What Teddy Lupin Was

I had never really understood what I was, truthfully. I knew that my father had been a werewolf, so what I was had to be what he'd been, right? My grandmother hadn't told me much. She must have thought I wouldn't be able to handle it.

It wasn't until my third year, near the end of my Defence Against the Dark Arts class, that I realized I had a lycanthropy of a different sort.
Instead of turning at the full moon, I changed at the new moon; and I didn't even change into a full wolf. I grew a bit pointed at the ears, and behind my ears there was a nice, smooth fur. The backs of my hands would grow a coarser fur, as well as the tops of my feet. The fur was whatever colour my hair had been that day. My hands and feet would become kind of webbed up to the first knuckle, making them curl. My nails and teeth would be sharper and stronger. All my senses were sharpened, except my vision, which stayed pretty much the same, only the world suddenly got a bluer hue. The muscles in my thighs would get thicker, while my calves would grow weaker. My shoulders would thicken, my general proportions would lengthen, and I had a rougher voice. I didn't think I was able to spread this though, and especially not to humans. Even in my rarer form, humans were on the very bottom of my "Eat Me" list. I could have a proper conversation with someone, quite rational, though I would have more basic thoughts than usual, more primitive opinions. I had often just stayed in the Gryffindor common room to finish my easier homework, or continue a topic of discussion.

And then, researching what my father had been, I had a sudden, harsh epiphany. I wasn't who I thought I was. I hadn't been living a lie, exactly, just living in a world only I could really comprehend, completely alone.

Over the few hours after my discovery, the world had not ended. Not the next day, or week or month. The negativity faded, and was replaced not with the positive, but with casual acceptance, bearing no emotion. I was a new kind of lycanthrope. And I was proud.