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Bella's POV:

"Are you ready to go home?" Said my husbund while rubbing my belly.

"We are home" i retorted. Edward grunted and said, "I mean our home."

I sat up straighter on Reighlee's love seat and pushed Edward's hand away from me, " Edward, i don't want to go back there. I love it here. Reighlee is so kind and loving and i really just want to stay here...." i spoke softly.

Edward pinched his nose, "Bella, we need you and the baby in Culloiva, and i don't think Charlie would appreciate you butting into his married life."

"That's not true at all, Reighlee loves that i'm here! And we could always get a new place."

"Bella, there are over a hundered thousand people in Cullovia all depending on me, you, and our liittle baby. Although you two are the only people that truly matter i cannot ignore the needs of all the people there. I would be sacraficing all of them."

"Then go back, nothing's stopping you." i said defiently.

" I don't...think....i can be....away from you any longer." He was completly broken. Was i really making him choose?

" Edward, i don't want our baby to have that life, but i don't want those people to suffer. Isn't there any other way around this?"

"I don't think so..." he said slowly, thinking. "Unless" he said hesitantly, "We can find my brother."

"You have a brother?!" i exclaimed,

"Yes, he walked away from this life when he was fifteen. He was older than me and fell in love with a maid. They ran off and got married and he never returned. I hardly hear from him any more. I know he lives in Cullovia, and i know his wife."

"Who's his wife?" i asked excited at the prospect of an escape.

"Bella, they wouldn't have enough time to have a child even if we did find them. There's only seven months left. Babies take nine."

"Believe me Edward i know. Who's his wife anyways?"


i gasped, "ALICE?! Jasper his your brother?! Alice is my sister!! I'm so embarassed! i've had my sister working for me! This has got to end now." i reached for my cell phone.

"Bella! Stay with me here." Edward said putting my phone back down.

"I"m going to talk to jasper," i said slowly, "maybe he regrets his desicion. Alice....maybe could have a baby in time...i mean most pre-me's live don't they?"

"Bella that is cruel! You want to put an innocent child in danger? And sacrafice your best friend?"

"No." i said sadly.

"Let's just go back to Cullovia and maybe we'll talk to Jasper. I need to make sure your taking better care of yourself." Edward gave me a chaste kiss.

"Fine. For the people." i smiled, "And for you."


Back at Cullovia:

"Your so called crown prince is no where to be seen" Lham said to the desperate people running around like crazy unleashed dogs.

Rosalie had cracked a plan to put the people into chaos. Just when all seemed to fail she would come in and they would instantly realize how much they wanted her to be queen. Homes had been broken into, some on fire, some car's stolen and more awful things that Rosalie was heartless enough to do were unfolding.

Just then Helicopter's swooped in with water flying on the fires and police burst into the area with paramedics following. Rosalie swooped down on a helicopter ladder and stood with a megaphone thing yelling out commands while the innocent men that Rosalie Had hired were caught and being hauled off to jail. She had promised to free them once she was queen.

"Princess Rosalie!" People cheered and soon enough the crowds were multitudes and it seemed like at least a million people were all praising her. Rosalie smiled, and cleared her throat while Lham handed her a portable microphone.

"People of Cullovia!" Rosalie said with power in her voice, "I am so sorry to have had to intervene in this tradgedy. I was on my way to a Fashion show in Paris when i heard what had happend. I rushed over her as soon as possible. We have had no deaths and very few injuries. " she paused for a moment, " Prince Edward is no where to be seen, he is at home with his wife, awaiting the arrival of their baby so that he can take over all of Cullovia. He didn't even care to come out here to save you guys. He ignored the call. What type of kind would that make?" she had only lied a little bit. He was with his wife...and he had not picked up his cell phone to Rosalie's call even though it had nothing to do with the events that had taken place.

"I am so happy i was contacted, just know i will always answer the call." she pretended to whipe away a tear and hoarse a fraud "Thank-you" before handing the microphone back to Lham and smiling at the cheering crowds as the booed The Royal family


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