Genre: general, a bit dreary and foreshadow-y, but not tragic

Pairing: one-sided Misa x Light. Could be reciprocated if you want to look at it like that, though, I guess

Summary: Two drabbles about chess and sacrifice.

Author's Notes: This has been sitting around on my computer for a while now. Originally, I intended for this to be a collection of drabbles, but I sort of left it sitting too long and have lost interest in Death Note by now. But they still seem halfway decent, so I decided to go ahead and post them up anyways.

I don't quite remember by now, but I think these take place earlier on in the series just judging by the fact that Light isn't all "IMMA GOD LOLOLOL" yet. That, or I had really shitty characterization.

Disclaimers: I don't own Death Note.

"In chess, the most important thing is the king. If he's taken, the game ends and you lose." Light explained to her once when she asked him to teach her how to play.

"Why?" She asked him in response. He told her it was because the king was the ruler; if he was gone, then the other pieces had no reason to continue fighting. "That's stupid," she told him, "If I were the other pieces, I'd avenge my king or something. Besides, it's like everyone else dies just because some lousy piece that can only move one square died."

Light sighed, and said that was just how the game is played. She pouted at that, and declared then that chess was a stupid game, and she didn't see why everyone always said that it was just like real life.

She understands now, though. She understands completely, standing on the roof of some building, wondering and crying and thinking, thinking about Light and Kira and kings. Her god, her savior is dead. The king has been toppled. She takes a step forward into air. And she understands now. It is pointless for a queen to exist without a king.