Thoughts of a Moment

tag to Trust Doesn't Rust

Michael wasn't sure what to think at that moment. Karr was a menace, and needed to be taken out. He knew he had to do whatever he could to destroy the thing. But this was just a bit too much. When Bonnie demonstrated the laser system, he had been shocked. Not because of the power of the thing, but because of how fast it had been put together. The fact that even before Karr became a serious threat, Bonnie was already moving things around in Kitt's engine to make room for the blasted thing made Michael more than a little worried.

If Devon thought that Karr had been dismantled, then why was everything already ready to move?

The thought chilled him to the core.

Just how long were they expecting an AI to cause them trouble?

How long were they anticipating having to destroy Kitt?

Because that's what it came down to, really. Just how long were they anticipating Kitt causing them trouble, and what kind of trouble did they think an AI programmed not to take human life could give them that would require such a powerful weapon?

It may have simply been that Bonnie was that good, but Michael doubted it. The seeds had been sewn. Earlier on in his relationship with Kitt, Michael would have thought this as prudence, and nothing more. CYA. The same thing every good cop did.

Now, it was something personal. Kitt was his partner, his friend.

Now he wondered just how much he could trust Devon and Bonnie around Kitt. How far would they go to protect themselves from an imaginary threat, and if push came to shove, the real question would emerge.

Was Michael capable of protecting Kitt from his own creators?