Disclaimer: I do not own "The City of Ember" series or the book "The Diamond of Darkhold" from which an excerpt of the story (in Italics) was borrowed. I am not making any money by writing this, nor do I ever intend to.

This was written out of sheer frustration from unresolved sexual tension in the book. This is my alternate ending of it finally being resolved.

The Best Laid Plans

...She stopped at the library to explain this to Edward. He wasn't there, but Doon was, bent over some thick volume with damp, warped pages.

A thought struck Lina. She smiled to herself.

"Doon, look..." she said.

She sat down beside him and spread out the bits of the torn letter.

"I think most of it's here," she said. "Maybe you could help me put it back together."

"Sure," he said.

He started moving the bits around.

"Let's see...This looks like it must say...And so this would go here...And this..." he paused and looked up at her.

"Haven't we done this before?"

Lina laughed. So did Doon. A look went between them, like a quick current of electricity.

Then, their laughter died down and they were simply smiling widely back at each other, both their eyes sparkling with recognition. They had been through so much together, not just during their exodus from Ember or the conflict with the people of Sparks or even their clash with the Trog family, but back when she was still a little girl and he was still a little boy and they knew nothing of the troubles of their dying city, much less of the great, big world that literally existed above and beyond it. They had been close friends back then (before the lamppost incident at least) and their adventures since had only brought them closer together and put to light the strength of their friendship to the ultimate extreme.

In both their hearts they knew that they did, and always would, care deeply for each other and go to any lengths to defend and protect one another, but now, alone in this room, what they felt for each other defied the feelings of mere friendship, and just as neither one of them could begin to describe how electricity works, they couldn't explain the changes occurring between them now, or why.

So without really knowing the reason, except that it felt right, Doon leaned in towards Lina and Lina leaned in towards Doon, and with his hand wrapped around the back of Lina's neck, Doon pulled Lina even closer towards him, tilted his head to the side, closed his eyes just as Lina had closed hers, and slowly brought his lips softly down onto Lina's.

Their kiss was light and gentle and sweet, and when they finally parted from each other, breathless and feeling ten times warmer, they looked back at each other with glazed, half-hooded eyes, smiling at one another once more.

"No, Doon," Lina said with a mischievious grin, "I don't believe we ever did that before."

Doon laughed and pulled Lina towards him again with every intent to kiss her harder, longer, and more fervently this time.

They had survived the end of the world and come out all the better for it, and now was a new era, a time for rebirth, and, Doon thought, what better way to revive the human race than by repopulating it again? Doon smirked and pressed his mouth harder still against Lina's. Lina let out a small squeak beneath him.

Yes, of all the plans he had made with Lina in the past, Doon decided that this plan was his best one yet!

The End