Trailer and Summary

AN: Here it is, the summary and trailer for my newest story "Fait Works in Strange Ways". Tell me what you think of the storyline, and I will be starting this story once "Summer Camp Nightmare is completed", which should happen in the next two weeks.


It seemed like he had the perfect life.

Shows Troy walking around with all his friends

"Hey Troy! How does it feel to be the richest man in Albuquerque?"

"Hey Troy? How's your restaurant?"

But underneath it all

Shows Troy attending events for the wealthy, women surrounding him.

Shows Troy putting on a happy face.

There was something he always longed for

Shows Troy staring out a window looking at the moon.

A Family…

When 21-Year-Old Gabriella Montez

Shows Gabriella walking to the restaurant

Is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident.

Shows Gabriella's lifeless body on the road, and a car zooming off into the distance.

Troy Does the only thing he can do for her…

Shows Troy kneeling by Gabriella's hospital bed.

Take Care of Her Newborn Daughter

Flashes to Troy holding a little baby in a pink blanketMonths Later

Troy Bolton and Isabella Montez have a unique bond

Shows Troy tickling Isabella on the stomach, and her laughingWhen Gabriella finally wakes up from a comaShows a frightened Gabriella looking cautiously around the roomAnd Troy Helps Take Care of Her tooShows Troy helping Gabriella learn to walkWill Love Blossom?

Can Troy finally get what he's been dreaming of?

From the people who brought you "I'll Never Leave You" and "Love Doesn't Come Smoothly"

Comes a story of Love, Courage and Strength


Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Baylor

Chris Warren Jr. as Zeke Baylor

Monique Coleman as Taylor Danforth

Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth

Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans

"Fait Works in Strange Ways"


AN: Anyway, please tell me what you think. Should I start this story or not. I can tell you that I already have written the first chapter.

Also, I have posted the trailer you youtube (link in my profile) so please take a look!

Review and tell me if I should continue. If I get enough reviews, I may even release the first chapter before I finish "Summer Camp Nightmare"