Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

It's just like the title says. Skully was bored in class, woke me up to text rp XD! Totally worth it too, it's a really awesome way to wake up.

It's a bit short, but *shrugs* it's a text rp, and maybe once this week is over we can get something we've been working on up ^_^ *crosses fingers*

Anyway. Not much to say. I DO need to head off to work. I hope you enjoy!

Naruto: I am sooo bored

Sasuke: Mm I was dreamin about you

Naruto: Hehe, oh really? What was it about?

Sasuke:Mmm usual. Though it was getting good

Naruto: Why don't you get specific?

Sasuke: Specific, hmm… So you wanna know that you had me pinned to the bed, holding my wrists above my head while your lips were attacking my neck…

Naruto: Yeahh, that's what I want, keep going

Sasuke: Mmm… You slowly descended down and nipped at my nipples, Id push up into your mouth

Naruto: Hmm, then what?

Sasuke: You tell me, you woke me there…

Naruto: Mm, well damn, that sucks. I'll see if I can make it up to you by biting your neck liek you liek so much :heart:

Sasuke: Mmnn… Id forget to breathe and press into your lips

Naruto: Then Id remind you by grinding our hips together

Sasuke: Mmm… your making it hard 4 me to go back to sleep, harder to ignore this hardon…

Naruto: Hehe, sleep is for the weak and those on vacation. Why dont you take care of that hardon

Sasuke: I need sleep 4 work. And I am, though i wish it was your hand stroking me… mmmgg

Naruto: You can sleep later. Nows the time for you stroking yourself and pretending im there, behind you, watching you, breathing down your neck

Sasuke: Mnngghh… Youd tease me too, wouldn't you? Brush your fingers over where I want you inside me… haaahhh, Naruto… My fingers are yours. Tell me what theyre doing…

Naruto: Not so fast, Id just brush them over your asscheek, waiting til you got that sexy, impatient jerk to your hips before i groped you, spreading you

Sasuke: I have that jerk… my hips are meeting my hand as im stroking and kneading myself like you do… nnaahh

Naruto: Run a finger along your hole and stroke yourself. God, your making my hips jerk too, rubbing against my hand, wishing it was your ass

Sasuke: In class… gnaahha thats hot…I dont know if i can keep teasing myself, i can feel it clenching everytime i brush over… Im coated in precum… I want you inside me

Naruto: Not for long, Im about to take a bathroom break. Stick it in, stick in as many fingers as you want

Sasuke: Ahhh, fuck… Threee, but its not the same…im starting slow, hard thrusts like you would…Mmmnn…god, i miss your mouth, your hands on me…

Naruto: I miss touching you, teasing you, running my mouth along your skin..mm and that neck

Sasuke: I want you here…You in the bathroom yet? When you stroke yourself tighten your hand like im clenching down around you… Theres 4 fingers in now, still isnt enough to be u, Naruto… Mnaahh… Im getting closer

Naruto: Yeah… god,Sasuke, i!m getting there too…fuck, finish yourself, baby

Sasuke: Nnaahh…fuck, Naruto

Naruto: Sasuke… you made me make a mess

Sasuke: ::smirk:: Mm too bad im not there, id lick you clean… My chest is coated. Good thing I need a shower before work in two hours… I wish youd be here when I got home.

Naruto: I wish I could shower with you, itd be better than coming up with an excuse for what this stain is on my jeans… or I should say… YOUR jeans

Sasuke: Sexxy :heart: just say someone spilled something on you… or you did. Im sure theyll believe it. ::snort::

Naruto: Teme, what are you trying to say?

Sasuke: Nothing, dobe. Youre messy. It could be sour cream for whoever asks. I need to get ready for work…

Naruto: Whatever, cupcake, go get ready and leave me to be bored

Sasuke: Mmm I might just make another mess in the shower…

Naruto: Ufffhh, damn tease :heart:

Sasuke: Who said I was teasing? You're the only thing that leaves me feeling satisfied :heart:

Naruto: You're teasing me because I can't stay in the bathroom to deal with the images in my head

Sasuke: Mmm…how about I make it up to you later then? And I'll just get ready for work?

Naruto: You better make it amazing, but you get ready and call me when you leave :heart: :heart:

Sasuke: ::smirk:: Youll see :heart:Im getting the shower now. I love you :heart:

Naruto: I love yooouuu, sexkitten :heart: :heart: