A/N: Slightly different version of my story Kissing Friday. This is rated M for sexual situations. This really is a "puffy" piece. :D There will be another chapter coming, but I must work on CoP first.

Kissing Friday

February 5, 1997

Hermione Granger held her book Unusual British Holiday Customs a little higher in front of her in order to block out the sight of her best friend falling all over her roommate. She scowled before turning back to the page in front of her.

"Hermione, must you read at the table? Can't you at least talk to me?" Harry Potter, her other best friend, pleaded with her as he glanced around them. "I mean," he lowered his voice so only she could hear him, "I know we're surrounded by couples and it's coming up on that dreaded day, but please, make an effort for me. I get bored just stuffing food in my mouth. I'm not Ron, you know."

"I know. I'm sorry, Harry," she apologized. She placed her book down on the table. "It's just that this book is really fascinating. Did you know that there is such a holiday known as Plough Monday? It's the first Monday after Twelfth Night."

"Plough Monday? What did they bless the ploughs or something?" Harry responded with a puzzled look.

"Exactly." Hermione wrinkled her forehead over the fact that Harry figured it out so quickly. "Well, at least in medieval times they did, although it was on Sunday it was blessed."

Before she could continue on, Harry interjected, "Are there any other interesting customs like that in the book?"

To answer him, she picked it back up and turned back to the page she had been on. She skimmed the next few pages before gasping and looking scandalized.

Harry quickly asked, "What? What is it?"

Hermione whispered, "I can see why that particular holiday went out of fashion." She shut the book and stuffed it in her bag.

"Oh, come on, Hermione. Tell me. Please," Harry pleaded.

Hermione shook her head and finished eating. Harry continued to beg her to tell him about what she had read all through the remainder of their classes. While everyone else was working on practicing their new charm that Professor Flitwick had taught them, Harry cast a Muffliato so he could continue working on Hermione without getting in trouble.

"Hermione," Harry said in a sing-song voice, slightly reminiscent of the Weasley twins. "Hermione. Please tell me about that holiday." After several minutes of continuous pleading to her back as she tried to work on her charm, Hermione turned around in a huff.

"Fine," she hissed. "There is an unusual custom that actually is no longer in fashion called Kissing Friday. There, are you happy? Can I go back to working on my charm now?"

"Kissing Friday? So what is the custom? I mean, what kind of custom could there be about kissing? Wait, I got it. Kissing actually refers to rubbing noses and that can only happen on Fridays, right?" Harry looked truly perplexed over this idea. Hermione's inner nature warred with herself. She wanted to share her knowledge, but her sense of responsibility as a prefect made her question letting anyone know about this as the custom could raise lots of problems if some of the boys in the school found out exactly how it worked. As she decided what to do, she listened with half an ear as Harry muttered all sorts of theories about what "Kissing Friday" was. With a shake of her head, she pulled out her book. Turning to the page, which described the custom, she handed it to Harry.

Harry read it aloud. " 'Kissing Friday is the Friday after Ash Wednesday. A day in the year when boys can kiss any girl without fear of rejection or punishment. In Leicestershire, if the girl does not allow the boy to kiss her, then he is allowed to pinch her behind.' So wait, does this mean a boy can kiss any girl regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not?"

Hermione worried her bottom lip. "Well, that's my take on it."

"But why wouldn't you tell me? What is so dangerous about this? Wait, when is Ash Wednesday?" Harry asked.

"Next Wednesday," Hermione said very softly, hoping that Harry wouldn't be able to hear her. Harry's face froze in shock.

"So you're telling me that 'Kissing Friday' is Valentine's Day?" Harry queried.

"Uh-huh. Now do you understand why I don't want anyone to know about this. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if boys knew that according to custom they could kiss someone's girlfriend without being punished?" Hermione's eyes narrowed as she noticed that Harry wasn't really paying her any attention. In fact, knowing him like she did, she would say that he was planning something.

Behind both of them, a boy just smiled.

As the news of the custom made its rounds of the boys' rumor mill, Harry debated internally. Should he kiss Ginny? The monster in his chest purred at the idea. But she's dating Dean, his nobility streak argued back. I can't get in trouble as I can claim that it's Kissing Friday. Still, Dean's your roommate. Plus, what would Ron say? He had almost decided not to do anything, but one final thought cropped into his mind. How often does Kissing Friday happen on Valentine's Day? It's positively providential. You've got to show your Gryffindor courage. Making his decision, he started plotting as to where he would kiss her.

February 7, 1997

At the brush of something against her hair, Ginny Weasley rolled over only to find a huge pair of black eyes looking at her. She startled and pulled the covers up to her shoulders. Blinking rapidly several times, she looked at the big barn owl that was perched on the edge of her bed.

"How did you get in here?" she whispered as she didn't want to wake her roommates. The black eyes just blinked at her as the owl stuck its foot out towards her hand. Puzzled, Ginny untied the package and watched as the white-faced bird hopped off the bed and out the curtains. She sat up and wondered who would have sent her something that wouldn't have been delivered with the rest of the mail. Apparently, it's not from my family as that would have come with Errol. It better not be from Dean as we made the deal not to get each other presents for Valentine's. So who could it be?, she thought.

Ginny gently peeled back the plain brown paper, ready for anything that might come out. This reaction was of course the result of living with the twins for too long. As she opened the lid very slowly, a small golden ball flew out. Instinctively, she reached out with her right hand and snatched it out of the air. Once she touched it, the ball fell open in two pieces. Lying in the middle of the snitch was a small Gryffindor lion, which stood and walked to the edge of her palm looking up at her.

"Oh, aren't you darling?" she murmured to the feline. Looking into the box, she saw a piece of parchment. Ginny lowered her hand to allow the lion to walk onto her pillow and watched as it yawned and curled into a ball. Reaching into the box, she pulled out the sheet.


This lion is a reminder of how great a Quidditch player you are as it comes in the snitch that you caught to win us the cup last year.

Your secret admirer

My secret admirer? So who could that be? Must be Gryffindor by what it says in the message. Hmm, Ginny thought. She went through all the boys in Gryffindor; yet other than Dean, she couldn't come up with anybody who would do this. After all, she was dating Dean. Why would anyone else do this? Unable to figure anything out, Ginny decided to watch everyone closely to see if she could determine who the admirer was.

Over the next week, Ginny received some sort of gift each day. One day, she got a snack from one of the house-elves while she was studying. The day before Valentine's, she received another gift. This one was a pair of Chaser gloves. She puzzled over that gift as she was still uncertain as to who it could be. However, there was another note.


If you liked your gifts, please meet me tomorrow after your last class at the Room of Requirement.

Your secret admirer

Ginny normally met up with Dean after that class, so she started devising a way to pacify Dean while discovering who this admirer was. She knew who she wanted it to be, but she didn't want to get her hopes up as she didn't think it could possibly be him.

February 14, 1997

Ginny spent an exceptionally long time packing up as she was still trying to come up with a reasonable excuse to hang out with Dean in the common room like normal. She slowly made her way out the classroom door. As she expected, Dean was lounging against the wall opposite her class. He pushed himself off the wall when he saw her.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Dean asked, puzzled.

"Oh, I was just thinking about things," Ginny responded, smiling brightly at him. He grabbed her hand as they started up towards the Gryffindor common room. Once they reached the portrait hole, Dean made as if to assist her in when she turned to him, "Really? Do you think I have to have help? Come on, Dean. I'm not a damsel in distress, you know." Brushing past him, she stormed through the common room up to her dorm to drop off her books.

Coming back down, she noticed that Dean had found them a place on a couch. Ginny winced as she thought about what she was getting ready to do, but she stopped short when Parvati sat down beside Dean. Ginny noticed that Parvati put her hand high on Dean's thigh before leaning over to him. Dean swooped in and kissed Parvati. She was stunned to see her boyfriend kiss another girl. Ginny snapped out of her stupor to go marching over to the couch.

"How dare you! Are you not supposed to be my boyfriend? And yet, you were kissing her!" Ginny slapped Dean before turning to rush out the portrait hole.

Dean yelled after her, "But it's Kissing Friday!"

Ginny furiously marched towards the Room of Requirement. Kissing Friday, indeed! What the hell is that supposed to mean? I'll show him Kissing Friday! Oh, I hope my admirer is still in here, she thought. Luckily, there was a large brown door leading to the room, which meant that someone was in there waiting. Ginny crossed to the door and turned the knob. As the door opened, Ginny walked in and was scanning the room for signs of anyone when the door closed behind her. A blindfold was tied over her eyes. She started to panic until the person took her in his arms and whispered "It's okay, Gin." Then she knew who it was. How could she not recognize that voice? She tipped her head up towards the sound of his voice.

Lips gently touched hers as the mysterious boy gathered her closer to him. Ginny felt weak at the knees. She couldn't believe that she was being kissed by the one that she had longed for after all this time. His lips caressed hers open as his hands roamed her back. He started walking her backwards towards the wall.

She didn't notice when her body slammed against the wall as the feelings pervading her body from the touch of his hands overwhelmed all her other senses. A small moan escaped her as his lips journeyed down her face to her neck. She grabbed his hands and moved them to her breasts. At each brush of his hands, her body erupted into flames. But she refused to let him be the only one to touch. Ginny pulled his face back to hers before reaching up with her left hand and tangling it in the soft hair that she had always wanted to touch. Her right hand trailed down his face and across his chest. She felt his heart beat faster as she changed the angle of their kiss in an effort to deepen it. Her body acting on instinct pressed tightly against his. This time she heard a groan escape his lips.

It was then that she noticed something hard pulsating against her belly. For a moment, she was shocked to think that she could cause that type of reaction, so her lips stopped moving. The boy, who she still could not see, started to pull away from her, but she deftly caught his shirt in her right hand, much like she caught the snitch a few days before while her left reached up and pulled off the blindfold. Warm brown eyes met startled green ones. Smiling as her eyes confirmed what she had thought, Ginny tugged on him, bringing his lips crashing back down on hers as their bodies realigned against one another.

Harry, at first, seemed surprised, but quickly started responding to her insistent kisses. He ran his hands down Ginny's sides to pull her legs up and around his waist. She hooked her feet behind his butt and shifted most of her weight to where her back was resting against the wall. This position of course caused Ginny's uniform skirt to hike up allowing Harry's hands to start stroking their way from her knees up her thighs. She shivered at the contact. Her hands ran across his chest under his robes. She started to push his robes off his shoulders, only to realize that she was wrapped around him too tightly to get them off. Unhooking her feet, she slowly slid her legs down Harry's. He let out a whimper from the loss of contact that turned into a growl as her damp knickers remained pressed against his throbbing erection.

Stepping back for a moment, she swept his robes off his shoulders and down his arms. Next, she yanked his shirt up and over his head. His glasses became entangled in the shirt and came off, so she reached in and grabbed them. Harry reached for them, but she held them behind her and whispered, "There's a finder's fee."

"Anything. I'll do anything to get them back," Harry whispered back as she slipped the glasses on top of her head. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulling the ends out of her skirt, slipped it off her body. Grabbing his hands, Ginny placed one on her bra strap and the other on her knee as she raised her leg to get back in the position she had been in. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she hopped up to wrap her legs back around him. She trembled at the feel of his still clothed penis, long and hard against her most erotic spot.

Harry's hands slipped under her clothing. The one by her bra slipped the strap off her shoulder so that his mouth had access to trail down her neck and shoulders headed towards her breasts. The other made its way under her skirt pulling it up to get rid of that layer of clothing between their most intimate areas. It stroked her legs until it reached the barrier of her knickers. After a moment of hesitation, Harry slid his fingers under the band and splayed his hand across her bare belly, rubbing his thumb closer and closer to her curls.

For a moment, Ginny reveled in the sensations that Harry was creating in her body- feelings that she had never felt before. But then, she wanted to touch him in the worst way. Her hands started at his shoulders. One made its way down his bicep, enjoying the play of his muscles as he helped support her weight. The other crept down his chest, circling and playing with his nipples. The hand on the bicep jumped to just above where her legs were wrapped around him. She stroked his bare skin right above his waistband to his trousers until Harry readjusted them.

He took his hand from her breasts to cup her bottom in an effort to lift her higher so that his mouth could have better access to her breasts. Ginny arched her back towards his mouth as his tongue darted out to lick her nipples. She clenched her thighs around Harry's waist, only to feel his belt buckle dig into her belly above Harry's other hand. Her hands ran down his torso to work at getting the belt off. Pulling it through the loops as Harry worked his way from one breast to the other with his mouth, Ginny threw the belt to the side. She started to work on the button to his trousers when his thumb brushed against a very sensitive area, causing her to startle. At her jump, Harry's hand jerked away and tore her knickers on one side. His hand retreated to cup her backside along with his other one.

Ginny unhooked her feet yet again as she realized that there were too many barriers between her and Harry. He growled as she broke contact with him. To pacify him, she slid her hand against his skin down his pants and inside his boxers. Reaching with a fingertip to circle the head of his penis, she planted her feet so she could easily get rid of the now torn panties. She stepped out of the side that wasn't torn before returning to the task at hand--getting Harry out of those trousers. Ginny unzipped the trousers with one hand as she continued to fondle him with the other. She looked up at his face and saw that his head was thrown back with his eyes closed. His breathing had become even more labored than before. Releasing him to push his trousers and boxers down his legs, she kissed her way down his belly to the hard length in front of her. As she coaxed him to step out of his clothes, she licked the tip, which had a small bead of moisture on top. Hearing a groan come from him, she opened her mouth and took him in.

After a couple of bobs up and down, she slid him out of her mouth to kiss her way back up his chest. Harry yanked her up so that their chests were pressed firmly together. The feel of his chest muscles against her sensitized nipples was electrifying. Slamming his mouth back down on hers, his fingers delved into wet, slick areas. He rubbed his fingers over different parts and always came back to the ones that elicited moans from her. Ginny could barely stand up as her knees went weak at the brush of his thumb over her clitoris. When his finger made its way into her as he continued rubbing his thumb, she collapsed against him. Grabbing at her legs, he wrapped them around his torso positioning her opening right above his penis. Ginny kissed Harry long and deep as she slowly guided him inside. She figured that by taking it slow she could become accustom to his size. Allowing her to set the pace, Harry used his hands to cup her bottom to help support her weight.

As she felt him slide inside, she closed her eyes to revel in the feel of him. She had had no clue that this would feel so good. Feeling pressure build inside her, she started to move up and down, causing Harry to moan. Squeezing her butt, Harry started to move with her, thrusting. The pressure continued to build in her belly as her back scraped up and down against the wall from the movement of their bodies. Finally, after a particularly hard and deep thrust from Harry, the pressure imploded, leaving Ginny feeling like her body had shattered into a thousand pieces. Harry sank down to the floor, holding Ginny close as he was still inside. He nuzzled her hair as they both tried to catch their breath.