Mario's Punch-Out!

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the story! Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

"Lllllllllllllllllladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeesssssss and gentlemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!" The Goomba announcer yelled into the microphone, shouting, "It's time for the title bout! Who will win the match and go home with the champion's belt!? Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!"

Mario placed on his red gloves as he entered into the ring, puffing as he waited for his opponent. He heard his adoring fans cheering loudly, allowing the multi-talented plumber to wave to the audience. He then turned around, to see a Chargin' Chuck enter the ring.

"And here we go, Super Mario, known as Jumpman, known as the Great Gonzales, will take on the Chargin' Chuck Chukka!" Announced the Goomba announcer as a Kremling rang the bell. "May the match begin!"

Mario smirked as he approached Chukka. He muttered to himself, 'This is a piece of cake..." Puffing, he ran towards Chukka and smashed the Koopa in his face, Chukka shook off the blow and replied with a few punches into Mario's gut, causing him to stumble backwards.

Mario growled, and he ran right back in, using two punches to get Chukka open. As Chukka was about to hit to the right, Mario ducked and smacked Chukka right in the kisser. As Chukka shook the pain off, he moved a bit to the left, faking his left jab. Mario dodged to the right, only to receive an uppercut, and was knocked out on the floor. Chukka grinned, and as he puffed, Mario took his time, the Chain Chomp referee counting down. As the Chain Chomp referee reached the number six, Mario got up, pumping his fists.

"Hoo boy! Mario's taken a few hits, but he's just PUMPING!!!" The Goomba announcer shouted, spit coming out from his mouth. "Will he take the match away from Chukka?"

Chukka growled as he started shaking the ground, putting up his dukes. Mario lowered his eyebrows, and he chased towards Chukka, tossing an uppercut, but he was blocked by Chukka's jab. Mario gasped as he was smacked across the face with another jab from Chukka, which was followed by a hook. Although a teeny bit of blood came out of Mario's mouth from the blow, the red-capped plumber was able to jab right in the middle of Chukka's stomach, briefly paralyzing im. Mario grinned, and he continued jabbing Chukka's stomach with both his right and left attack. However...

BAM!!! Mario was knocked into the air by an uppercut from Chukka, followed by a dizzy punch. Mario shook his head after getting rid of his dizziness, charging up his fists, which were now covered with flames. Huffing and puffing, mario screamed as he charged his left fist and jabbed at Chukka, who dodged to the right and punched Mario square in the face, knocking him down onto the ground. However, Mario quickly got up and replied with his right fist to the stomach, paralyzing chuck again as Mario used a fire uppercut, knocking Chukka out onto the arena. Chukka twitched as he tried to get up, but couldn't, and moaned weakly as the Chain Chomp referee finished counting down from ten to one. Mario grinned, whipping the blood away from his mouth with his right fist.

"And it's decided! Ladies and gentlemen..." The Goomba announcer started as he hopped up and down in excitement, shouting shortly afterwards, "The winner of this match is... SUPER MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mario grinned, waving to the audience as he pumped his right fist in the air, receiving the cheers from his fans as he headed off the arena, leaving the unconscious Chukka behind.