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"Happy Birthday Sasuke! Oh my I thought you were going to wear your birthday suit."

"Mom!" Itachi raised his voice slightly. "Do you even know what a birthday suit is?"

"Sasuke, I would like you to wear the nice cloths I got for you yesterday."

"What's a birthday suit?" Sasuke whispered to his brother.

"The clothes you were born in."

"I wasn't born in any clothes." Sasuke whispered back.

"Hn." Was all the response he got.


"Come along we shouldn't be late to your party."

"Hn." He said to himself as he straightened out the suit his mother had bought for him a few weeks back. That was the best shopping day of his life.

He wasn't particularly looking forward to his birthday party like most children would. Instead of a celebration of him it was really more an opportunity for his parent to hobsnob with the other adults. The next youngest person that would be at this party was Itachi and he was starting to win his own way among the social elites of the Uchiha clan too. Of course being a brilliant Ninja at only 11 would do that. Sasuke of course didn't understand all the fine details of the event or what his parents were really doing, just that it was boring. He grabbed a kunai. At some point he would sneak to the back of the grounds and start practicing.

The now seven year old Uchiha ran from his room, not realizing he was remaking the wrinkle he worked so diligently to be rid of.




The party took place at the large meeting hall in the Uchiha compound. He knew of a few other children who had birthday celebrations at the place, but it was saved for important members, like for the chief of police's children such as himself.

He walked through out the room, everyone so often someone much larger than him would pull him aside and place an envelope in his hand. He would then walk back to his mother and give them to her.

He currently was sitting in the back of the room on a nice cushiony red chair. If there was no one in the room he would be tempted to jump up and down on it. However the room was rather packed with a large number of adults all of which looked ready to scold him for any transgression. Unfortunately this meant he needed to resist the urge to click his feet together, make popping noises with his mouth, make silly faces at Itachi, hum, or anything except for sit perfectly still. Though as bad as it was, he at least wasn't being forced to listen to the dull conversations of the adults, so he was grateful for his little chair.

The lights in the room dimmed and the room became silent. From the far side of the room Sasuke could tell a large amount of candles were moving through the hallway. He tried desperately to contain the smile plastered all over his face.

"Happy Birthday to you." His mother started singing. The rest of the guest caught on and started singing with her. He ran over to his mom and watched the giant cake approach.

"Happy Birthday to you.

"Happy birthday my darling boy." His mother said quietly to him as the reason of the people sang his name.

"Happy birthday to you."

During the song Sasuke was to engrossed by the cake and singing to notice his brother had brought over a chair for him to stand on. He beamed a smile at him while letting his mother lift him onto to stand on the soft surface.

"Blow out the candles dear."

He took in the deepest breath he could and then blew. All of the candles went out.

"Very well done."

He looked to his father who seemed disinterested in the event.

Itachi leaned over. "For my 7th birthday I melted all the candles to a char with a fire ball. But blowing them out is just as fine I suppose." The words wiped off the joyful smile from Sasuke's face. He was behind his brother. He should already know the Uchiha technique of fire. His Dad had shown him the seals earlier that week. Why was his so weak? He would be learning it this week, if he could do it. No! He would learn it. He would not be less in his father's eyes any more and he would hear those words final, "As I expect from my child."


He finished opening his last gift and was once again left alone. Sasuke's mother gave him a small wink and a wave of the hand meaning he could go outside to practice with his new kunai.

He stood there looking at the pillar. His aim was okay, not fantastic, far ahead of the other children, but he was behind Itachi. Itachi! It was always Itachi. Why wouldn't his father help him learn more? Sasuke lost interest in practicing for the moment. He dragged his toes along feeling the soft grass as he walked aimlessly, wondering what more he could do to please his father.

He looked up at the squeaking sound of a chain. How far had he gone? The play ground by school? He had wandered quite far. He looked for the source of the squeak. The overly energetic lonely blonde boy he was well acquainted with, Naruto , sat on the swings looking glum. Sasuke listened a little closer and could hear other children in the distance. Naruto only looked that sad when he was rejected.


"Wanna play? Dattebayo."

"Yes but I cannot get my clothes dirty."

"Oh..It's ok. I'll play by myself Dattebayo."

"Wait! I know can we play in our birthday suits? It is my Birthday after all!"

"I didn't bring an extra suit, Dattebayo."

"No, our birthday suits, you know the suits we were born in."

Naruto looked dumb founding.

"We'll play with no clothes. That's our birthday suit. Itachi told me this morning, and since it's my birthday, it must be okay to wear it, my mom even suggested it. Then we can't get anything dirty."

"But it's not my Birthday. Dattebayo."

"Well it's my birthday so I get to make the rules today, and I say you can wear your birthday suit too."


Sasuke carefully folded each garment he took off and put them into a nice pile. When he looked up Naruto, was already completely naked climbing up the monkey bars. His clothes were cast aside every where.

"Don't you care if your cloths get dirty?" Sasuke asked picking up the orange shorts and folding them nicely before pacing them adjacent to his suit.

"Ninja get dirty all the time. What's the big deal? Dattebayo."

"But that's from fighting."

"You can get really dirty playing around though. Dattebayo"

"But that's why we took our cloths off. So that they wouldn't get dirty."

"Pssshhh, dirt's part of nature and so am I. Come on Sasuke. Dattebayo." Naruto waved his hand and started winging across the bars. He made little monkey sounds and flipped himself over before leaving the bars and landing on the ground.

"I could do better than that." Sasuke strutted over to the monkey bars and climbed up. He grabbed the first bar then pulled himself ontop of the ladders. He carefully walked along one bar then did a side flip into the sand making a perfect landing.

"Oh that's not a big deal. Dattebayo."

Naruto ran over to the covered slide. It was big, red, and round. He climbed on top of it and placed his bum down.

"You're supposed to slide down the middle of that. Not the top. Sasuke objected."

"You should use a little more creativity Sasuke." Naruto pushed himself down, balancing perfectly on the round object and he ride it all the way down in a smooth fluid motion, making a grunting sound as he jumped off the bottom to get off.

"Fine I'll be more creative!" Sasuke ran over jumping over Naruto diving into the middle of the slide and climbed up. He peeked over the side at an angry looking Naruto. "Scared I was going to hit you?"

"No. Dattebayo." Naruto pouted.

Sasuke slide down the slide normally. "Hn."

The two boys stood there starring at each other at the base of the red slide. Sasuke hoped Naruto was thinking about what he was thinking about. But Naruto's mind seemed to be hard to comprehend sometimes.

"Hey Sasuke, let's play a game."

"Ok since it's my birthday I get to pick the game."

"Are we going to play hide and seek? I like that game. Dattebayo."

"No a better game!"

"Ummmm... tag? Dattebayo."

"Well it is a game we've played before but not that one."

"O," Naruto made the letter with his mouth.

"We need to make your wee-wee bigger though." Sasuke said stepping forward not thinking twice to about deedling Naruto's winkle.

"Sasuke why do our penies get bigger when they are touched?"

"Because of my awesome Chakra skillz."

"What's chakra? Dattebayo."

"I'll tell you when you're older." That's what his mom always said, he figured when she didn't really know the answer.

"I'm older than 5."*

"Look it's gotten huge!" Sasuke said distracting Naruto from his question.

"Ok now you touch mine."

"I don't want Sasuke to stop touching me though. Dattebayo."

"Hn." Sasuke stepped in close to Naruto. The tan hands kneaded his little pale sausage. The jolts of electricity he had felt before we're racing through him stirring a heat from within. He moved his little hips into naruto. He kept his left hand on naruto's pee-wee but suddenly found that Naruto's nipple had scrunched up and he could help but to touch it.

"Hey. I can do that too. Dattebayo." Wowzeers. Ok it wasn't as good as having his jingling touched but his nipples we're making him feel hot too, like his blood could boil out of him. Suddenly everything stopped. Naruto was looking down, so Sasuke looked down to see if something was the matter.

"Ha ha mine's bigger than yours." Sasuke was a little peeved, not because he was smaller. Of course he would be smaller, he was skinner than Naruto in general. But he was not pleased that Naruto was dumb enough to stop touching him to make such an obvious statement.

"It's cause you didn't rub mine enough. Rub it some more." Sasuke didn't really thinking he'd get bigger but damn it felt good to be touched like that. Heat was building in him so fast, he couldn't think much. "AAaaAaAAaawe a little faster." Now why his legs gave out at such a moment he had no idea, but they simply could not hold him up any more.

"Owe." Sasuke huffed out as his bottom hit the slide and his legs flew up.

"Oh ready for the second part of the game? Dattebayo?"

"Second?" In the bliss of being touched Sasuke had forgotten the best part of the game! When Naruto put his dingle hopper into him. "Hn. I was just seeing if you remembered."

Naruto most definitely remembered. Sasuke felt the pain that came with this part of the game. He cringed a little but did his best not to show it, he was an Uchiha.

Naruto started to move in him right away. In and out. He had learned by now, only the fourth time they we're playing, how to hit that spot inside of him consistently right from the start. Each time he felt flames surging through him. It was getting hot, unbearably hot. He panted and screamed, and loved every moment of it. God there was no better game than this. In and out, in and out, hit right on that spot."A Aaaa Aaa Aaaa Aaa AAaaaaa..." It continued for a while. Much longer than before, or maybe it was just his mind couldn't comprehend time any more.

But it was getting to hot, his stomach knotted. His muscle convulsed, but all he comprehended was perfect pleasure. He opened his mouth to scream but the heat from within escaped in a giant heap of fire. If Naruto's cry was from pleasure or surprise he didn't know. The other boy collapsed on top of him.

"Sasuke... You melted the slide... I like the big red slide. Dattebayo."

"Guess you'll have to slide in something else."


"Oh no, my mom." Sasuke ran over to his neat pile of cloth and started throwing them on. He ran off not thinking twice about the naked boy he left behind, or the pile of plastic goo he had made.

"Sasuke, where have you been?"


"You better have something to show for it, I've been looking for you for a good ten minutes."

"Sorry." His mother rustled his hair and kissed his forehead.

"Off we go before you're father gets to upset."


The next day Sasuke went out to the lake. He had done it, made fire. And he could do it again. He brought his father out to watch. He slowly breathed in and then thought of Naruto inside him, how his stomach ached from the heat of it. He breathed out all the heat inside him and the lake lighted up. He looked to his father for those words.

They walked back. He was disappointed, but at the last moment his father turned. "As I would expect from my son."

* From titan AE