"White always goes first in chess. I think it's the same for other games too, like Go. Usually, or at least in professional chess, you can't pick which one to play. One person shuffles a black and a white king their hands behind their back, place one in each hand, and have the other person choose a hand. Whatever king is in the chosen hand is the chooser's color. So, here, I'll show you." Light shuffles through the bag of pieces and take out the two kings. A second later, he holds out two closed fists. Misa picks the left side, and he opens his palm to reveal the white king. She takes it, but not before noticing the small pout on Light's lips.

"What's the matter?" she asks.

"Nothing; I just usually like to play white so I can have the first move."

"Well, in that case," she pries open his other hand and replaces the black king with her white. "Here."

"What? But—"

"It's fine." She replies with a cheery smile, "Misa will be black so that you can be white."