The couch was swaddling me in comfort, the cushions exerting enough pressure to keep from sagging but soft enough that I sunk against them. I was too full to move and the mixture of cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate was making me sleepy. The large house was quiet and as much as I would have loved to be laying in the guest rooms bed Edward was showering. Normally this wouldn't matter but Elizabeth had sent me a disapproving glare after he'd announced his plans. Not that the couch and fuzzy blanket weren't amazingly comfortable and warm, but it lacked the scent that I wanted the most.

Carlisle and Charlie had both gone to work as soon as breakfast had ended. Elizabeth and Esme were discussing house decorating at the kitchen table over coffee. Emmet and Rosalie had disappeared upstairs to get more sleep. Alice and Jasper took their cinnamon rolls to go and headed off to Seattle for shopping. And Renee left to get her classroom ready for the busy week ahead of her.

"You've been chopped." The voice from the TV is deep and soothing. I'd turned it on to help keep me awake, though the dulcet tones of the judges discussing the appearance and how the odd ingredients worked together or didn't had my brain tuning out anything but the hum of their voices.

There was a familiar weight pressed against the back of the couch and my left side that was holding me to the couch. Warm fingers were tapping along my arm, an invisible piano tinkling out a melody I'd heard hundreds of times. The smell of mint and Edward filling my lungs, hitch hiking its way along blood cells and into my heart. I couldn't hear the TV anymore which probably meant he'd turned it off when he'd joined me, there was the unmistakable sound of humming, etching itself along my skin, underneath the piano he'd formed. His arm was thrown over my waist and he'd tucked his head into the crook of my neck, the cool of his damp hair felt nice on my sleep warmed skin. His eyelashes brushed against my cheeks occasionally when he lifted his head to look at me, every so often he would press his lips against my skin smiling.

"Edward," Elizabeth's voice was pleasant, a higher version of her sons, "I was wondering what your plans for the day were?" Her footsteps neared, and I could tell that she'd stopped walking when she caught sight of us on the couch.

"I think Bella and I are heading to Port Angeles to talk to a man about a baby grand piano." Edward's voice was quiet, like he was trying to let me sleep longer. There was a hint of annoyance at being disturbed so suddenly. An edge of excitement for the upcoming appointment to look at the piano and a lot of love aimed at his mother. The human voice is complex, so full of emotions and soothing.

"How long do you think that will take you?" Elizabeth sounded disappointed, "I was hoping that you and I could have dinner together a little later and catch up."

"I'm not sure how long it'll take Mum." Edward sighs a little, "I'll find out if theres anything else that Bella wants to do while in Port Angeles and we'll let you know before we head out."

How do you wake up in a situation like this? I went for curling myself into Edward's chest and rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. When I meet his eyes he smiles at me and starts to lean in for a kiss. His lips are about to connect to mine, but the clearing of a certain meddlesome voice makes us pause. He sighs again and presses his lips against mine anyway, his smiling against mine.

"How was your nap?" His fingers sweep hair from my forehead, tucking it gently behind my ears. I hum a positive sounding answer and rub my hand along the smooth of his cheeks.

"Anywhere else you want to go when we're in Port Angeles?" He grins at me, his annoyance at his mother vanishing.

"Um, maybe the bookstore and craft store." My voice is slow, quiet, and its sound lower than it normally is.

"We'll see what we can do." He rests his forehead against mine for a minute before gracefully getting up from the couch, something I can't even do when I sit by myself. He smiles at me before pushing my shoulders back into the cushions of the couch. A sign for me to stay where I was. He disappeared towards the front room, leaving Elizabeth and I alone.

I feel my body stiffen when her eyes find me where I sit on the couch. Why did Edward have to lave us here by ourselves? In the quiet of the room I can hear his footsteps coming towards the room. I try to will his feet to hurry, but the tempo of his foot steps don't change.

When he comes around into the corner his eyes meet mine in humor. He'd known exactly what he was leaving me to. An awkward silence with his mom. He grins at me, his hands held behind his back, hiding something from me.

"Promise me you won't get mad Bella." His eyes go wide and he pouts, his version of the puppy dog look.

"What did you do?" Elizabeth's voice sounds pleasant, like she expects this to be the end of our relationship.

He pulls a pair of polka dot boots from behind his back, "You mentioned that your rain boots were falling apart," He kneels in front of me slipping the shiny white boots covered in colorful dots over my socks. "I found these boots online and had them shipped here." His arms rest on my knees, his head angled to meet mine, waiting for my reaction.

"I love them!" I extend a foot and look at them carefully. White boots with blue, yellow, red, and black dots scattered over its surface. They are simple and childish. I throw my arms around his neck and push myself away from the couch and onto his lap, my lips meeting his once. Twice. Three times.

There's a disgusted sound from our audience of one, a sound she tries to hide with a cough, "You two better hit the road soon." She melts away down the hall oozing like rancid butter. Why did she have to witness such a personal moment? Edward's lips meet mine once more, and my annoyance with his mother ebbs away. Maybe Vegas was a good idea after all.