and glared daggers at her minion, "The interloper vexes me! She kills my warriors and even my Priors with impunity! And inspires out enemies to gather against us!"

"You are the Orici, they are merely gnats, they sting and sting but they have no real power to stand against the might of the Ori. They merely delay the inevitable," the Prior proclaimed.

Adria remained silent but inwardly she growled angrily at her sycophantic minion. "Of course, still they do try my patience...leave me I must meditate on this further."

"As you command, Orici," the Prior said as he bowed to leave her presence.

Now, alone Adria with a wave of her hand, she telekineticly righted one of the few still remaining intact chairs and sat in it stewing.

Slowly as she sat in silence surrounded by the shattered remains of her room, an idea began to take form. The rage and frustration on her face slowly started to fade to become replaced with a smug smile.

"Yes...that will work."

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxox

On a world that had changed hands three times in less than ten years, first owned by a minor Goa'uld lord, then liberated by the Jaffa rebellion, and finally conquered by the Ori, stood a fortress stronghold on a large hill overlaying a wide green plateau that was surrounded by a dense forest.

Down on the plateau and path leading up to the stronghold was assembled a large army of Ori warriors.

Gathered at the edge of the tree line, the forces of the Free Jaffa Nation and the SGC were gathered preparing to assault the stronghold. All stood ready for the signal.

Sif raised her sword above her head and with an undulating cry, echoing across the plateau, the forces of the Free Jaffa Nation and SGC charged the Ori stronghold.

At the forefront of the charge leading it was a tall raven haired toned woman. Wielding twin blades twirling lightening fast as she shouted encouragement to the Jaffa warriors.

This was no ordinary woman that had rallied the Jaffa so, this was the Norse goddess Sif wielding the mystical sword of the Valkyrie, dragonfang and her own less enchanted blade.

They neared the first Ori outer defensive circle and the Ori warriors lowered their staffs unleashed volley after volley of energy blasts at the charging Jaffa.

The heedless charge faltered momentarily as Jaffa struck by the deadly bolts fell wounded or dead to the ground while others started to return fire with their Zats and staffs.

Slowed but not stopped the charge continued.

Electrical bursts and yellow plasma bolts exchanged for Ori energy blasts. As both sides now began taking casualties.

Sif strode forward relentless and unfaltering in her advance, forward into the energy blasts from the Ori staff weapons, her swords twirling too fast for mortal eyes to follow properly. The blades flowed through the air deflecting most of the energy blasts that come towards her and those behind her. What few weren't caught on her blades impacted harmless upon her. Step by unwavering step, Sif advanced forward reaching the massed Ori defenders.

An Ori warrior seeing the nearing goddess and the futility of his attacks, dropped his staff weapon and drew a sword and raced eagerly forward to meet the goddess, he raised his blade two-handed above his head, and roared wordless at her.

With ease, Sif sidestepped the blow, lashed out with Dragonfang, she disarmed the warrior. The enchanted blade slashed through the warrior's armour and flesh with ease, in a spurting cascade of blood the man's arms, still holding the sword hit the ground.

The man stared in shock as his blood gushed out the remains of his arms, he fell to knees as numbing coldness spread through his body.

By the time the warrior had keeled over from blood loss, Sif was already a dozen meters away and knee deep in Ori blood and entrails, bodies trailing

in her wake.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxox

Adria watched Sif's relentless approach from the balcony of her stronghold, Adria watched the deadly dance as the so called goddess ripped through her warriors with stunning impunity.

She turned to face the Prior standing behind her, "Everything is proceeding as I divined. Prepare to receive our guests."

The Prior bowed, "As you command Orici."

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxox

The door of the stronghold shattered into a million pieces as the invaders continued inwards towards the heart of the Ori resistance.

The invaders raced into the entrance hall of the stronghold, expecting to meet stiff resistance but much to their surprise there was none.

At the forefront stood Sif, standing with her were SG-1.

"Where is everyone?" asked Mitchell as he continued to scan the room with his P-90 at the ready.

"I am unsure, but we should be prepared for an ambush at any moment," added Teal'c quickly, wary of his surroundings.

"I'm with muscles, the Ori aren't this stupid to leave their front door unguarded." Vala agreed.

"Nevertheless we must continue onwards," countered Sif warily.

"Indeed," Teal'c said, he turned to the Jaffa that were with them, "Jaffa Kree! Ra'tor you and your warriors must hold this doorway, the rest search out the cowards that hide here. We shall ascend to the top as planned."

Ra'tor and his warriors spread out to secure the hall as the rest of the the Jaffa dispersed down the various side halls to search out the hidden Ori soldiers.

"Let us delay no long, if Adria is indeed here we should deal with her quickly." Sif said urgently. "Let us cut off the head of this dark serpent."

"Agreed." Mitchell added quickly.

"Then I guess its we're off to face down the wicked witch..." Daniel quipped as he gripped his P-90 tighter.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxox

Two defeated ambushes and twelve dead Ori warriors later, they reached their destination, what had once been a primitive Goa'uld throne room. The double doors to the throne room was closed, wooden and not the regular naquadah reinforced doors that was the standard in so many Goa'uld bases and ships.

SG-1 arrayed themselves on each side of the door preparing to storm the room as Sif stood in front of the door preparing to kick it off it's hinges.

"Can I just say that I have bad feeling about this?" Daniel asked warily.

"Daniel's right, there's too few soldiers here, and we haven't run into any Priors either." Carter expounded worriedly, "Adria's arrogant but not stupid, she's always got at least a couple of Priors with here, especially after all her recent defeats."

"We know Adria awaits us, she knows we come for her head and we can do nothing but continue onwards and deal with the consequences as they appear," Sif said gravely. "Too much lies on our shoulders for us to do anything less."

SG-1 looked amongst themselves quietly for a second before Mitchell grudgingly said, "Yeah, ok. Everybody ready?"

"Indeed let us bring the Ori to their knees today," Teal'c proclaimed, "Today we will show them that they are not gods!"

Sif nodded and gave Teal'c an wolfish grin as she steeled herself for whatever surprises awaited them in the throne room, "Prepare yourselves!" She strode to stand directly in front of the double doors.

With a final look at her arrayed allies, Sif moved forwards, lifting her leg to kick the door down with her full Asgardian strength.

The door splintered into a million pieces, the largest of which hung precariously on what remained of the hinges of the doors.

Sif pounced into the middle of the large hall, swords twirling through the air in ready for whatever the Ori would through at them. SG-1 rushing in behind her surveying the room with their weapons at the ready for whatever the Ori had in store for them.

They all froze as the situation in front of them became clear in their minds.

The hall was a large rectangular high ceilinged room, with the eastern side given over to a large balcony surrounded by large clear windows that allowed a person to watch the unfolding battle below. For the most part the hall was bare of furnishing except a high dais and throne upon which Adria was perched.

These details were secondary to the people assembled in the hall, a small group of Ori warriors spread out in front of Adria's throne with two Priors standing on either side of her.

But most importantly, and what caused them all to freeze were they stood, standing in front of the Ori were children. Not just a couple but several dozen children of various ages were standing as a wall between the Ori and the invaders.

"I was wondering just how long it was going to take you to reach us," Adria said smugly from her throne.

Thunder cracked in the distance.

Sif exchanged looks with SG-1 before turning back to face Adria, face aflame with rage.

Still smug, Adria continued from her throne, "I'd like to introduce you to some of my new followers."

As one the children intoned, "Hallowed are the Ori."


Adria paused with her smug smirk in place, as she watched as the final part of her plan begin to play out in front of her. She continuing, "As you can see all the serve the Ori, no matter who they are."

She watched as various expressions of rage, horror, and disbelief washed across her enemies' faces.

She cast her eyes on the so called goddess Sif. The goddess stood in the forefront of her eyes, armour spattered from head to toe in blood and entrails, blades held at the ready.

But other than that there was not a single mark on her, despite the trail of death and destruction Sif had left in her path there was not a single scratch on her that Adria could see.

An infinitesimal amount of uncertainty wormed its way into the back of Adria's consciousness but she paid it no heed.

Lightning flashed and the thunder cracked again, nearer now.

She stood up and slowly walked towards the row of children.

"As you can see my followers are eager to meet," she slowly explained as she patted one the children tenderly in the head, "And as for the rest of your people well I'm quite prepared for them." She finished gesturing towards the window and the valley below.

Slowly the clouds parted and down descended and Ori mothership.

The Ori mothership hovered over the battlefield as SG-1 watched with baited breath for it to rain death down upon the assembled army of the free Jaffa nation.

They waited...then waited more but the mothership just hovered there, inert above the battlefield.

The thunder sounded again, closer this time, and still the mothership did not fire.

Adria broke the silence, "You, the so called goddess." she began, contempt and arrogance oozing from her, "I offer you one chance to surrender, swear to serve the Ori or my forces will decimate your allies here and across a dozen other worlds."

Thunder and lightening boomed at the end of her proclamation.

Silence greeted Adria's offer. SG-1 stared at her with undisguised horror and anger but much to her surprise Sif looked...distracted.

Adria frowned, "Speak! Surrender or die! My patience will not last forever!" she demanded angrily.

The thunder and lightening boomed again much closer, almost overhead now.

Sif frowned once and then turned her full attention back towards Adria, "You are a foul, vile, cowardly creature! You hide behind innocent children when faced with you betters! You think you will win here? This way?"

Adria smiled wickedly, "If that is your answer then so be it..."

The thunder and lightening sounded directly over them one final time and then the balcony wall shattered with a suddenness that surprised everybody, showering people with glass and stone and launching people from their feet, unceremoniously to the ground.

Adria was thrown back and crashed into her throne rocking it were it stood, she slid into the seat and when her eyes cleared from the blast, she found herself staring at large powerfully built and armoured mountain of a man with long flowing blonde hair with a hammer at his waist and a long red cloak billowing behind him in the wind. He stood there eyes glowing blue with power.

Adria blinked as her eyes completely cleared she realised with a startled intake of breath that the man's eyes didn't glow...his empty eye sockets glowed as he gazed around the room seemingly able to see despite his lack of eyeballs.

She watched as the interloper locked eyes upon Sif.

"Sif..." the man uttered the syllable as if it was the most important thing in the world to him.

Fear coalesced in the pit of Adria's stomach.

xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo xoxoxoxoxox

Sif collected herself quickly wondering what new calamity had decided to rear its head today.

Her eyesight cleared and she found the members of SG-1 and Ori forces scattered across the floor all quickly moving to dust themselves off and stand at battle readiness again. Even Adria had been driven off her feet through she had landed on her throne.

Sif found that she alone had managed to remain standing after the explosion. Her eyes turned to search for the cause of the explosion and she froze unable to believe what stood in front of her.

Standing tall and proud in blue and gold armour with a red cape, unbowed and free of the fatigues of war stood the Odinson, Thor the god of thunder, her friend and lover. Alive, hale and untouched by Ragnarok.

His glowing blue eyes found her, "Sif..."

She opened her mouth to speak but her breath caught in her throat and words failed her as she realised that the glow came not from Thor's eyes but from twin empty cavities that should have housed his eyes.

Swords fell from nerveless hands and slowly her legs moved of their own volition and she walked unsteadily towards Thor, as she neared him reached up as if to touch his empty eyes.

He caught her hand deftly and kissed it before smiled lovingly at her.

"My love, what have you done?" Sif asked in mystification and horror.

"I performed the sacrifice that my father could not," Thor answered succinctly. He shook his head, "It is of no consequence, we are renewed and freed from those who would enslave us."

Sif frowned, "Enslave us?"

"It is...a long story, and perhaps one best kept for after we have dealt with this situation?" he said tiredly, casting a look around the room.

Sif gazed around the room and then sheepishly said, "Uh...perhaps you are right."

xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo xo

Adria had watched with trepidation as Sif interacted with this new intruder, a large part of her survival instincts were screaming at her to get out but the Orici could not be seen fleeing by any of her forces.

She quickly tucked away her fear and rose again from her throne, "Who are to dare attack us?" she demanded arrogantly.

The man turned towards her, releasing Sif's hand and stared, his face stern and impassive, "I am Thor Odinson, god of Thunder, Lord and Master of Asgard."

"And do you stand against the Ori?"

She watched as Thor glanced down at Sif, who nodded once.

"My answer is Yes we stand against these...Ori," Thor proclaimed proudly.

"Then my ship shall annihilate your forces down below," Bellowed Adria in a rage.

She moved to signal the Ori mothership hovering over the battlefield to fire upon the Free Jaffa Nation army but Thor reacted quicker.

He grabbed the hammer at his belt, whirled around and with a mighty throw, launched his hammer towards where the Ori mothership had been hanging over the battlefield.

Adria laughed, "What do think your your little hammer is going to..."

The Ori mother ship exploded with a suddenness that shocked Adria, the shockwave rumbled through the fortress, and she watched, eyes round as saucers, as the small remains of the vessel started to rain down upon the battlefield.

As Adria watched the hammer flew back to Thor outstretched hand. Without a care in the world he caught the hammer and slowly turned back to face her.

"You end has come little tyrant," as Thor spoke the glow from his empty eye cavities intensified, "I see now the depravity of wishes, know now that they will never come to pass!" he declared to all those assembled.

Fear finally crystallised and escaped from inside Adria and for the first time in her short life she panicked, "Get him!" she screamed.

Her warriors were frozen were they stood, unable to believe the events that were unfolding around them. The only ones that responded to Adria's panicked cry were the Priors. Their staffs started to glow but with a negligent wave of Thor's hand they froze were the stood, encased in golden energy. Slowly the energy solidified obscuring the Priors from view, then just as quickly it melted leaving behind, not two Priors but two normal looking humans who fell to their knees in shock.

With a suddenness that surprised all, Thor leapt forward and grabbed Adria by her hair and pulled her violently from her throne.

She screamed and tried to pull out of his grasp but Thor hold was steadfast and unyielding, "Release me! I am the Orici-oooph..."

The air was driven from her lungs as he lifted from her feet and held up to his eye level, "This is your end, no more shall die for your hubris, the Ori are not gods," he paused for a second before frowning down at her, "And neither are you."

His eyes sockets blazed with blinding blue light and Adria struggled to escape, her hands clawed at the hand that held her aloft to no avail. A second hand seized her shoulder and suddenly she felt Thor start to pull on her hair while the other hand pulled in the other direction. Her panic reached a frenzied peak as she felt the muscles of her neck start to stretch and her vertebrae begin to pop. She shrieked in horror and with a suddenness that surprised her felt and heard one massive POP.

She shrieked again, and heard a loud thud and then suddenly stopped as the oblivion of death didn't descend on her. She blinked and then blinked again. She could now feel Thor's hand under her head, where her neck should have been. She tried to reach out a hand to grasp at his but nothing happened, the world titled and an impossibility appeared before her, laying on the floor sans a head was her body.

What remained of her composure fled, "What have you done! What have you done!" she shrieked over and over again.

Thor stood there her head grasped in his hand, "I merely shown you your true place in the universe," he stated calmly to the hysterical disembodied head in his hand.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxox

Daniel Jackson had seen many impossible things-more than a sane person should have to deal with in one lifetime, encountering Sif being the most recent event, but now after what he had just occurred he made himself a solemn promise that from now on nothing would ever surprise. All things are possible and nothing is impossible.

Absolutely nothing is impossible.

That would be his belief for the rest of his days.

This Thor stood before them, Adria's still living, hysterically blubbering head held in his hand.

Daniel looked around him and saw the Ori warriors shaking in their boots at this occurrence, the children cowering behind them in fear, all unable to do anything.

He looked at his team and realised that truth be told they were in similar states of shock. Carter stood there looking like she was fighting off a stoke and losing, trying to scientifically understand how all this was possible. Teal'c on the other hand was standing there jaw open and disturbed shock openly written on his face, Cameron was in a similar state.

On the other hand, Vala stood there several emotions playing across her face, including sadness.

Daniel shook his shock off, wondering what was going to happen next, he cleared his throat and took a step towards Thor.

"Hi I'm Dr Daniel Jackson of Earth," he said with an ease he did not feel.

The hairs on the back of Daniel's neck stood up straighter than they already were as Thor turned to look at him with those unfathomable glowing empty eye sockets.

"Greetings Dr Jackson," he said in greeting, before he tossed Adria's head to a surprised Daniel, who caught it easily and stared uneasily at her. "She is yours to deal with now. We have aided you greatly, but now we must return to our own dimension and Asgard awaits its future...Queen." He finished with a pointed look at Sif and small smile.

Sif, who had been watching silently as Thor dealt with Adria, gasped in surprise, "My love? Queen?"

"Aye Sif, Queen. Asgard is born anew now. My father is dead and I rule now, but my reign would be lacking without you by my side as Queen of Asgard," he explained tenderly as he walked up to her and took her hand in his and held it to his heart. "Long have the Norns kept us apart, but their time has passed now and we continue on unchained by their dark plots and secret dealings." He paused for second, cupping her chin and looking deeply into her eyes, "I would have you be my side Sif."

Sif smiled and embraced him, "And I would would gladly stand by your side." Her voice quivered with emotion.

With a wave of his hand Thor summoned Sif's blades to them, they flew through he air and sheathed themselves.

Sif turned to Daniel and the others of SG-1, "Thank you my friends for welcoming me among you, it has truly been an honour to stand and fight with." She paused for a second, smiling and happy, "If ever you find your way to Asgard know that you will find friends there."

With a flash of blinding lightning, the two Asgardians disappeared from their midst.

Daniel quickly cleared his eyes and stared at the empty space where the two Asgardians had stood for several moments before he raised Adria's head to eye level, she stared angrily back and then started spewing profanities at him.

Ignoring her he sighed, "Yeah this is going to be one hell of a mission report..."

Author's notes: You have now reached the final conclusion of For Asgard :):D as Always Don't forget to review!:) This Thor is my own AU version of Thor-616. If you're confused about the powers of this Thor see the final issues of Thor v2-part of the Avengers Disassembled story arc.