Author's Note: Well, I've decided to start my own drabble collection because a) it's a fun thing to do and b) I have a lot of ideas for stories that aren't worth turning into two thousand word-plus one-shots, so I'll just write them here! Hope you enjoy some of the wicked and weird ideas swimming around in my head!

Super Sonic Soup for the Soul

Shadow and Rouge - Seduction

"I don't know whether to be flattered or offended," Rouge commented dryly, eying the fidgeting black hedgehog before her.

True to his nature, the ultimate life form huffed and snapped his head to the side like a pouting child. "I didn't have any say in the matter. My orders are to seduce the subject, and I thought you could teach me how."

The luscious white bat grinned, slowly and carefully draping an arm around Shadow's shoulders. She had to hold back a fit of laughter at how the male stiffened up like a board the second their bodies made contact.

"So..." she purred, drawing the word out like a song note. "Why come to me?"

"You're often sent on missions that involve seducing targets of the opposite gender," the ultimate life form recited, as if he had carefully planned out the words hours before.

"Oh Shadow," Rouge smiled, scooting closer to the black hedgehog since they were both sitting on the same couch in her upstairs living quarters of Club Rouge. Her sweet tone fell flat. "Now you're just being a sexist."

Shadow's eyes shot to meet hers and widened a fraction. Was she being serious? A few seconds past and when the bat starting giggling, the ultimate life form knew he had been duped.

Not being able to help himself, a small tinge of rose colored the dark hedgehog's cheeks as he stared at his female companion blankly. "Rouge, this is serious, my mission starts in an hour!"

The snowy white bat giggled for a few more moments before controlling herself, straightening out and facing Shadow. "What…um…how should I – no…what do you want to know?"

"The target is a female hedgehog about your age, a high-ranking officer of a terrorist Private Military Organization, and I need to take her into custody…" he trailed off, taking a sudden interest in the floor. "…I need to know how to seduce her so that I can get her alone."

"Well then," the huntress smiled, scooting closer to the already tomato-red ultimate life form. "The first thing you need is confidence. Confidence is the key to seducing the opposite sex."

"Shadow! Shadow! Confidence means that you have to look at the person you're trying to seduce, not the carpet!"

The anti-hero's head snapped up as he willed himself to look Rouge in the eye. What the hell was wrong with him? He was never shy or nervous, but then again, he never had to seduce anyone either, or learn how to with the closest person to him, who happened to be female.

"Right," he breathed out, nodding his head slightly.

Rouge scooted a little closer, and Shadow had to bite his own lip to stop himself from backing away. She raised her slender index finger. "Now that you've established eye-contact, you need to smile and coo her with words. Words are the key to a woman's heart, Shadow."


"Is something wrong?"

"What the hell am I supposed to say to her?"

"Flatter the girl," Rouge suggested. "Talk about how beautiful her eyes are, or how you love her smile."


The huntress resisted the urge to smack the poor hedgehog. "I suppose we'll need to role-play if you're ever going to get this right."

Shadow thanked the good lord above that it wasn't one of those cliché moments where he was taking a big gulp of water, because he surely would have spit it out at the sound of the bat's suggestion.

"…You've got to be shitting me."

"Come on, don't be such a baby!" the GUN agent laughed, grabbing onto the hedgehog's arm and dragging him closer so that their noses were only a foot apart.

Shadow blinked. "…Now what?"

"Sweet-talk me."


"Sweet-talk me!"

"No matter how many times you repeat it, I'm still going to say 'what?' if you don't tell me what that means."

"Use words to coo me into romantic submission!"

"You're acting like a teenage, hormone-driven girl."

"Just do it!"


"Do it!"

Sighing, Shadow rubbed his temples and focused on the task at hand. Straightening out, he met Rouge's gaze intensely.

"You're glaring at me."

The ultimate life form blinked, his stare relaxing.

"That's better."

"Rouge…" he purred in the sexiest and seductive voice he could muster. The bat's eyes widened slightly. Where did that come from? It actually sounded…attractive.

"You're eyes are like an endless ocean…" he suddenly grasped her hand tightly. Rouge's cheeks reddened slightly. "An ocean in which I wish to be lost forever." His other hand moved, this time to softly caress the side of her face. "It would be my honor if you would join me for dinner this evening."

Then, as sudden as it had started, the session between the two ended. Rouge was actually left breathless, her cheeks bright red from embarrassment. Shadow, taking in the bat's form, raised a brow.

"Is something wrong?"

"No…" Rouge choked out, trying desperately to regain her dignity. "Nothing…that was just really good."

Apparently satisfied with himself, Shadow stood from the couch and headed towards the door. Opening it with a creak, Rouge called after him one more time.


He stopped in acknowledgement.

"Where did you learn to act like that?"

There was a brief flutter of silence, and then Shadow turned to her, a dark half-smile arched onto his lips.

"Who said I was acting?"