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Author's Note: I've never written about a television show because in a week (in this case) it'll all be out of date. But I always loved the idea of Sylar/Elle, and it happened! (Sort of.)

All You Did

Summary: Elle and Sylar have a history. At Pinehearst, she is forced to face it.

Spoilers Through: 03x08—Villains

Part One:

Elle walked into Pinehearst. Claire did not understand; she could not feel any pain. Elle had felt nothing but pain since she started overloading.

She ran up the stairs, paying no attention to anyone else in the building. She saw where Peter fell from, and that was where she needed to be.

She walked slowly into a large office on the seventh floor, trying to catch her breath. The broken window told her she was in the right place.

"Hello, Elle."

The voice gave her shivers, and the shivers became electric shocks. Through the pain, she turned around. Standing there were two men she never wanted to see again.

Elle had never liked Arthur Petrelli. Growing up in the Company, she never really liked anyone very much, but she liked Arthur least of all. It was a little ironic, since he was one of the few who was nice to her as a child, but it always seemed so fake, so manipulative. She preferred people to be honest and mean. At least she knew where she stood with them. Arthur was supposed to be dead, and she wished he had stayed that way.

Her feelings about Sylar were much more complicated. She had really liked him at one time. No, she corrected herself, she had really liked Gabriel, but then he became Sylar, a monster. He killed her father. He tried to kill her. It was obvious that the Gabriel she had known was gone, but then again, whose fault was that?

Arthur apparently misunderstood her electric tremors, and he conjured his own ball of electricity in his hand. Seeing that, the pieces added up. She knew how Peter lost his powers. She held up her hands in a non-threatening way. She had a momentary hesitation about losing one of the only things that gave her identity. Then another jolt went through her, and she said, "I want you take it away."

Arthur smiled. "Why?"

"I can't control it. I'm broken, and I need you to take it."

"But then you'll be ordinary, and you'll have to find a new way to torture small animals like every other sadistic teenager."

She really hated the man. Her eyes flickered over to Sylar, but he was looking away, pretending not to listen. "I'm not a teenager anymore," she said through clenched teeth. "Are you going to help me or not?"

"Oh, I'll help you." He approached her slowly. She was so terrified as he laid his hands on her head. And then it was over. Her power was gone; she could feel it, or to be more accurate, she couldn't feel it.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Elle had not slept through the night since her tremors started. At first they would wake her every hour or so, and eventually it became impossible to even fall asleep. But now they were gone, and she could finally sleep. Arthur had graciously provided her with a bed in the lab area, and she fell right to sleep without even bothering to take off her shoes.

She was awakened by noises near her bed. She looked up to see Sylar fiddling with some surgical instruments. She sat up quickly. "What are you doing?"

He pulled his hand away from the tray. "How do you feel?"

"Dead." She meant to say fine, but somehow that came out instead.

He stood there awkwardly, and she saw a spark of something familiar. Then he shook his head, and it was gone. "What do you mean by that?"

"My whole life I've had electricity running through my veins. And now I'm just dead inside."

He sat on the side of her bed. "But you wanted this."

"It just was so painful. I don't know which is worse." He sat there in silence for a long time. It was driving Elle crazy. "What do you want?"

Whatever facade he had up, it slipped when she asked this. "I thought you were going to save me. But you were just setting me up. You wanted me to be jealous of that scrawny loser so that I'd kill him."

Elle was shocked at how hurt he sounded and the way the words burst out, as though he had been holding it in. He shot a glass jar with his finger, just as Trevor had done, and she jumped. "There. Still think it's so special?"

"It-it wasn't me," she stammered. "It was the Company."

"The Company," he repeated thoughtfully. "It wasn't you; it was all an act. For the Company."

It had been little more than a year since she met him in his shop, since she saved his life and destroyed his soul. It seemed like so much longer. It seemed like too much time had passed for them to be rehashing this, but it really had not been that long at all. "I wanted to save... Gabriel. I didn't want him to become you, but the company wouldn't let me stop it."

He pushed back her bangs and touched the small scar on her forehead. "I would have killed you that day at the Company. Everyday since I became Sylar, since I gave into the hunger, everyday I wished that I had cut open head that first night and taken your power."

She gave a dry laugh. "Well, there's no point in doing that now. Looks like you missed your chance."

He stood and walked to the exit. "No. I missed my chance when I didn't shoot you at Suresh's apartment."

"Okay, you're angry with me because I brought someone to your apartment that night. But I didn't tell you to kill him, and I certainly never told you to kill all of the other people." Sylar stopped and turned to face her. "If you want to kill me, go ahead. I can't stop you anymore, and I have nothing left anyway. All I've ever had is my father, my power, and the Company, and I've lost all of that because of you. You killed my father. You caused me to overload my powers in self-defense, which led to all the prisoners being released, which led to me losing my job. You've hurt me far more than I ever hurt you. All I did was gush over a man's ability to shoot things with his finger."

He walked back to her. "You think that's all you did?"

Elle did not say anything. She didn't know what to say.

"You made me think that you could love me. You made me think I could be... special without these powers. You gave me hope, and then you took it all away."

She wanted to cry because he was right, but instead she defiantly said, "I didn't turn you into a monster."

"Not directly, no. But you pushed me until I broke."

Elle scoffed. "You were going to kill yourself! You were already broken."

He smiled wryly. "And now so are you. Do you really think it was all my fault?"

He did not wait for her to answer. He just walked out of the area. She knew he had a point. After the testing she had undergone as a child, and in light of the fact that she too had killed people, she knew there was something wrong before Sylar ever killed her father. But she still blamed him for everything she lost, and she understood that he was still going to blame her for turning him into a monster.

Seeing him again, though, finally talking to him, she realized that Gabriel and Sylar were not two different people. He did not leave Gabriel behind when he became Sylar. The man she knew, the man she wanted to save, was still in there. She had seen him for brief moments, and it occurred to her that it might not be too late. She wondered briefly if, given the state of her soul, she was really in a position to save anyone. Then she realized that she hated him for what he had done to her. Torn by thoughts of hating him and wanting to help him, she fell into an uneasy sleep.

Author's Note: Now, I'm normally a slow writer. I plan and think, and it would normally take me a couple weeks to write something this short to my satisfaction. I had a day, because it's a weekly show, and it needed to go up fast. So if this did not seem up to snuff (although I think it was) it's because I'm a little out of my comfort zone.