Dark Apprentice

Chapter One: The Beginning

Voldemort smirked as he looked at the small house in Godric's Hollow, the home of the Potter family. He had been told part of a prophecy which led him to believe that the Potter' s young son, Harry if he remembered correctly, would be the Chosen One that was destined to defeat him. He was here to make sure that that never happened. After all, the young boy couldn't grow up to kill him if he died now, could he.

The Dark Lord walked up the path, feeling the Fidelius wards collapse as he passed through them. The front door yielded easily to the Alohomora spell and he walked in. James Potter rose to meet him, yelling for his wife to take their son and go, before sending a curse at Voldemort that was just barely legal. The Dark Lord smirked, obviously the Auror had been studying the Darker curses in an attempt to fight fire with fire. It was a pity that it wouldn't be enough.

After toying with James for a few minutes, Voldemort grew bored. A quick "Avada Kedavra!" and a flash of green light finished him off. The Dark Lord then turned round surveying the interior of the home with mild curiosity. A noise alerted him to the fact that Lily Potter was upstairs, no doubt trying to protect her son. Smirking again, he ascended the stairs, taking his time. There was no need to hurry and he wanted to savor the moment when he gained his immortality by killing the only person able to kill him.

Reaching the top of the landing, Voldemort looked in both directions, before a soft whimper caught his attention. Smiling in an evil fashion, because Dark Lords can't smile in any other way except evilly after all, he walked towards the nursery.

As he entered, Lily Potter placed herself protectively in front of the playpen where the one-and-a-half-year old Harry sat. The baby was quiet, not understanding the situation but trusting his Mummy not to let anything hurt him.

"Please, don't hurt him," Lily Potter pleaded.

Voldemort snorted. "Stand out of the way you silly girl, I don't want to kill you. He's the child of the Prophecy, I have to kill him."

"No please, not Harry, kill me, just leave my baby alone," Lily tried once again. Voldemort raised his wand and cast the Killing curse once more. As Lily Potter crumpled to the floor, dead, the baby finally made a sound.

Harry whimpered as the man said some funny words and then a flash of green light came out of the stick he held. His mother fell down and didn't move again. He didn't understand when he fell down his mummy always picked him up again. Why didn't she pick herself up? He moved closer and tried to touch his mother. He succeeded, and poked her briefly. Lily Potter didn't move, would never move again in fact. Harry looked around, that odd man was still there. He didn't like him at all.

It was then that Harry noticed his mother's wand lying near his pen. He slowly picked it up, normally he wasn't allowed to touch it but his mummy didn't seem to want it anymore. He picked it up and then pointed it at the weird man. Now, what did that odd man say that made his mummy fall down and not move?

Voldemort watched in detached amusement as Harry poked his mother, trying to make her wake up again. It was a pity to have to kill such a powerful child but really, the boy would be with his parents soon enough. He raised his wand, and watched as the toddler aimed Lily's wand at him. Almost lazily he said, "Avada Kedavra" and watched the green curse head towards the baby.

Expecting the curse to kill the infant, Voldemort had the shock of his life when the unblockable curse actually bounced off of Harry's forehead and right back towards him. The Dark Lord quickly moved out of the way and stared at the infant in shock. If it hadn't been undignified, he would have been gaping like a goldfish.

Harry was not happy. The nasty man had cast the green light at him, and it had hurt. He pointed his mother's wand at the nasty man and tried to say what he had said.

"Abra Kedabra," he tried. Although it was a mangled version of the curse, it worked. Voldemort was shocked again, and didn't move fast enough as the curse hit him. The last thing he felt was pain, all consuming pain as he was ripped out of his body.

The house exploded around them, with debris being thrown in all directions as Harry's wails of fear and pain echoed into the quietness of the night. Voldemort fled, vowing to keep a close eye on the young Potter in the future.

Author Note

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