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Eventually, we made our way to the porch. Jacob kept his arm around me. I could feel the tension pouring off of the vampires on the porch. I casually brushed against my mother on the way inside.

Make them go away. I projected to her. She nodded and turned to my father. He was tense. I sent him a look that hopefully conveyed my feelings. He had nothing to worry about. I could take care of myself. Everyone seemed disinclined to leave, but I dragged Jake inside and quickly closed the door behind me, effectively locking everyone out.

"Good work." Jake laughed. I smiled at him tiredly. We still had a lot to discuss. Jacob seemed to understand this because his expression became more solemn. I lead him into the living room, and we sat down on the couch. I angled my body so that I could talk to him easily. Jacob took my hands in his. I think he was afraid to break our fragile connection.

"I missed you." He said. He sounded so sincere and slightly broken. I knew he was afraid of the damage done to our relationship. So was I. I swept a hand for my hair. Jacob followed the movement absently with his eyes.

"I missed you too." I admitted with a sigh. I really just wanted to put off the necessary discussion. I wanted to be comforted in Jacob's arms, to just feel for one night without the pressures of the past.

Jacob cupped my face in his hand. He felt so safe, so warm and familiar. I found myself leaning towards him. Gently, softly he kissed me. I kissed him back. This was how things were supposed to be. I still felt the burn of anger and hurt but, for the moment, it was overcome with relief and excitement.

I can always yell at him in the morning. I thought as he kissed me more deeply. I tangled my fingers in his soft hair. His lips were magical. We were getting more and more horizontal. I shifted and stood, dragging Jake with me. Acting on instinct, I lead him up the stairs. We had to stop every few steps to kiss.

In the middle of the stairs, Jake backed me against the wall. I felt his strong muscles with my hands, traced his biceps lovingly. His hands sent amazing sensations through my body. I think I may have moaned.

I continued to pull him towards my room. My thoughts were not straight. I didn't ponder consequences; I just let myself do what I wanted. For once in my life, I didn't think about the smart thing to do, and it felt so good.

We made it to the bed, barely. Our kisses became more frantic. Jake trailed his lips down the side of my neck. I grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and yanked it over his head. I was delighted to be able to more fully explore his chest. He was so sexy.

"Are you sure, Ness?" he asked in a fevered whisper.

"Yes." I gasped out. Jake undressed me with gentle hands, and I wasn't afraid. This felt right. It was a night made for a werewolf and his mate. I don't think anything could have stopped us. My world exploded into brilliant white fire and, much later, I fell asleep in Jake's arms.


I woke only because bright sunlight was making an assault on my eyelids. I groaned and flung an arm over my face, or I tried to. Said arm was being held down by a soft, warm weight. I blearily opened my eyes to be greeted with the most breathtaking sight. Renesmee was curled up next to me. Her silken curl covered head was pillowed on my arm. I smiled. It hadn't been a dream.

I leaned over to kiss her pale shoulder. She stirred.

"Morning, love." I grinned. She moaned and rolled onto her back. The sheet slid dangerously low.

"Go away." Renesmee was never a morning person. My mile grew larger. I placed a kiss on top of her beautiful head.

"Wake up, angel."

"Go away. You left me, and I'm angry at you." She mumbled. "Let me dream of ways to get revenge." She rolled over and buried her face in my chest.

"What kind of retaliation?" I asked cautiously.

"I'm going to marry one of those sexy new werewolves and never think about you again.

"He'll end up dead." I muttered. Her eyes flew open. She rolled over yet again so that she was looking down at me.

"You'd kill my husband?"

"I'd kill anyone who tried to take you from me." I said. I raised my head and kissed her pouting lips. "Besides, you know I'm the only one for you."

"Convince me." She laughed with a mischievous smirk. I could only oblige. Later, she lay with her head on my chest. I pulled her close with my arm.

"Fine," She sighed. "I guess I'll keep you." I laughed.

"Thank God."

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