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Open Window to Reality

Chapter One: The Figures in the Dark

The darkness was comforting. It was the first thought that came to his mind as his eyes cracked open. They protested at the effort, attemping to shut on him again. His mind felt muddled, as though he couldn't remember what had happened. He felt...open. Alone. As though a window had opened and was letting the cold air in and he was powerless to stop it. The sharp feeling of pain brought him back to reality as he struggled to move. His hand fell for his side, toppling him over in the process. His arm had been supporting his weight, and removing it caused him to fall.

He drew in a quick breath sharply as he fell, crying out softly at the pain that tremored through his body as he made contact with the floor. He defensively began to curl into a ball, but the darkness was back, ebbing it's way into his vision. He couldn't want to fight it. He didn't want to fight it. He welcomed it with open arms, waiting for it to take him back into sweet sleep.

A movement to his left caught his attention briefly.

The sound of a unfamilar voice put him on high alert, even if he felt down for the count. He had a gawning need to stay awake, and investigate. He lifted his eyes to the sky, albeit keeping his head on the ground, and tried to concentrate on the object that was closing in on him. It was large, and dark. That was all he could tell. If it was a enemy or not, he couldn't tell. It's stance was neither inviting nor threatning. It closed it slowly and he could make out a slight conversation that it was having with it's companion, but only bits and pieces of what they said.

"...large...hard to contain..."

"Yes, but....money....lots of it...."

"...two of them....not yet...smaller....more built..."

Attemping to listen to the cheap talk was difficult and he was so very tired. He tried to yawn, but felt to light-headed to move. The dark figure moved closer, obviously thinking he was asleep. He felt asleep. He tried to shoot it a glare, but his eyelids shut tight. He felt a slight touch on his shoulder, but he couldn't tell if it was the figure or the breeze.


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