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After their initial romp on the training room floor, Sakura and Kakashi fell into a bit of a routine. They would still meet up to spar as usual, but instead of trading insults at the end of each evening, they would trade something of a bit more personal nature. Sometimes, he would take her roughly against the wall. Other times, she would show him just how far her knowledge of human anatomy extended.

Once, on one of Sakura's days off, they had chosen to practice outside and had nearly been caught by a lost team of genin. Kakashi had 'poofed' them away using his transportation jutsu just in the nick of time. Luckily for him, he'd remembered to bring her along because being ogled by a group of twelve-year-olds was not something Sakura would have been overly pleased with. In fact, had he left her behind, she would have made it her personal mission to make sure the bastard never got laid again.

Ostensibly because of that incident they'd moved their relations to whoever's apartment was the closest at the time – usually his. This was totally fine with Sakura since his apartment was actually bigger than her tiny flat. It gave them more room to maneuver.

The first time she woke up at his place was a bit of a shock. She'd had to rush to her apartment to shower and change for her shift at the hospital. After that, she began keeping a set of work clothes and bathroom necessities on a shelf of his wardrobe she'd forced him to clear off for her.

They never put a name on what they were doing, never talked about their 'feelings' or what they each expected from the relationship. And a relationship is what it had quickly become, Sakura realized one morning as she stepped out of Kakashi's shower and began picking through the numerous pieces of clothing she'd begun housing in his closet. She glanced over at her lover, still splayed across the bed, sound asleep. A look of genuine affection stole across her face as she watched him twist and turn in his sleep, looking to soak up any remaining warmth she had left between his sheets. And then she froze. What the hell was she doing?

She'd never been in a real 'relationship' before. Sure, she'd had her fair share of flings and dalliances and one-nighters, but nothing that had ever had any strings attached, let alone ever required two names on a lease or stress-filled holidays trying to impress or placate various sets of progenitors. Though, she didn't really anticipate having any problems placating Kakashi's parents, what with them only needing a bit of incense and good thoughts to remain content in the spirit world.

But, if she didn't even know what she really wanted, how was she ever supposed to know what Kakashi wanted from all this? She supposed she could just ask him, but when had he ever been one to give a straight answer to anything? Ino would say this required a plan. Sakura supposed that it did, but she'd be damned if she could think of one. So, she decided to do what she always did in times of confusion and stress. As she made her way toward coffee and donuts and the Hokage Tower, she could not seem to get the image of the peaceful half-smile Kakashi had worn that morning as he slept out of her mind.


A couple weeks later, Sakura waltzed into Kakashi's bedroom, her long hair pulled up into two high pigtails and her hitai-ate covering her missing-eye. Other than one of Kakashi's masks, she was completely nude.

"Who am I?" she queried brightly.

"Hmm, let me guess," her lazy lover replied, rolling over on the bed to face her, "Sexy no Jutsu – Kakashi Style?"

"No, silly," she chirped. "I'm Mirror Image Sexy no Jutsu – Kakashi Style. See? Eye's on the wrong side."

"Ah. I stand corrected. Come back to bed." He opened his arms toward her, and she happily leapt into them. She landed on him heavily, grinning in delight at his disgruntled 'oof' as the air was forced from his lungs.

She didn't give him time to regain his breath, instead yanking down his borrowed mask and stealing what was left of it in a playfully heated kiss. She teased his mouth with her lips, enjoying the wet sound as she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and then released it. Her tongue then somehow found its way into his mouth. She licked his tongue, giggled, and then kissed the tip of his nose for good measure.

He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her tight against him so that she could do no more mischief.

Rubbing her face against his chest like a wicked cat, she looked up at him and said, "I have something to tell you."

He raised an eyebrow at her, "You're pregnant?"

"Yes, that's exactly it! However did you know?" she exclaimed with overly-fake enthusiasm. "And… it's Genma's. I just wanted you to know now, so that you weren't surprised when the kid popped out with brown hair," she finished reassuringly.

"Ah. Thanks for that."

"Anything for my favorite blanket," she beamed.

"Anything?" he queried, a decidedly dirty look in his one good eye.

"Yes, anything. But only after I've told you my news."

"I'm listening," he said when he clearly was not, his attention now somewhere around the nape of her neck and descending lower by the second.

"I'm leaving tomorrow." Her voice had lost the teasing, playful quality it had held only moments before.

"Mm?" He looked up at her dazedly from the vicinity of her breasts.

"On a mission. For about three weeks."

"A mission?" he questioned confusedly. "But your training… We've still been training together all this time. I thought you had to pass some test to be put back on the mission list… I don't understand."

"I passed the Hokage's test two weeks ago. With flying colors. Thanks to you," she stated softly.

"And you didn't feel the need to tell me this because…?" He didn't sound angry, but she wasn't sure if that was a good thing.

"I'm a ninja. I'm opportunistic," she shrugged. She would let him interpret that any way he wanted. She was not about to tell him that she was terrified that if she had told him before about passing her test that he'd have called a quits to not only her training but their lovemaking as well.

He was oddly silent, but she pressed on.

"But I… I was wondering, when I get back… do you think we might be a bit more… exclusive?" She sounded as stilted as Hinata on a bad day.

Still, he said nothing.

"I mean, I'm not married to the idea, but it might be nice to know where we stand." Why? Why in hell had she said married? She was as much of an idiot as she always claimed that he was.

After another few moments of awkward silence, he finally said, "We'll talk about it when you get back."

"Okay," she said in a small voice. Things were definitely not going according to plan.

Kakashi reached down to pull the covers over them both and then shut off the bedside light like always, like nothing at all had happened. Like she hadn't just said she was leaving in the morning for almost a month and hadn't just nearly spilled her guts about how she felt about him.

"Kakashi, I-," love you. A lot. A whole lot. Please, don't be mad at me. But she just couldn't bring herself to say it. What if he didn't feel the same? So instead, she finished lamely with a, "Good night."

"Good night, Sakura." And with that, he pulled her close once more and promptly fell asleep. But for Sakura, sleep was a long, long time coming.


Three and a half weeks later, Sakura and her team sauntered back into the Village smiling and laughing and joking merrily. It had been a good mission.

Some missing-nin with delusions of grandeur had taken up residence in a little town on the outskirts of Fire. He had managed to recruit some lackeys and hoodlums and a few other low-ranked missing-nin before the town council had decided he was too much of a potential nuisance and had hired Konoha to deal with the problem.

It hadn't really been much of a problem at all, at least not for Sakura and her team. She let her boys take out the rabble while she went for their leader. He had begun spouting the standard 'evil villain' speech while he watched his comrades die around him. Apparently being faced down by a one-eyed, pink-haired little girl wasn't something he felt he had to be overly concerned with. He should have just run while he had the chance.

The moron had worn a cape – a heavily embroidered red velvet cape. She could just imagine what Kakashi would have said about that. It was the first thing she had picked off his dead body. The second was the obviously fine katana the dead man did not know how to use properly. All it had taken was for Sakura to get close enough to the billowing cape as it whipped out behind him, give it a sharp tug toward her, and plant her ninjato straight through his heart. The ninjato might not have the range of a katana, but range really didn't matter when you were three inches away from your target.

What had really put her and her boys into such a good mood was not the ease of the mission it was that it had been so lucrative. Apparently Cape-Man had been stockpiling weapons and armor and other resources of a more easily liquidated variety. The ninja had gotten first pick of whatever they wanted – spoils of war and all that – and the rest had gone into the town's treasury. It might have been a slightly longer trip home, what with their weighed down packs, but it hadn't seemed to bother any of them.

And then, they had all had the joy of picking on Sakura's new fashion accessory to make the time fly by faster.

After completing the mission and collecting their reward, they had done what all good little ninja do when they have full pockets and can still breathe unaided. They went out drinking.

Sakura was showing off her new cape while walking in between bars – they were duty-bound to try out all of them for recon purposes only, of course – twirling and whirling so much that in her drunken state, she wobbled right into a signpost. Lucky for the signpost, it was for an ophthalmologist's office, and they were still open. Egged on by her teammates, Sakura had very nicely suggested to the proprietor that it would be in his best interest to craft her an eye patch from the cape she still wore tied about her neck. She would be back for it in the morning, she said sweetly, unfastening the cape and leaving it on the nervous man's front desk.

Her boys had not let her forget what she had done, and had all but forced her to wear the horrid thing. She had tipped the eye doctor heavily for her previous impertinence, and sighing mightily, tied the piece of cloth round her head. Truthfully, it didn't look half bad.

And that is how Haruno Sakura returned from her first mission since losing her eye whistling brightly, twirling a beautifully made katana about her wrist, and sporting a red velvet eye patch complete with embroidered black scrollwork. She was planning to give the sword to Kakashi as a sort of peace offering. Men seemed to like getting weapons as gifts. She hoped – prayed – that it would work.

Breaking apart from her boys at the gates, and sending a gallant bow in the direction of Izumo and Kotetsu, Sakura lost her smile and good cheer as she lost herself in thoughts of Kakashi. She knew it was childish to keep 'testing' him. Sure, at first it had seemed like a good idea. She would dress up as a character from Icha Icha, giving him what she hoped was an unsubtle clue as to her intentions. If he hadn't wanted her to jump him, he could have left, or said something – or just left, because if he had said something, she probably would have passed out from embarrassment. But he had stayed, and it had all worked out for the best, she had thought, until she realized that like and love were two completely different things.

Like was a warm, fuzzy feeling that you got in the pit of your stomach when you saw someone you'd like to have carnal relations with. Love… love sucked. Love meant giving Hatake Kakashi an infinite amount of power over her – specifically, the power to crush her into a million little pieces if he didn't feel the same. Sakura had never really known what being lonely felt like until she had been forced to be away from Kakashi for three weeks. A dull ache had built up in her chest at night, alone in her bedroll, unable to touch him, taste him, even to hear his obnoxious voice. She would have given almost anything in those times just to be able to catch a whiff of his aftershave. It was completely ridiculous, giving this much power to a man who was so careless with his things.

That's why she had gone away in the first place, requesting a mission that would take her at least a month to complete. She wanted to give him time to decide how he felt, give herself time to perhaps get over these stupid feelings she was having. They were dangerous. They made her feel weak, robbed her of sleep, and twisted her stomach in knots. But, she hadn't gotten over them, and the idea of Kakashi finding someone new in the time she had been away all but killed her.

If this was love, real love, it bit. Hard.

Trudging up the five flights of stairs to her flat, Sakura was fully prepared for a good, long sulk. She knew she had a couple pints of fudge brownie ice cream in the freezer that were just calling her name.

Dejectedly, she opened her door and froze.

"Where the fuck is all my stuff?!" she shrieked. Her flat was completely empty aside from a few dust bunnies and stray pieces of rubbish. No one in the Village would be stupid enough to steal from a shinobi. Nobody except for one man.

"Hatake Kakashi, you are so dead," she vowed as she took to the rooftops, heading straight for his apartment.

When she reached his place, she jimmied the lock on his bedroom window and stepped inside. It was still early – ten a.m. – and so she found Kakashi fast asleep, curled around a pillow in the center of his bed. Her anger nearly faded to nothing when she saw him, and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. The man was adorable, even if he was the most frustrating creature ever to grace the earth.

And then Sakura noticed it.

Her own wardrobe was snugged tight against his. In fact, as she moved further to investigate, most of her furniture seemed to have found its way into Kakashi's apartment. There was her couch where his had sat – hers was much newer – and her dining table and chairs… Those had been in storage. The bastard had even raided her storage locker? This must be serious.

She wondered if he had taken a page out of her book, Unsubtle Ways to Tell Someone How You Feel Without Really Saying How You Feel. She hoped against hope that he had. Because this was saying to her that he wanted her to stay, to be a part of his life, and maybe even that he could possibly… love her, too. Or, maybe he had just taken his revenge for being used an extra couple of weeks by claiming all of her stuff as his own. One never really knew with Kakashi.

She supposed she was going to have to break down and ask him now. As she stepped into the bedroom, she heard him mumble into his pillow, "Come back to bed, Sakura. It's cold."

She had forgotten to close the window. After rectifying her oversight, she quickly stripped down to nothing – nothing but her eye patch – and slid into the bed next to him.

Her hands running through the tangles of his hair coaxed him to wakefulness. "Sakura?" he asked blearily. "What…?" He blinked at her owlishly, and she caught glimpses of his Sharingan before he realized she was actually in the bed and remembered to shut it.

"What happened to all my stuff, Hatake?" she asked amicably, flinging a leg over his hip.

"Mm," was his only reply as he pillowed his face on what seemed to be his favorite spot in the whole world. Grinning ruefully, she continued to work her fingers through his matted hair.

"Kakashi, my stuff," she gently prodded.

"Brought it here. So you wouldn't leave again," he rumbled sleepily against her chest.

"Hmm. And why did you help me train?" If he was going to be honest and forthright when half-asleep, she would milk it for all it was worth.

"Cause it sucks not having an eye. Thought I told you that before," he groused, still slightly slurring his words.

"And that I asked nicely. Yeah, I remember. Were those the only reasons? If you just helped me for the good of the village or some stupid bullshit, I would rather not know. I kind of like pretending you helped me because you wanted to," she admitted.

"And if you just seduced me in order to smother me in my sleep… Well, I really rather you wouldn't," he said as he rolled on top of her, now quite obviously fully awake.

She shrieked loudly as he assaulted her, his long-fingered hands that she loved so well tickling along her ribs and making her beg for mercy. Once he had let off and she had brought her breathing back under control, she snuggled into his arms, relaxed and happy. But, after a time, she felt a need to break the stillness.

"I'm not Rin."

"I know. You aren't dead."

"No, I mean I don't like dogs."

"Oh. Well, that might be a problem. I have eight of them." He rubbed his stubbly jaw along the side of her cheek, making her squirm and call out in protest. "Wait. Who told you about Rin?

"I'm nosy? And my best friend is Yamanaka Ino?" She raised a skeptical eyebrow, "Don't tell me that's news to you?"

"Ah," was all he said. She hoped he took it as the warning it was.

"Kakashi," there was one last thing she was curious about, "Why did you let me jump you in the practice room that day? I'm pretty sure you weren't fostering any hidden desires for me, no matter how much you stared at my butt."

"I'm a ninja. I'm opportunistic," he echoed her words. "When a beautiful girl dresses up as a character from your favorite porn in an evident attempt to get into your pants… Well…" He leered at her suggestively.

She supposed that answered that. Hatake Kakashi was thoroughly smitten with her.


The end

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