(Naruto POV)

"You know, it's a little funny now that I think about it. What happened there was all an accident. I'm not as surprised that such a thing happened, really. No, not any more. I remember what happened with such clarity. I was five years old when I went walking to Old Man Hokage's office. He was one of the only people in the village who were nice to me and I respected him. There was another person, I called him ero-sennin. He was a real perv.

"Those two only got the opportunity to teach me five techniques. The Kagebunshin no jutsu, which created solid clones that were excellent for fighting and information purposes.

"The Kawarime no jutsu was another. It allowed me to replace myself with any given object at any given time.

"The Henge no jutsu, using this I could make myself look like any one and anything I wanted too.

"The Rasengan, it was one of the Yondaime Hokage's incomplete, yet famous, Futon jutsu.

"Finally, I had the Bunshin Daibakuha. It was to make my Kagebunshin explode… of necessary…

"I had already known about the fur ball, Kyuubi. I sort of… figured it out after I met him. In actuality, the Kyuubi was simply chasing after the scent of some psychopath that slaughtered his kits… something about snakes…? I'll never know.

"As I was saying, I was waling towards the Hokage's office when I was grabbed from behind. I didn't see my attacker. How could I? He had blind folded me.

"I heard his hateful whispers, how he wanted to 'Finish what the Yondaime started' and 'slay the terrible demon', I didn't really care. I had heard it all before, anyway. But, what I failed to realize that day was, this man had successfully put my life in danger. He had made me vulnerable and there was a strong chance that I would die.

"He removed the blindfold and revealed to me a cave. It was dark, only a lantern acted as my light. The man grinned sadistically. When I followed his eyes, I completely understood why. The entire cave was filled with villagers who hated my very state of being. They were each going to have a turn at trying to kill and torture me. The moment I felt that first kunai enter my flesh, I screamed. It was on this day that I learned of true pain, pain unlike any other.

"Kyuubi was constantly healing my injuries. But, even he knew that this wouldn't save me. He pondered even as a massive portion of chakra left him. Then he thought of something that would change my life forever. What he did was the accident, not the beating I received that day…

"The only warning I had was a soft tingle in my eyes, skin, and tongue. I barely felt it over the pain.

"Then the man who started the entire torture session walked up to me… when everyone had their fun… and he strangled me with his bare hands.

"When his bare hands met my bare neck… oh Kami… He twitched a few times before he screamed and collapsed to the floor dead. I looked up and several people looked into my eyes… Before I knew it… They were also dead.

"The tingling sensation spread to my stomach and… I don't really know what happened next. Kyuubi's energy covered me and took me to a safer location. I woke up in those dreaded sewers and walked down the hallway. There I saw him. Kyuubi in all his former glory… The poor Kitsune was panting and on the ground. He would die, I knew that. But, I didn't want it. He was one of my only other real friends.

"Then he spoke…


"Kit… I can't take this anymore. My chakra has left me. But, I was able to give you some gifts before I left this world…" he spoke. Even as a whisper, his voice echoed and thundered around the room.

"W-What?" I asked.

"First: Nobody can ever glare at you. If they ever see your eyes, they will witness all of your pain and suffering then die.

"Second: Nobody can ever hit you. If your bare skin touches a person, the effects will be the same as previously and they will most likely die.

"Third: They can no longer poison you. Your body is immune to all poisons and you can eat literally anything.

"Fourth: All you need is a single day, and you will heal. Though your body will age…

"Fifth: They can no longer hurt you, for you no have a fresh start…"

"What do you mean 'Fresh start'?" I had asked.

But it was too late. Kyuubi had died.

(End Flashback)

"It was true. They couldn't glare at me. But, I could never look at them either. I had to travel blind or my chakra would not only start to leave me at a breakneck pace, but, I could involuntarily kill somebody close to me. I always kept a Hitai-ate hidden on me. I had snatched it off Old Man Hokage's desk just a month earlier. Now it would serve the purpose of being a blind fold.

"The second was also true. They couldn't touch their bare skin to mine. If they did, the results would be the same. So, I wore a lot of clothes.

"I couldn't be poisoned and I could eat anything. In exchange…My sense of taste had been dulled extremely. Only the strongest flavors affected me.

"My healing was amazing. I could be slaughtered and killed by a mob one day, then wake up the next day around the same time… fully healed and alive. Only age could kill me.

"Finally, they could no longer hurt me because I was in a new, different world entirely. Kyuubi's home world…

(End Naruto POV)

End Prologue