Author's Note: It has been a hell of a ride.

What started as a whim has turned into an awesome new adventure for me. Seeing my work on screen and reading the opinions of others has been just incredible.

I'm a young woman and I'm finishing my first series of stories. I feel like a real author.

Well, sort of.

Anyway, here's the epilogue and we're going into the future with the kids in high school and our NCIS heroes as parents.

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I end this author's note with a profound saying that I came up with in a Barnes and Noble.

"Curiosity kicked the cat in the nuts."

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"Who are they?"

"Oh, those are the NCIS kids. They're nice and good students, just a bit weird. Go on over and introduce yourself. If you're going to make it with the sophomores and freshmen, you have to get them on your side. We've lost many a student teacher due to their lack of..."

"Finesse in navigating the waters?"

"Yeah. The underclassmen are angry and apathetic. They aren't and that gives them a lot of influence. If they like you, then the majority will follow suit. Go on over. I'll be back in a few moments to finish the tour."

24 year old Gregory Jacobs sighed and then approached the group of teenagers.

They all stood out like sore thumbs for 3 reasons. They had their books open, they were modestly dressed, and they were sitting in a circle on the far end of the commons.

They looked to represent every high school cliché in the book.

A Bohemian, an All American, a Goth, a Bookworm, and an Artist made up the group.

"Um...hi." he greeted, sitting on the nearby bench.

All of them turned around and looked at him curiously.

He wore a pair of black slacks, a red and blue argyle sweater with forest green sneakers.

With his orange and black backpack, he looked more like a new student than a teacher.

"Shalom. Who are you?" the sophomore bohemian asked with a light Israeli accent.

She had long dark gold hair, large kind sepia eyes, and she had on a simple navy blue peasant's skirt with a snow white tunic. Her feet were in black sandals, showing buffed nails.

"I'm Mr. Jacobs. The new Geography teacher."

"Ah, fresh meat. I'm Ava David-DiNozzo. I'm also known as the Warrior Queen. The soccer player next to me is my brother Jethro. We call him J.T."

"Hey, dude. Welcome to hell... I mean D.C. high."

Greg chuckled and shook his outstretched hand.

He had on a purple tee shirt, black sweats with a red #1 on the pocket, and brown running shoes with sky blue accents. Like his sister, he had dark gold hair but it was short, only reaching his ears. His eyes were made bigger by glasses.

His accent was thicker and had a hint of Italian in it.

"The prince of all things dark and technical next to me is Benjamin Scuito-McGee. We call him S&M."

The freshmen boy briefly stopped typing on his laptop and gave him a brilliant smile before going back to his task.

He had on an AC/DC shirt, black pants with enough silver chains on them to be considered lethal weapons, and blood red sneakers with silver skulls on the laces.

He had long jet black hair but he had soft clover green eyes, softening his Gothic disciple of Satan image.

"Don't let the silence deceive you. He's a chatterbox when he's not tinkering with that computer. I'm Leona Lee-Palmer. Call me Leo."

She had honey colored hair and black almond shaped eyes.
An Asian accent was apparent even in her soft spoken tones.

A pair of light blue scrub pants and a dark blue shirt with NCIS on the front was her attire. Her feet were bare but her sandals were nearby. An open book was on her lap, describing the process of autopsying a body.

"Last but not least, the redhead right near you is Katherine Shepherd-Gibbs. She just got here because she was too smart for Junior High.", J.T. finished facetiously.

The group laughed as the girl slapped him upside the head and Greg bit back a guffaw.

These kids seemed to be pretty cool, more like college students than high schoolers.

Katherine already looked like the starving artist from his dorm.

A pair of blue jeans with sharpie art all over them and a black tee shirt splattered slightly with paint made up her outfit. A large black sketchbook was on her lap and there was an open box full of art supplies next to her. Her hands were stained with marker, pencil, and ink.

She was drawing what seemed to be a blueprint for a boat and she had big grey eyes.

"It's not my fault the curriculum sucks. Besides, I feel slightly better about being the youngest now that I'm here. You guys have my six. I'm not going it alone, anymore. Nice to meet you, sir."

"Do you have a nickname, too?"

"Kit-Kat, but you have to earn the privilege of calling me that. Is Ms. Kirk giving you the tour?"

"Yeah. I got to find my classroom."

"We'll help. You're our next hour, anyway."


"Did you two finish your project for English?"

"Just about, Ima. We just need to make the food we're bringing in."

"Jeez, you guys. How much stuff are you doing?" Tony asked incredulously.

She was intrigued too. They had been working on their project for the last month.

To Ziva's amusement, Ava pulled out a thick leather bound planner, just like her own.

She flipped through pages quickly and showed the list to Tony and herself.

Her handwriting was a cross between calligraphy and all caps.

"We split it up into two parts, since we're of two cultures. Each of us has done a ten page report on the histories, major milestones and all that good stuff. We've done posters and crafts and we've downloaded and arranged music. We're going to do a violin duet for the class."

"You want us to come watch?" he asked.

"If you can.", J.T. said hopefully.

Tony looked at her and Ziva nodded. Their kids came first before work. If they were involved with something, they would be there. Both of them had experienced the pain of not having a parent around for important moments and they had agreed never to do that to their babies.

"We'll be there."

Ava smiled and hugged them both.

"Sweet. Ava, let's do this. I got practice in the morning." J.T. insisted while standing.

"You guys suck no matter what you do."

Ziva had to agree. The soccer team was deplorable but J.T. did well individually.

"Yeah, don't remind me. Come on."

The twins gathered their dishes and withdrew into the kitchen, together like always.

Even after almost 16 years, the twins were still very close. Sure, they argued. Hell, they could turn the house into a war zone if they wanted to. When it came down to it, though, they were two halves of a whole unit. Every time one fell, the other helped them up.

They were partners.

Just like me and their Aba.

Tony scooted back and gestured for her to approach him.

She climbed onto his lap and rested her head on his chest, smiling at the feel of him.

He was still lean and strong, even in his late forties. Their marriage had thrived, with the occasional argument. They never did get around to having more children and eventually, Tony had gone in for a vasectomy. Not wanting him to suffer by himself, she had gotten her tubes tied.

They still worked together, occasionally. Ziva had transferred to the training camps. She specialized in knife work and martial arts. Tony led his own team but spent most of his time in a translator program for new Israeli or Spanish recruits.

Tilting her head up, he kissed her gently, sending waves of gentle heat through her.

The desire between them was just as strong as it had been all those years ago.

She couldn't ever get enough of him.

His interest was pressed prominently into her still flat stomach and she pulled away, listening to the twins bicker in the kitchen.

"Are you kidding me?! Iron Man would hand Bat Man's balls to him in a fight!"

"Yeah, right! Women don't know anything about the complexity of superheroes!"

"Oh, you are so full of it, Jethro..."

"Well, we won't be hearing from them for a couple of hours." Tony quipped with a raised brow.

Looking to tease, Ziva toyed with his belt buckle, feeling the burn against her hand.

"Mm...So what do you want to do?"

Ziva yelped as he stood up, slinging her over his shoulder and heading for their bedroom.

Giggling, she relaxed and went along with it.

She couldn't deny him anything.

In the kitchen, Ava and J.T. exchanged knowing looks as the door slammed shut.

"Ewww..." they drawled in unison before cracking up.


Tim opened his son's door and was immediately hit with the loud sound of Brain Matter.

Ben was dancing around his room and belting the words.

He couldn't help but laugh. He was so very similar to his mom. Intelligent, hyperactive, and naturally funny. Still, he was a McGee. He was already writing and he had been messing around with computers since he was 5.


He startled and turned off the music, looking at him curiously.

"Is the music too loud, dad?"

"No, your mom wants you to turn it up."

"Ok. I finished my automatic shutdown program. You're welcome to take a look."

He turned the music back on louder and retreated downstairs to get a snack.

Sitting at his son's desk, Tim clicked the icon for the program demo.

Immediately, the screen faded to black.

A fleeing robber in a black and white striped shirt, black jeans, and boots came from the left, a large sack on his back.

Suddenly, a blue clad Ben came from the front, and stabbed a sword deep into his gut.

After that, the screen went red and white letters spelled out, "Death to Hackers."

The demo ended and he was looking at the Avenged Sevenfold wallpapered desktop.

Nice. He's got an active imagination. It's a bit morbid but that's probably genetic...

Tim stood and walked out, nearly running into his Abby.

She had toned down the Goth image a lot but her tattoos remained visible.

The makeup was gone and the piercings, too.

Instead of pigtails, her hair was loose and actually curly, pleasantly surprising him.

Occasionally, she broke out a pair of platforms or a collar but mostly, she was trying to dress normally.

It had started after Ben was born.

"I got to normalize myself. I'm a mom, now."

He didn't mind it at all. Just as long as she was the crazy Abby he fell for on the inside, the outside didn't matter. She hugged him and kissed him.

"Hey, Elf Lord. Did Ben finish his program?"

"Yep. It's pretty good. How was your day?"

While Tim had gone to computer crimes, Abby remained in her lab.

He got to work with her sometimes but mostly, they were in two different buildings.

Still, he brought her a Caf Pow! every morning and made sure to invest interest in her so she wouldn't feel neglected.

"Long. There was a decomp in near the reflecting pool so I had to wait forever to get my evidence and then two of Tony's agents decided to get into a fight right in front of me. They were punching and everything so I had to break out the taser."

"That sucks."

"Yeah, and then one of them actually liked it!"

He shook his head. Tony's team was good but they were batshit insane.

After all, they could disturb the Queen of the Darkness.

Instead of dwelling on that, Tim leaned forward and kissed her.


He watched his daughter take notes while watching Ducky work, making sure to remain out of sight.

She was determined to be a coroner and wasn't going to let anyone stop her. Leona was driven and passionate about it. Michelle had picked up on it when she was about 6 and soon had gotten her books on human anatomy. She had inherited Jimmy's photographic memory so she absorbed it all like a sponge.

She was the mini Autopsy Gremlin and he was proud of her.

"She's going to be one of the greats."

"Like her mother."

Michelle smiled and hugged him from behind. They were polar opposites but they found a way to make it work. It was all about the balance.

Leona and Ducky were peering into the body, studying it carefully.

After a while, he turned to her.

"So what do you think this poor boy died from, Leona?"

"Liver cancer. The damage is extensive and there are signs of transplant."

"Very good. You know, I could use a hand around here..."

"I have to go to med school first, Uncle Ducky."

Jimmy would support her and guide her. It was Michelle's grace and interest that had changed his life and he was going to do right by their baby.

If she wanted to be coroner, then she'd be one if it was the last thing he did.

He'd do anything just to see her smile.


She was painting a mural in the basement, only the sounds of the brush and a baseball game for company. She was dressed in black sweats and a white tank top with her flame red locks pinned out of the way.

This project was the most important to her.

It wasn't just a mural. It was a mural of her whole family.

"It looks great, Kat."

She smiled at her father and said, "Thanks. I feel like I could sleep for the rest of my life after this. I thought it would easy."

She saw her family every day, interacted with all of them constantly. Katherine had figured that put them all into art would be simple. Not at all. She had been detailed to an almost obsessive degree. She had actually dreamt about painting it.

There was no room for error.

Any discrepancy to her would be like disrespect.

"You care about how your work looks and since it's your family..."

"...I really got into it. But, it's been worth it. Done!"

Her mom came down and gasped.

"It's like looking at a photo. It's beautiful, Kat."

She smiled as she watched her parents stand together. Their aura just screamed of love and devotion. They were like a realistic, fairytale romance. Everyone's life was like that in their little group. There were some rough patches but still, the last line of any of the stories applied.

"And they all lived happily ever after..."