A/N: Hello! Finally revealing my name XD But anyway, Chicken wing and me are writing differant versions of the same thing, soz yeah. We go on a road trip to Forks, find the Twi charactors, yada yada. So readdd!!!!!


We sat around the desk, heads bent together.

"What's the answer??" Breanna, one of my best friends demanded of me.

"Yeah, you know the most about this stuff!" My other best friend agreed. I sighed, thinking.

"Twenty seconds. Do you have an answer? Just a reveiw, the question is 'The collision that caused the Halifax Explosion on December 6, 1917 involved two ships. One was the Mont Blanc. Can you name the other ship involved in this collision? " The host of the game show asked. I took a deep breath and blurted my best guess into the microphone.

"Imo?" I closed my eyes. To my suprise, the bell signafying a correct answer sounded.

"You, my dears, have just one the sum of one million dollars! Congradulations!" I was in shock. Bre and Bethany were jumping up and down in joy, and I found myself doing the same.

"Oh my gosh, Sarah, you did it!" Bethany squealed, glasses almost falling off. She had shoulder length blonde hair, and could look quite pretty if she tried. It was the same with Bre, with her mushroom cut styled hair, though she was trying to grow it out. Her blue eyes made everything come together. I wished I could say the same for myself. I had shoulder length brown curly hair, and blue eyes, too many freckles to count. It took a lot to make me look nice. But the upside to my lack of looks was that I was a brainiac, which was how I solved that last question. We were on a game show called 'Do you know the facts?'.

"Sarah! Hello?" Breanna's voice pulled me back to earth.

"Um, yeah. Kay, where's our cheak?" I asked. Almost as if on que, the host walked up.

"Here you go girls. Keep it in a safe place." He winked, then skipped was...disturbing.

"So, what're we gonna do with it?" Bethany questioned, a light in her eyes. I glanced down at my mom waiting for us in the stands, holding my Twilight book for safe keeping...

"Let's go to Forks."