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Dawning Wisdom: I'm not giving anything out about the man who blinded Toph except for the details I've revealed so far. You'll find out eventually, just not now. As for Kyuubi, he's a demon. Naturally, he was sent to hell for all eternity. I'm not cold-hearted… just realistic… yeah…

Elemental Dragon Swordman: Use the hints I've given so far and try to guess. Like I've already said, what I've given you so far is all I will give you until later.

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Chapter 9:


"So, Naruto… we know everything about Toph… But…" started Sokka.

"What is there to know about me? Nex already spoiled most of my bigger secrets." said Naruto.

"Ok, we know about the demon being sealed in you and all… So how did it become impossible for you to touch other people?"

"Nex gave you a rough idea of the story. See, I was five years old when a mob formed to 'Kill the Demon'. They came after me and tortured me for hours on end. Kyuubi got the idea to prevent them from being able to touch me anymore and messed with my eyes. I accidentally killed a few of them and Kyuubi sent me here with his statues acting as a conductor and anchor for his power."

Sokka nodded in sympathy and seemed to understand. He was much more…


…He was much more of a Baka (Idiot) than Naruto could ever have predicted.

"All right, thousands of years ago there was a group of Air Benders who didn't like their current way of life. They left and went to Kyuubi and tricked him to gain power. Kyuubi changed the very elements that they bent and warped them into three separate categories: the Shadow Benders, the Time Benders, and the Gravity Benders.

"When he found out that they were trying to take over the world with their powers, he punished them and wiped out all the Gravity and Time Benders, sealing their abilities into a pair of spirits. The Shadow Benders were cursed so that their ability to bend shadows would be excessively rare in their family lineage.

"After a while, the other four nations thanked Kyuubi for his assistance and honored him by creating shrines in his honor. Kyuubi assisted with the design of these shrines and they were turned into teleportation devices. They would go straight through the Spirit World and into the Shinobi Countries. Kyuubi had shrines created to remind the Shinobi of his horrifying strength.

"Nex found out about the shrines and banded together with a group of surviving Shadow Benders to find them all. When he saw my Hitai-ate," Naruto gestured to his plated blind fold, "He recognized the symbol of one of the Shinobi Villages. We fought, I killed him. Or so I thought. Apparently, this spirit named Koh wanted Nex's abilities under his control and somehow fused the other two spirits with him.

"But, I digress. You wanted the simple answer, right? Well, long story short, I was in danger and Kyuubi found a way to protect me. He used the shrines here and his ungodly amount of power to rocket me through the spirit world and into this world."

Now Sokka understood.

"So wait, that means that you aren't even from this world? Right?" asked Aang.

"Hai," Naruto said with a nod, "Also, because of my deep connections with Kyuubi, I also am extremely in tune with the Spirit World. If I'm near somewhere excessively spiritual, there was a possibility that I'd be dragged into the Spirit World forever. Luckily, I had a good pair of friends who helped me with that problem."

"You never told me that you had friends before you knew Me." said Toph with a slight scowl.

"You never asked."

"Well, now I am asking. Who were they?"

"I knew only two other people and I referred to them as family. There was Isaribi, a Water Bender unlike any other. And there was Deidara, an equally different Earth Bender."

"Tell us about the Water Bender." said Sokka and Katara at the same time.

"Tell us about the Earth Bender." said Toph and Aang in equal unison.

"Well, I'm impartial and neutral in this whole thing. But, since it's two on two, we need a deciding vote. So…" started Naruto only to be caught off when Momo, the Lemur, flew around and landed on Aang's shoulder.

"Well, there's our vote!" said Naruto.

Sokka and Katara looked outraged.

"He's a Lemur!" Sokka shouted.

"Gomen na sai (I apologize), but, he has just as much right to vote as you two do. We'll be talking about Deidara today." said Naruto.

Sokka and Katara groaned while Toph and Aang cheered.

"Alright, now… where to start… Well, Deidara was nine when I first met him. He had upsides and downsides. I suppose that one of his upsides was his unique form of Earth Bending that earned him the nickname: 'The Artist'…"


"So now what, Dei-chan?" asked Isaribi mockingly.

"I'm going to fly over and take a bird's eye view." he shrugged.

"And how do you plan on doing that?"

Deidara smirked and took some clay before allowing his hands to devour it.

His hands spat out a pair of white, clay statues of birds that began to fly around.

"As cool as that is, I think you'll need a lot more birds to pick you up from the ground." said Isaribi with her hands on her hips.

Naruto just sighed and continued skipping stones like he had been throughout the whole conversation when he realized something… There was no splash.

He tilted his head in confusion and realized that Deidara was Earth Bending some rocks onto one of his birds.

Eventually, one of the birds was about the same size as a pair of horses, the other remained the same size.

"The small one will act as a tiny scout while I'll fly on the big one!" said Deidara.

Isaribi gaped.

(End Flashback)

"…The statues he could make were amazing. He could fly with Earth Bending. Hell… he could make his statues explode. It was like there was no limit to them. Insects, birds, sometimes fish… He used his artistic talents to such a degree, that there isn't a person alive who could copy him. But sometimes, I worried about him…"


"Naruto, I need to speak with you." said Deidara.

"Nani (What)?" asked Naruto.

"I have a great plan-"

"How much collateral damage?"


"Collateral damage… from you setting fires and blowing stuff up."

"Ano (Um)… Err…"

"You were planning on blowing up the entire village, weren't you?"

"They would be more than honored to become part of my art."

"…Sick fucking pyro."

(End Flashback)

"…The things he'd say were kind of weird. He enjoyed explosions and stuff. He just couldn't last a month without blowing something up. It was unsettling when I had to smack him in the back of the head to get him to stop worshipping a small group of Fire Benders because they had just burned down a forest in less than ten minutes…"


"Deidara! Stop worshipping the enemy!"

(End Flashback)

"…He was loyal. He'd never betray us, no matter what. He was also defensive. If anyone insulted his explosions then he'd blow a gasket and send them to the stars on an unstable bunch of fireworks. He was also defensive of his looks. He appeared very feminine and because of his long hair, people would constantly mistake him for a girl…"


"Miss, your so called art just destroyed my precious cabbages! What do you have to say for yourself?!"

Deidara turned and looked at him with his uncovered eye twitching.

"First of all, I'm a guy. Secondly," Deidara looked at the smoldering crater that was once a cabbage stand, "That stand looks much better now. It's a work of art! And third… you're about to join that F-ing stand!"

Deidara screamed out a list of incoherent Japanese cures words while Isaribi held him back.

Naruto stood nest to the shop keeper.

"What's your blond friend saying?" he asked.

Naruto meanwhile blushed at a particular comment.

"You don't want to know…"

(End Flashback)

"…More than once, Isaribi and I had to intervene to prevent Deidara from doing something drastic. It got pretty funny sometimes." said Naruto with a slight chuckle.

Toph looked shocked and almost gasped, not that anybody turned and saw or heard. Never in her life had she heard Naruto laugh without a care in the world like that.

The occasional snicker, sometimes a laugh… But, never before had his laughs held sincere mirth and not the underlining tone of forcing it.

It was in that moment that Toph realized that Naruto truly did care about these two people.

'…What could have happened to them?' she idly thought.

"How are you able to stay in this world without being dragged into the Spirit World?" asked Aang.

"Well, that's a simple question with a complex answer. See, there are dozens of different shinobi arts. However, one of the few that work here is Fuuinjutsu, Sealing Techniques." responded Naruto.


"Hai. Sealing is an excessively rare and dangerous shinobi art in capable hands. Deidara, while he considered his clay the greatest art ever, was not ignorant about other people's art. Fuuinjutsu is an amazing art and is one of the arts that he practiced with constantly. See, about twenty or thirty years ago there was a war in the Shinobi Countries. Our leader was able to decimate all of the enemy's forces in less than a second with a single Fuuinjutsu. Deidara, rather than feeling vengeful like his elders told him to be, actually was inspired. He saw pictures of the gore and thought that the mountains were the canvas, the soldier's blood was the paint, and the painter stood in the center with a three-pointed kunai. He knew it was art when that man died because it would never happen again."

"That's a cool story and all, but… what's that got to do with you?"

"I have two seals on my body. One contains the power of the Kyuubi for emergencies only and is located on my abdomen area. The other seal is located along my spine and prevents the Spirit World from dragging me in. Nex just didn't know about the seal on my back, I think, so I'd be safe if he even captured me. However, if my back was injured, then I'd be at his mercy and it wouldn't be much trouble for him to drag me into the Spirit World." explained Naruto, "Anything else you want to know about Deidara?"

"What did he look like?" asked Katara.

"He had long, blonde hair that covered up one of his eyes. His skin was a sort of pail-tan. His eyes were blue… I think."

"What do you mean 'I think'?" asked Sokka.

"Colorblind. I'm just going by what other people have said when it comes to appearance."


Naruto just sighed.

"Well, I'm going to take a nap, wake me up when we land." said Naruto before lying down.

A few minutes passed and the four other passengers looked between each other.

"Do you think he's really asleep?" asked Sokka.

"I don't know. I'd normally be able to tell if somebody's napping or not, but, I just can't tell with Naruto for some reason." said Toph.

"Let's find out." suggested Aang as the group seemed to lean in towards him.

"I really don't think that's a good idea…" said Katara only to be ignored by the rest of the group.

They were inches from Naruto's face when suddenly…

He started to snore.

"Yep, he's asleep."


End of chapter 9

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