So this is about Renesmee and Jacob. I'm not sure of the exact time constraints in the book, but this takes place when Renesmee and Jacob are the right ages to be together. In my story they are in high school.

I am not Stephenie Meyer.


School was tedious, so very tedious. I now fully understood my father's insistence that it wasn't something to be excited about. It stared blankly at the teacher who was explaining something to a very slow looking boy at the front of the class. I had learned this when I was "ten". I suppose my perception was a little skewed. I turned my head slightly and saw Alice out of the corner of my eye. She wasn't even pretending to pay attention anymore. Rather, she was passing notes to Jasper who sat a few seats ahead of her in the bleacher style seats that surrounded the circular college-like room.

This is what I get for going to a fancy school. I thought. It was the only school that didn't insist on skipping me further and further ahead. It was difficult to stay in high school when you knew all the material backward and forward. I had done college courses in multiple majors thanks to Carlisle and my father. I ripped through material even faster than I grew.

I felt someone's eyes on me. I shifted my blonde curls to cover my face. Oh, wait, it was Rosalie. She was seated to my right and a few rows up. I met her gaze. I read concern in her eyes. I shook my head slightly to tell her I was fine, just bored. She seemed to understand and returned to sending lustful glances at Emmett. The only members of the family absent were my parents, and grandparents. Mom and Dad had some advanced science class this period and, of course, Carlisle and Esme didn't come to school.

"Can I borrow a pen?" The girl next to me said. She had a fountain pen right next to her so I knew this was code for something else. I nodded and handed her a pen. My hand came away with a slip of paper. I raised an eyebrow at the black haired girl asking if it was for me. She nodded and turned back to the lecture. I unfolded the paper. It read:

Party tonight at Jonas' house. You're invited.

Usually, I would have said no, but something made me want to. I wrote back in my curling script:


The reply came quickly:

118 Harford Drive. Bring your siblings.

Of course, she probably just wanted to make sure Rosalie was there. I agreed all the same. In this school we were enrolled as the Cullens and the Hales as usual. So everyone called us siblings even though we had the whole adopted story going. My mind flitted to Jacob. I wondered if he would go. He would probably try to stop me from going. He was so overprotective. It was one of the few things that I didn't care for about him. Though, truth be told, I did like it. It made me feel special.

Jacob did that to me. It was hard to feel normal with my family, but it was easy to feel lonely when I was surrounded with so many couples. That was why I needed Jacob. He was always there for me even though we were only friends, much to my chagrin. I just wanted him to be happy, but it got harder every day to resist him. I loved his smile, his eyes, his scent. I loved that he always let me get the first kill when we hunted and that he shielded me from the rain with his large body. I was so deeply in love with him that sometimes I could barely stand it.

He had no idea. I knew I was only a friend to him. It hurt monumentally, but it was all I had. I never let him see how it hurt me when he talked about other girls, like Leah. I never said anything to him that might suggest we were more than friends, but it hurt. I wanted what my parents had. Sometimes I wondered if Jake only stuck around so that he could see my mother in my eyes. That thought hurt the most.

The day passed by sluggishly. I finally got a chance to tell them about the party at lunch. We always sat at one of the long wooden tables at lunch. Alice, Jasper, Mom, and Dad on one side. Me, Jake, Rosalie, and Emmett on the other. When I told them about the party, Alice and Rosalie squealed excitedly. Jacob and Jasper scowled. Emmett roared with laughter at the pained look on my Mom's face. Dad squeezed her close at smiled encouragingly.

"So are we going?"

"Yes!" Alice cried. "I can see it already."

"We don't have to, Ness." Jake said. "You hate high school parties. 'Everyone smells like beer.' Remember?"

"No I don't." I don't know why I fought him. It was something about the happy couples all around me, I think. Or maybe it was how, at that moment, Jake's eyes strayed to a pretty blonde's legs. How dare he act like he cared so much? Why should he try to protect me when I obviously didn't mean that much to him? "I think you have me confused with M-Bella." My voice came out more venomous than I intended. I was acting like a child.

"What are you talking about?" He half laughed.

"Nothing. Look, Iā€¦forgot something in my locker. I'll see you later." I practically ran out of there. It was getting too hard. How much more could I take? I needed to think. My feet carried me out of school. I ran into the rainy woods. We were still in Washington, only a few hours from Forks. It was the best climate for us. Plus, Jake needed to take care of his pack. Jake, why did he even bother to come with us when we left? He could have stayed in Forks and flirted with the girls there just as easily as here. I was fuming. He made me so mad.

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