"Are you okay Sweetheart?"

I looked at him from the otherside of the car and gave a weak smile, "I"m alright" i looked back at the window. The lush greenery of Cullovia was flying past and honestly making me a little more nauseous than i already was. I could practically taste Edward's worried stare.

"Bella, you need to tell me if your feeling weak, we need to listen to your body right now. It's been given a big task and we don't want to over work it." Edward was referring to our duty to produce an heir. We'd only been married for three months and even though i knew of the task when we married i was not particularly jumping up and down to get pregnant. We never used protection because Edward was hoping that i'd get pregnant. He meant well, he loved me and obviously enough to have child with me but sometimes i questioned his motives. We had to produce an heir within the next year and four months in order to retain the right to inherit the role as Queen and King of Cullovia. Our only competitor - Rosalie was very...proactive about getting pregnant and Edward was worried that she might "beat us to the punch." He didn't want to pressure me to much but Rosalie had nothing good in mind for the Country and would like nothing more to put me to death....i'll go into that later.

I gave him a sideways glance, "I'm not pregnant." was all i said before lapsing into silence. When i glanced back at him he was pinching his nose and trying not to explode at me. He hated it when i acted burdened with the task. I knew what i was getting into and had readily agreed to it. He just felt like it had something to do with him.

"Bella, sweet you don't know that. You could very well be. Are you feeling lightheaded? Nauseous? weak? wired cravings? sudden exhaustion? tenderness?"

"Edward no." that wasn't compltely honest though. I was feeling a little faint but i was sure it was becasue i hadn't gotten around to eating breakfast that morning.

The car arrived our destination and Edward helped me out while news channels shoved microphones into our faces and flashes went off everywhere. I put on my smile as Edward held my hand and guided me through the crowd. We were at a formal ball for the dutch and duchess of cullovia. They were big bellied people who loved to eat and invite people over to eat. We went to one of their gatherings once every other month!

"Your Highness" Said Dutch Cambel. I nodded my head and smiled. I let go of Edward's hand, "I'm going to go to the ladies room" He gave me a tense smile. I could feel his worried stare follow me into the bathroom.

Instead of going to the bathroom though i decided just to walk around. Edward was always required to be stately and in check. I didn't mind doing so most of the time but today i was just to tired to care. I let myself sit in one of the soft sofas they had laid out for guests and watched the crowds move. I saw young couples and old couples and young royals with big smiles. I wondered how they could be so happy living like this. The easy lifestyle was nice but the constant demands and expectations were so overwhelming and sometimes i wondered why i didn't just walk away from it all.

I saw Edward slipping through the crowd towards me and looking at him reminded me why.

I loved him to darn much.

"Bel-Isabella i thought you were just going to go to the ladies room?"

"I did" i lied, "And then i saw you talking with the Klienmen's again and i decided to wait until you were done" Edward and i joked about the Klienmen's in private. They were orderly people that smelled like spoiled fish (for whatever reason) and had noting to talk about besides there ridicously strange amount of cats.

Edward forced a smile and helped pull me up. He put his hand on the small of my back and guided me around the room for our usual rounds. I could tell he was watching me. He was always watching me. Either out of admiration or anticipation for "signs". He lead me over to the grand refreshment table and offered me some food. I shook my head, "I'm not really hungry."

"Have you eaten anything today?" he was going into "doctor mode" again. All the potential heirs were to achieve another profession on the side just in case they did not gain the privllage of being the next ruler of Cullovia. He had chosen Doctor. I had never minded the profession until the started constantly "examining" me for signs of possible pregnancy. He was all about keeping my body healthy before, during, and after pregnancy so that i would be able to "carry" easier and be healty.

I just looked at my fancy shoes in response.

"Bella you need to eat." He said it in a hushed tone so that only i could hear, "You could be pregnant right now. Do you want to deprive our child or your body of nutrients? Regardless of the baby?" again it was spoken softly, he absent mindedly put his hand on my hallow stomach while saying however and a member of the paparazzi that i had snuck inside happen to notice. Before i could think they shouted out " Princess Isabella is pregnant!" I looked around in shock and yelled "No! no i'm not!"

Edward was by my side in a second, " Princess Isabella is not currently expecting a child" his hands were up as if trying to calm the crowd. the man was flashing pictures and i knew he had pictures of Edward's "smooth move" and i was not happy about it. "I am not pregnant!" i tried to call. There was flashing everywhere and the noise had just heightened and not to mention the lack of food from the day and already exsisting faintness...well i passed out cold. The last thing i remembered was my husbunds frantic voice yelling "Bella!"


When i awoke i was disoriented and confused. I tried to sit up but decided to start with opening my eyes. My husbund was standing over me with frantic eyes and a worried expression. "How are you feeling" his hands were on my wrist and pressing slightly.

"Confused" i rasped out. He nodded and smoothed my hair over with with his free hand, "You passed out sweetheart. Your at home now. I brought you home right now you need to consentrate on resting."

"Okay" i replied not willing to fight him. He sighed.

"What?" i said opening my eyes again. He ran his hand through his hair, "We really need to get Pregnant."

"I know we've been over this....i'm trying okay!"

I threw the blankets off and stood up and paced the room "I've just been tired lately! and my body aches and my head is alwasy pounding and i feel faint and nothing sounds good, and everything makes me want to throw up! I just don't feel good okay? We can get back to your stupid baby making next week! okay is that to long for you?!" I yelled before stomping off to our bathroom and turning the water on in the bathtub. I had just sat up from leaning over the tub to turn it on when i came face to face with my husbund. He kissed me passionatly on the lips. After a few minuets i gasped for breath, "What was that for?!"

He smiled and put his hand on my stomach and said "Maybe the Paparazzi man was right..."

I frowned, " I am not pregnant! I'm sick!" I shut the water off and shooed him out of the bathroom to enjoy my realaxing bath. I could hear Edward in the other bathroom going on and on about something....i closed my eyes and drifted to sleep....