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Warning:this is yaoi, hard yaoi, boyxboy so stop right here if you don't like Sasuke and Naruto getting it on.

Warning 2: This is rated Lemon all the way M, Sasu and Naru are both 5.

Sasuke fumbled through his brother's things. He was a little pissed off at him for not training again. So a little rearranging of carefully placed objects seemed to be just punishment for the perfectionist. Plus, Sasuke was only 5 years old, too little to do much else. As Sasuke looked back at his handy work, he gave his best Uchiha smirk and then walked out of the room.



Sasuke waited in the kitchen by his mother. He had been in trouble enough times to know that she would protect him from the wrath of Itachi.

His brother entered the room. He looked straight at his little brother and said calmly, "What happened to my room?"

"I rearranged it. Do you like it? I worked on it all morning."

"I liked it how it was." Itachi held out his hand face down and moved his fingers towards himself.

Sasuke slowly got off his chair and started to move towards his brother. It wasn't like he didn't know what was coming, he knew his head was about to be poked. It was a little irritating, but it didn't bother him as much as Itachi would like.

"Itachi." His brother froze at their mother's voice. "You're not going to do anything to your brother are you?"

"But mom, he rearranged my room!" Itachi protested.


Sasuke knew better than to make a mess, as a mess would not only get him in trouble with Itachi and his mom, but also with his dad. No, he did something 'nice' instead.

"Well, I'm sure he had good intentions." She turned to Sasuke. "Do you think you can now help your brother put his things back where they were?"

"Hn." The older female Uchiha seemed un-phased by the reply.

"Okay, then get to work you two."

As soon as their mother turned, Itachi grabbed Sasuke into an arm lock and dragged him to his room. "Put it all back. I'll be back in an hour. It better be done."

Sasuke started moving all the things back to where they were. He intentionally remembered where things had been since he was likely to have to put them back. But, to see how irritated Itachi was made it all worth his while.


He looked back at the room. It had never been messy, but it now looked normal. There was something out of place though—something was sticking out a little from beneath Itachi's mattress. Sasuke went over to take care of it. He didn't want to be blamed for something being out of place a second time. He examined the problem and determined that there was some sort of book there. He held out his small hand and gave the object a tug. And was surprised when it slipped out a lot easier than he thought. He discovered that it wasn't actually a book, but a magazine, and the shiny cover must have made it slick and easy to pry out.

Sasuke liked reading so he flipped through a few pages. He was disappointed to see that it was mostly a picture book. Then again, did this mean his brother had a hard time reading? Maybe he finally found Itachi's fault?

He stopped on one of the pictures. It was of two people. Both were naked and one was behind the other. They both had faces expressing fun. Maybe this was a book on things to do for fun. So much for his theory on Itachi's reading skills.


He took the book and placed it in his bag to see if he could find someone that would want to play those games with him. Uchiha's didn't really play games. Maybe that's why Itachi had it under his bed, because he knew that he would get in trouble for wanting to have too much fun and not working on his missions.

Sasuke thought about who to play with the games all day. It could just be anyone. Some kids knew better than to play with an Uchiha because it would get them in trouble with an older Uchiha. Other kids at school either worshiped Sasuke and wouldn't stop bragging about getting to play with him. He needed someone that basically no one believe he would have played with. However he had no luck at spotting anyone at school that day. The Hyuga's were well respected enough that they didn't bend over backwards for Uchiha's, but that made them likely people for him to associate with. Girl's were out of the questions since they have cooties. All the other kids seemed boring though.

School finally ended, it was an easy day. He trudged his feet a little disappointed that he couldn't find anyone worth playing with. He looked over the edge of the cliffs to the ocean, and below him was a small dock. He peered a little closer and saw a tan boy with blonde hair. He recognized the boy immediately as Naruto. Most people didn't associate with him, actually other kids made fun of him. He must have been alone and didn't have anyone to play with. No one to play with! This was excellent for Sasuke. He needed someone willing enough to try out the games with him. But this kid ignored him for the most part, so he wasn't a fan, and he looked like he could handle getting out of trouble with adults if it came to it. The kid was such a loner and hated by most, no one believe they had even ever talked let alone played together. Anyways, the point was, he had his target.


Sasuke didn't like shopping. But there he was, in the clothing store. It was boring, and he usually ended up in weird feeling clothes like body suits. There was a Hyuuga section filled with light tan clothes and an Uchiha section with mostly dark clothes with fans on the back and then an everyone else section which ranged in all sorts of color. There was a particularly ugly jacket on the sales rack, with blue and orange and a white knit collar that he snickered at as he walked by. He looked around as his mom started to pile up the clothes. For now she was focused on Itachi, which meant he could disappear. He rolled, jumped and in general, ninja-ed his way around the store, hiding in the clothing rack and spending as little time in plain sight as possible. No need to waste time, if he was going to be better than Itachi one day, he needed to always be practicing.

"GgggGaa Gaack Ckkckk kk k k k k k"

He heard a strange noise as he made his last pass in and out of the enclosed circle of clothes. Sasuke got down on his stomach to see what made the strange noise. He could see a small pair of shoe and a little bit of tan leg, but not much more, but he knew who was out there. He stood back up and reached out to pull the small boy into his secret place.

The boy yelled, screamed, and kicked as he was pulled in, and then finally stopped when he realized he was perfectly safe.

"You scared me, Dattebayo."


"What's the big deal? I was just shopping. I need a jacket and some pants. The Hokage said I could get something from the sales wrack and he's pay." He said quietly. However Sasuke didn't care why Naruto was here, just that he was and Sasuke had a mission.

"Want to play a game?" Sasuke splurted out.

"Okay!" This was a little too easy in Sasuke's mind, but he was going to get to play finally, so he didn't care.

"Okay stay here, I have to go get the book that shows us the game."

"Ummm, okay. Dattebayo."

He ran out of the clothing rack to where his brother was putting on yet another shirt and being inspected by their mom. Sasuke grabbed his school bag and darted off.

"What are you up to Sasu?"

"Homework," he lied.

"Okay, be back here in 30 minutes."

"Hn." He ran off to the clothing rack where his little playmate awaited.

He knelt down and opened his book. His hands shook a little with excitement. Not only was he going to get to do a fun activity for once, but he was also going to get to do what his brother didn't. If Itachi was hiding the book he obviously was only dreaming about going out and playing these things with others. His pale hand flipped through the book to the page he wanted and he showed Naruto.

The tan boy looked at it confused. Sasuke looked at the picture once more. There were two naked people with really happy faces. One was behind the other and seemed to be pushing into them.

"I don't understand the game, dattebayo."

Sasuke flipped to the previous page.

This page showed the same people. The one behind had his wee-wee pointing straight at the other person's butt. Honestly, Sasuke wasn't really sure about the game, but he wanted to play it.

"I get it." Naruto said. "It's a game of sticking your wee into the other person."

"Of course." Sasuke said it like he already knew that. Sasuke dropped his pants. "Do it then."

He watched as Naruto dropped his pants as well. Sasuke turned around and stuck his butt out a little towards Naruto.

He turned his head back to watch what Naruto was doing. The blond moved closer to him and then bumped his darker member into Sasuke's ass. "It doesn't go in."


"Umm, are there more instructions in the book?"

They both kneeled down with their pants still dropped and started flipping through the magazine.

"Hey where's her wee -wee?" Naruto asked when they saw a front picture of a girl.

"She obviously lost it."

"Girls are stupid. Dattebayo."


They flipped through a few more pages. Sasuke stopped on one page where one person had the other person's dick in their mouth. Then flipped to the page he wanted to do. "Well this page is before this one, so maybe you have to do this first," he thought aloud.

"Okay." Naruto looked at it, then turned it to the side, then looked at it straight again. "Umm, who does what?"

"Bacca-na, I put yours in my mouth." Sasuke pushed Naruto over and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. He then crawled over in between his legs while pushing his own pants off his feet. He leaned down and licked at Naruto's wee to see if it tasted okay. After all, pee-pee came out of there and that stuff smelled bad. However, it didn't seem bad at all. He took a little more in his mouth and started to suck it like what the girl was doing in the picture. Naruto's dick seemed to start responding to what he was doing. It made Sasuke nervous until...

"Mmmm... Wow Sasuke I like this game." Sasuke stopped for a moment. Naruto's little wee-wee had gotten a lot bigger and it stood up a little by itself too. Sasuke didn't like being left out of the game though.

"Hn. I want to try. You suck on mine." He leaned back and opened his legs so that Naruto could crawl between them easily. He got a good view of the golden locks as Naruto leaned down. Wow, was this ever a good game! No wonder Itachi had that suggestion book. He closed his eyes and felt Naruto's warm mouth engulf him. He never felt anything like it before. All he could think was how intense and amazing it felt. But in the back of his mind, he still wanted to play the games later in the book. If these were already this much fun, the later ones had to be better. He pushed the soft blond locks back a little and Naruto moved back.

"Let's play that other game now."

"Turn around then. Dattebayo."

Sasuke turned over and knelt on his knees while spreading his knees a little to try and get his hole as big as possible. He felt something prodding at him. Naruto's willy started to push in him. It hurt a lot. Why did the game hurt? Naruto grabbed onto his hips. "Stop making it hard to get in."

Sasuke wasn't making it hard! It hurts, but there wasn't any way he was going to chicken out. "I'm not, you're just not strong enough."


Naruto pushed a lot harder and Sasuke felt Naruto's hips on the back of his butt. "Ha, take that! I'm totally in! Dattebayo!"

"Owwwwww... that hurt dobe."

"Serves you right!"

Sasuke turned around and glared at the boy. If he was going to be like that about it, maybe he should find someone else to play the game with. He started to move away, but Naruto pulled his hips back. "Aaaahhh." Okay that was surprisingly pleasant, Sasuke thought. "That felt a little better. Do that again."

Naruto move back a little and then pushed in. Again, it felt good and was actually better than the last time—he was just not surprised so he did make a sound. Sasuke knew what the game was now, however if they kept playing Sasuke was sure he would be able to help from yelping out again. He grabbed the sleeve of the ugly orange jacket he had seen earlier and put it in front of his mouth. "Keep doing that," he commanded as he put the sleeve in his mouth.

Naruto pulled in and out, and out and in. Slowly at first, but then kept gaining speed as he felt more comfortable with the action. Sasuke writhed in pleasure under him. They kept at it for some time, until Sasuke couldn't take it anymore and some sort of wave washed over him. Naruto made a strange sound and then fell over to the side.

"I liked that game, dattebayo, can we play again some time?"

"Hn." Sasuke took a moment more and then got dressed. He put the magazine back in his bag and then left. His mom dragged him into the dressing room the second he returned, not knowing that he just got to play a game.


The next time he looked down at the pier and saw the blond boy wearing an orange jacket with blue sleeves and a white color. Sasuke smiled and knew what Naruto wanted to play.