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Open Window to Reality

Chapter 5: Green Like Grass

Characters: Raph, Don

Genre: Family, H/C, Drama

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

In retro-respect, he's not sure how they've actually lasted this long in the first place. It's not even his friggin' place to be wondering about how they're still alive, still kickin' and where the next meal is coming from cause isn't that Leo the worry wart's fault? His usual façade is just to sit back and let time and place rule his actions, living in the moment, acting on impulse and going with the wind. In fact, he's pretty sure there's a song somewhere that says something eerily close to that, or Don or Leo or somebody told him something close to that in the past, cause there's no way he's that philosophical in thinking about himself. He just acts. It's easier that way, take the situation at hand and act in a way to make it better. It's simpler that way, and didn't somebody say once that the present was what mattered and only actions counted? Of course, he's pretty sure Don told him at one point or another that somebody also said to look before you jump or some bullcrap like that, but that doesn't really matter right now. Nothing really matters right now, except for the lifeless pile in his lap that is his younger brother and the obvious threat that smirking in the doorway encased all that friggin' light.

The man, (and it's the just freaking annoying that he doesn't even know who the heck this guy is or what he wants,) just stares at him, almost through him in a really creepy kinda way, and it's something of a predatory grin. It's like a cat with a caged mouse, a hunter with a broken deer. And Raph feels bloody trapped and that just doesn't sit well with him at all. He might actually relish this opportunity in another situation, where he can put himself up against the odds and just wreak havoc without Leo barking in his ear, but…


For the first time in a long time, he couldn't be reckless or arrogant or selfish in action, and all the reminder that he needed of that was the crusting blood on his hands were he had them stuffed on Don's shoulder injury, the nastier looking of the two, just trying to staunch the flow of blood. And what was more worrying than the fact that he was pressing, pressing hard on what was obviously a tender and inflamed and painful wound, was that his younger brother didn't so much as make a sound or move a muscle in response.

Talk about terrifying.

"Enjoying your stay so far?" the (still-unknown) figure threw across the distance between them. His voice was smug, astute, and oddly high pitched. From the build and voice, there was no way he was even above twenty-five, twenty-seven at the most, Raph guessed. Weird.

There wasn't much to say to this punk, 'cept for maybe get me the heck out of here,so he stayed as motionless as possible, bringing his other arm to wrap around Don's back, shielding his younger brother with his arms as much as possible. Don't you dare look at him.

The young man just chuckled. "Not doing too good is he?" and that nearly brought a growl from the red-banded turtle's throat. "Can't say that I'm all that sorry about that, you know. I'm not usually," he gestured idly to his suit, his suit? and dress shoes. What tha- "I'm not usually in this kind of, well…business. But, you know," he took the pause to pointedly brush a nonexistent hair from the shoulder of his jacket. "Desperate measures and all."

And just what gives you the friggin' right, you scumbag-

"Oh, it wasn't all that hard you know," he continued on, looking over his shoulder and then back again., fixing his eyes of indistinct color on Raph and lowering it to Don. He chuckled again when Raph narrowed his eyes in return, curling his younger brother even more into his hold.

"Not going say anything at all reptile?" Nah, I'd prefer to let you keep monologuing like a stuck-up frat-tard and hang yer own neck. "I don't like to work…under people you know. I prefer to do my own work. But the market is fresh to us college graduates, and well, the political battle is one to be won in the market. How could I not jump at the opportunity to work with someone with such close ties to the President himself?" God, you don't mean-

"Agent Bishop himself." Way to give away your boss's name. Idiot. Usually you gotta torture people for information like that. "He brought us on as insurance you know." No, I didn't know ya moron. Why don't cha just keep tellin' me- "It was never really his plan to hire a security team headed by a fresh grad. A greenie, if you will. But, I guess you could say," he lifted those creepy eyes that would give even his new boss a run for their money and grinned. "He must just have an eye for talent."

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