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"In the Beginning there were two..."

The rain splattered against the windshield and the scenery outside flew by faster than it should. Each splattering of water matched with the sweet melody of Clair De Lune almost perfectly. Our hands were clasped on the middle console, our fingers entwined perfectly together. His thumb was rubbing soothing circles into my hand. The atmosphere in the car was comfortable. Like a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows after a day in the snow.

Glancing at him out of the corner of my eye I can't help but smile. He was gorgeous, and thankfully he was watching the road and not staring at me. Especially at the speed we were currently going which I'm too afraid to look at. His bronze hair was disheveled and his emerald eyes were a little bored at having to watch the road but other than that they showed how happy he was.

He looks over at me and smiles my crooked grin. He squeezes my hand gently and hums along with the music. He clasps and unclasps my hand and plays with my fingers. Compared to his long slender fingers my own looked short and slightly stubby. I move my body to aim it more towards his. I reach over making sure not to obstruct his view of the road brush his soft bronze hair from his eyes. He flashes his grin at me again and pouts. "It's not fair that you make me watch the road." his velvet voice fills the small comfortable space in the Volvo "How am I supposed to kiss you and watch the road at the same time?"

"Your not." I respond simply my voice rough in my ears compared to his.

"Exactly." He sighs in exasperation "I'm not. But that doesn't stop you from giving me a kiss." His aims his perfect emerald eyes into my own murky brown puddles and puckers his lips.

Knowing his game I grin at him "When you start going the speed limit I'll kiss you." I look at his face as the pout takes over again.

"That's a very unreasonable request." As he says this I watch the needle, not concentrating on the numbers, drop towards the lower half. We'd just passed into the town fifteen minutes from our destination.

"How did you convince your parents to come all the way to Forks?" I'd been wondering how he'd done this for weeks. When he first told me that we might as well just break all of our news at the same time to all those important to us.

He smiles at me "My mother has wanted to meet Carlisle and Esme since Alice first talked to her on the phone. It was only a matter of saying that they couldn't really travel due to Carlisle's job."

Leaning over I kiss his smooth cheek "Your a genius. An evil mastermind." He chuckles at me and stares into my eyes. As soon as his eyes meet mine I can feel my mind fogging over and myself become completely dazzled. "Watch the road." I murmur unwillingly breaking eye contact with him.

"Does your mom and dad know we're coming today?" We'd originally had planned to come Saturday instead of today, Wednesday, but we'd managed to get everything cleared up and done earlier.

"Yep, I call them last night to remind them too." I hadn't been back to see my parents in four years. Mostly because I was taking extra classes to finish my English major so I could graduate and have a stable job while Edward finishes school.

We pull into the small town of Forks, Washington home of my parents and myself. We passed several things like the high school, Newton's Outfitters, the Safe way, and friends houses. I give him directions and soon we're pulling into the driveway next to my dad's cruiser. Edward turns the car off and comes to my side to open the door. As I'm stepping out of the car the door to the house flies open and my sporadic mother comes running out into the rain. She runs at me and hits me hard enough that I'm thrown back into Edward's arms.

"Bella!" She screeches happily into my ear.

"Hi Mom." I smile at her and watch the older version of myself push brown hair from her eyes. She lets go and looks up at Edward. Raising her eyebrow she nudges me not so gently with the toe of her shoe.

"Edward this is my Mother Renee Swan, and mom this is my boyfriend Edward Masen." Edward holds his hand for my mom to shake but she hugs him instead.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mrs. Swan." Edward's smooth voice was gentlemanly and polite but still held warmth towards my mother.

"You too Edward but please call me Renee. Mrs. Swan is Charlie's mother." My mother laughs lightly and as if noticing the rain for the first time since exiting the house "We're getting soaked lets go inside." She grabs my hand and starts pulling me towards the door leaving Edward to get the bags. "I'll send Charlie out to help you.h she calls over her shoulder. When we get into the kitchen she turns to me "That's your boyfriend?" she asks flabbergasted. I nod and she smiles "He's a real looker isn't he."

I laugh "Mom don't develop a crush on him. Remember your married to Dad." She waves me off and goes to the fridge.

"I was about to start dinner a new recipe I wanted to try." That was never a good sign and with years of experience of her cooking I decided to steer her away from the concept.

"How about I cook tonight and you and Dad get to know Edward some more." she agrees and leaves the kitchen too eagerly. I'm sure she planned it that way too.

Dinner was uneventful. It was filled with questions for both Edward and myself. It was fun even if it was kind of pesky and nosy of them. So far my parents learned that I had a job as an editor in a promising publishing house and Edward was studying to be a doctor, or to be a concert pianist. Whichever came first. They knew little details about our friends but I made them wait to hear the story of how we met. That we wanted to tell both parents at the same time along with Carlisle and Esme my adopted Aunt and Uncle.

We were actually heading over there for desert, which Esme made thankfully. That was where Edward's parents would be staying. My parents had no idea that this was not just a get together to get caught up. We piled into the car and let my dad drive. Edward and I were in the back of the cruiser behind the divider. My father had always joked that was where I would end up one day.

We pulled up at the huge mansion that was Carlirle and Esme's house and my best friend Alice came bounding out the door with her big brother Emmett on her heels. As soon as the car was stopped she'd pulled me from the back and was crushing me even with her pixie frame. Emmett picks both us up in his bear hug and soon we're all back on the ground laughing. Emmett's booming one mixed with Alice's bell like one and with my own plain laugh. Edward smiles at me and with his arms wrapped around my waist he shakes Emmett's hand and exchanges casualties like we had just seen each other the night before instead of weeks ago. Alice gives him a hug the best she can while his arms are around me and before I know it we're escorted through the door where Carlisle, Esme, Alice's boyfriend Jasper, and Emmett's fiance Rosalie are standing. They engulf me into a hug and soon we're talking all at once in our excitement to be together.

Along with these two a woman and a man I never met before stand off to the side watching Edward and I curiously. The woman has his unusual hair and eye color and the man looks like Edward in all other features. He beams at them and letting me go hugs the woman to him "Hello Mum" the woman smiles at him and the man claps Edward on the back and pulls him into a hug "Dad." He smiles at me and offers his hand to me I take it and let him pull me towards him "Mum, Dad this is my girlfriend Isabella Swan. " He beams from them to me, "And Bella darling these are my parents Elizabeth and Edward Masen."
Elizabeth's eyes look at me somewhat hesitant but she smiles at me and offers her perfectly manicured hand to me "Bella it's a pleasure to meet you."

Edward senior shakes my hand as well and his smile is wide and full of warmth. "It's good to see our boy has gotten himself somebody as pretty as you to love."

Blushing I smile at them "It's a pleasure to meet you both. Edward talks so highly of you two I was afraid you would both be giants by now." Edward Senior lets out a booming laughter and hits Edward on the back in one of those manly gestures.

"Edward you've definitely gotten a keeper." Blushing again under the smile of Edward Sr. and the appraising gaze of Elizabeth I found comfort in the goofy grin that had covered Edward's face.

"Well I'm glad you guys approve because after desert Bella and I have some news to tell you guys." He pulls me into his arms and rests his chin on my hair. Laying my head against his chest I take a deep breath so as not to forget his scent.

"Well then lets eat desert then." Esme cuts in with an approving smile on her face. She leads the way to the kitchen where two apple pies sit on the table ready to be cut. We all sit around the table and soon with cups of coffee, milk, water, hot chocolate, soda, and any other beverage that goes well with apple pie we all devour our slices while conversations flow all around us. Booming laughter and embarrassing stories of our year of college fill the room. Emmett and Rosalie are both out of college and are both working in their profession of choice. Emmett in a gym, and Rosalie in a fashion magazine. Alice, Jasper, Edward, and I are in our senior year of college and as soon as that is over Alice will join the fashion world, Jasper will be a historian, Edward will go to medical school, and I'll be an editor.

We're all sitting around the table drinking whats left of our drinks. Coffee cups are refilled, and the dishes sit washed and on a drying rack waiting to be put away. Conversation still flows around us and most of them are coming to a close.

"So what was this news you two kids had to tell us." Edward Senior's arm was casually slung over the back of his wife's chair and both were looking relaxed and completely content.

Edward smiles at me and leans over to whisper "Are you ready to let the cat out of the bag?" in my ear. Nodding I smile at him and in return get his gleaming crooked grin. He looks around the now silent table and the anticipation in the room could be cut with a knife. He looks at me and smiles again "Well everybody Bella and I would like to thank you all for being here tonight."

"Just hurry up and tell us." Emmett interrupts causing everyone to laugh.

"As I was saying" Edward says clearing his throat deliberately just to annoy Emmett some more. " We appreciate everybody taking the time to get together to hear this." He squeezes my hand again and pulls from his pocket the velvet box that held the ring that we'd been hiding. He slides it on my finger and puts our entwined hands on the table. "Bella has agreed to marry me." As the news sinks in he continues, "We haven't set a date and all we know is that we'd like to be married before I graduate Med school."

"What did you say?" the shocked voice of Elizabeth Masen said her face was a mask of confusion.

"Mum Bella and I are getting married."

"No." the incredulous tone laced the word with pure poison and the atmosphere of the room froze with the outcry from Edward's mother. What just happened?