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Chapter 1

Dean rushed to Sam's body. It was the fastest he had ever run.

"Oh my God!" The driver climbed out of his back seat. "He came out of no where!" He said in an apologetic tone. "He came out of no where..."

"If you'd know what's smart for you, you'd shut your goddamned mouth," growled Dean, his body trembling as he touched Sam's face. "And call 911!" He added in an angry growl. The driver quickly obeyed. "Sam? Can you hear me? Sam!" The response he got was a groan. But that was good enough for Dean. That told him that he was alive. "It's okay buddy," he muttered. "It's aokay. You're big brother is here. I'm gonna take care of you."

With that he quickly put his coat over Sam's wounds. Sam groaned again.

"Easy there, kiddo," he said slowly. "Just take it easy..."

"Dean?" Sam managed to gasp weakly. His eyes widened hopefully.

"Yeah, Sam?"

"Don't call me kiddo," Sam grunted and Dean grinned.

"Sure thing...Sammy." He shook his head. "Now, was doing all these drugs worth it?"

"Bite me," growled Sam as he continued to caugh causing Dean to give a shaky laugh.

As Sam laid on the pavement Dean tried to comfort him the best he could. Seconds later an ambulance appeared and loaded him up while the police talked to Dean.

He wasn't sure why, but quickly Dean decided to lie about the drugs. He figured he could use it for leverage. Force Sam to go through withdrawls with just Dean to help him through it. And if not, will than Dean could always dangle rehab in front of him. It was a sure fire way to get Sammy to cooparete. Pleased with hi decsion Dean followed the ambulance in the Impala. Thankfully Sam didn't seem damnaged enough that Dean needed to ride with him to make sure he'd be okay. And also, Dean knew he couldn't leave their only transportation stranded somewhere.

A few hours later Sam woke up in a hospital bed. He started to look around when Dean inturrupted him.

"Careful, Sammy," he warned his little brother. "You're neck's in a brace right now, you don't want to move it."

Sam groaned as he tried to raise his head and see the best he could.

"What...wh..what happened?" He mumbled, his tone groggy.

"Don't you remember?" Dean asked with a bit of a laugh. He moved the chair closer to Sam's bed. "You got hit by a car, Sammy," he said slowly. Sam struggled to remember, his head screaming in agony.

"Hey, Dean," he said softly. "You think you could get me some pain kills or something?"

"Sorry, no can do Sammy," Dean said, shaking his head. "Remember? That's why we were fighting in the first place. I found your stash of pain killers little bro. I'm not going to enable your habit."

Sam groaned as he remmebered.

"Yeah," Dean said, nodding. "Thought so. Coming back to you now, isn't it?"

"But the pain..." Sam pleaded. "My head feels like it's on fire."

"I'll get the docs to give you something," said Dean. "Some morphine or something. But I'm not going to just start handing you pills now."

"It's not even that bad," mumbled Sam.

"The hell it's not," Dean said sharply. "You got hit by a car, Sammy. You could have died. You're in a hospital now. I don't want you to be in a hospital again because you overdosed."

"It's not gonna even get that..."

"What, bad? Of course it's not Sammyo. Because you're going to stop the addiction right now. Before it's too late."

"I'm not going to rehab, Dean!" Sam growled. Dean raised his hand in self defense.

"Did I say anything about rehab? Look, I'm giving you an option here. Because I'm cool like that. You go through the withdrawls with me helping you, and I well, or you go to rehab. Those are your two options."

"Oh yeah," Sam said sarcastically. "Real cool."

Dean arched his eyebrows dangerously.

"I'm not in the joking mood, Sammy. I just found out that my brother's doing drugs and-"

"All right!" Sam said sharply. "I get it, your upset with me."

"More than upset," Dean snapped. "Try pissed."

"Fine." Sam shrugged. "You're pissed at me. Whatever. I'll do the whole thing with you than. In some hotel room. You happy now?"

Dean stared at him before responding.

"No, Sammy," he said softly. "I'm far from happy."

A week later Sam and Dean left the hospital.

"Now comes the tough part," Dean told Sam as he helped his brother use his crutches.

"What could be tougher?" Sam snapped. "I haven't had my pills for the last week."

"Yeah, but you still had drugs in you," Dean contradicted him. "Like morphine and shit. Now you're gonna have to quit, cold turkey."

"It's not even that bad," protested Sam. "You're blowing this way into proportion."

"For your sake, Sammy," sighed Dean. "I hope I am."

Dean woke with a jolt as he heard moaning from Sam's bed. Cursing at himself for falling asleep he hurried over to his little brother.

"Easy there, little bro," he said as Sam continued to moan and whimper in pain, continuing to shiver-but was covered in sweat. "Blowing out of proportion, huh?" he sighed as he held Sam, prerparing himself for the long night ahead and the next few days as well....

Of course, lot's of Sam angst in the next chapter :)