Title: Comfort

Author: Amira Elizabeth

Rating: G

Prompt: #10

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 93

Summary: Aang and Katara have their own rituals for when he travels.

Author's Notes: I just love stories that feature Aang and Katara dealing with being lovers and him being the Avatar and trying to bring some normalcy into their lives.

Aang's robe was there in her hands, faded and familiar, the edges worn from years of wear and tear. Katara slipped it on and hugged it around herself, inhaling its scent. His scent. It was a ritual now whenever he had to go away for meetings on trade disputes and treaties. Aang would pack the robe into his bag, she would pull it out and he would complain jokingly that he needed it. But in the end, the garment would be laying on their bed to bring her comfort on those lonely nights.