042. Triangle

He just wants to kiss her. He just wants to kiss her and know if she'll taste like rain, or whiskey. Or Scotland. Or maybe he just wants to because she doesn't let him. He knows that he can't, or rather, he won't, because of some rules she set up so long ago he can't remember, but looking at how she kisses Prewett a jealousy rages through him like he's never felt.

It's when she kisses Gideon goodbye for work, tugging on the red hairs at the base of his neck, then turns and leaves him in the lift, only to grab Sirius and shag him in the loo that he considers it all very complicated.

Author's Note: I know, I know finally! I updated. And it's not much but i wanted to establish something important. Sirius and Marlene never kiss...have you noticed that? More soon, I swear!