Author's Note: Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's your present, a oneshot with a hint of MephAmy!

Amy and Mephiles – Chance Encounter

Amy Rose blinked, her cyan-green eyes glazed over with disbelief as she quietly stared at the shadowy figure standing not ten feet from her. Not one day of her life could go normal, could it? Something weird and freaky always had to happen.

In fact, weird and freaky were two words she would use to describe the person in front of her. She had briefly seen him in their adventures in Soleanna, but they had never talked let alone looked at each other. She was busy helping the others save the world and he was busy…well, just being a weirdo.

"I was wondering when I was going to run into a member of your little group," the phantom before her said softly, his voice toneless. "Too bad it had to be you."

Something akin to shocked look crossed the girl's face. That was just disrespectful. She had been out taking a solo hike in the woods – you know, get to know nature and all that – and had just happened to run into the black and white version of Shadow. Was she really that useless, uninteresting?

"It's not like I wanted to see your mouth-less face again!" Amy huffed, completely disregarding the fact that she was, in fact, speaking to Mephiles, the demon of time.

The mind of Solaris raised a brow, almost as if he was slightly intrigued. "You're feistier than I remember." His eyes scanned her body, making her grasp onto the hem of her dress, unwillingly blushing slightly. "And I can see you've grown. How old are you now?"

"Why should I tell a creep like you?"

"Because the longer this conversation continues, the longer I can think about what I'm going to do with you. You're bettering your chances if you keep rousing my interest."

"I'm sixteen now."

"Ah, and that would make Sonic eighteen, correct?"

Amy blinked. "Well…yeah. So what?"

"You're legally a minor and he's an adult. He could get arrested for being with you."

The rose hedgehog's eyes lowered slightly, that strange, fiery sparkle in her eyes dying. "Don't worry about that, we're not together."

"Funny," Mephiles replied. "Back in Soleanna, he seemed rather fond of you."

"He seemed to like that Elise girl more," Amy bit out, her voice bitter.

"The princess?" the black and grey hedgehog asked tonelessly. "That would never work. She's human and he's a hedgehog."

"Yeah, but…"

Amy suddenly caught herself, remembering who she was talking to. "Wait a second! Why am I even telling you this? You're supposed to be dead anyway!"

"Fate has its funny little ways."

The rose hedgehog blinked. "What?"

The demon ignored the girl's inquiry. "Which way to Station Square?"

Her defenses were up in an instant. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm going to destroy it, obviously, along with everyone in your little hero group."

"Like I'll let you do that!" Amy hissed, eyes narrowing slightly. She was finished with being the helpless wimp that always needed saving. She was going to take this guy down here and now, then go brag about it to everyone.

In a wisp of leaves, Mephiles was gone.

For a second, Amy actually thought he had run away, deeming her a threat. That theory was shot straight to hell when she heard his voice right behind her, his breath fanning her neck.

"Much feistier than I remember."

The pink hedgehog was frozen still, as if someone with a remote control to her life had pressed the pause button. She was done for, dead. This freak would impale her with one of his crystal tumors and leave her here to rot.

She parted her dry lips to speak, but the only sound that came out was a pathetic little squeak.

Mephiles' voice crackled behind her, his laugh dry and half-hearted. "And you're also much more interesting. Perhaps, just this once, I'll let you slip away."

Amy said the next set of words before she could stop herself.

"That's nice of you."

She wished she could have kicked herself in the head. She probably just blew her only chance of getting out of this encounter alive.

"It's not for your sake, little girl, it's for mine…"

Amy blinked.

"…since you might entertain me more the next time we meet."

He was gone, and Amy nearly fainted, instead simply falling to her knees and counting her blessing. For she had just survived a chance encounter with Mephiles the Dark.