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Being back at school was somewhat of a relief. The past week flew by faster than anticipated since poor Roxas was locked up in his room the whole time since the traumatic experience.

Even after nearly burning his skin off with hot showers every hour, Roxas could still feel that man's touch all over him. It made him feel dirty and used up.

Not even Axel's affections put him at ease and every time he fell asleep, he just relived that moment of pure fear and pain. Those nightmares just made him wake up in a cold sweat and screaming for Axel.

Roxas knew it wasn't fun for Axel either. Every waking moment, Axel was there trying to comfort him and ease the tension but it hardly worked. The experience had Roxas so wound up that he didn't even want Axel near him.

"After school, let's grab some dinner," Axel offered when he they parked at the school, the car ride completely silent like it has been the past week.

"Yeah….okay…"Roxas only muttered back, eyes averted from those of the other man's.

Grabbing his bag from the backseat, he closed the car door and started to talk away.

"Roxas," Axel said suddenly and grabbed his arm.

Something in his mind snapped and in a panic, Roxas yanked his arm away and cried out.

"No!" he shouted and hit Axel with his bag, images of Xigbar flashing through his mind.

"Ah! Roxas!" exclaimed the man and clutched his face and stumbling back and slumping against his car.

With a gasp, Roxas realized what he had down and he ran over to him.

"Axel, I'm so sorry!" he said in a cracked voice since he was about to cry.

How could he do this to Axel? It was such an awful thing to do!

"It's alright, I shouldn't have grabbed you like that, I'm sorry," Axel apologized and moved his hand away, a bruise forming on his cheek from where the bag full of books made contact.

With a smile, Axel pulled Roxas into his arms and held him tight, Roxas hugging him right back.

"I just wanted to kiss you goodbye for the morning," Axel whispered into the blonde boy's hair, holding him tightly. "I can't stand not being able to help you. I couldn't protect you and it's my fault that you've been feeling like this for so long."

Tears rolled down Roxas' eyes and he clutched tightly to Axel, his heart aching when he realized that Axel was blaming himself for all this and suffering just as much as Roxas was.

"I love you…" Roxas sniffled into Axel's fresh smelling shirt, tears leaving spots all over his tie.

"I love you too, Roxas," Axel replied and kissed the top of his head. "I love you so much…."

Roxas looked up to say something but the bell rang.

"Crap, I have to go to class," he said with a panicked tone and squeezed onto Axel, not wanting to live him but had to. "I'll see you later!"

They kissed quickly before Roxas ran off in a rush so he wouldn't be late.

Axel watched him leave and felt a sinking feeling in his chest. Sure, he should be really happy now that he and Roxas were getting closer again but still…

With a sigh, the man locked up his car and went off inside. Thankfully he didn't have a class first thing in the morning so he didn't need to worry about anything.


Axel looked down and tug through his pocket to see that his beeper was going off. His whole body went cold. It was a page from the principal.

This couldn't be happening…

Axel's fingers went numb as he clutched the pager in his hand, trying to crush it for delivering such an unwanted message to him. He couldn't fight it, the principal wanted to see him…

With a shaky breath, he put his things down and left his classroom, going down the long hallway to his doom.

Zexion was supposed to take care of Xemnas but Axel hasn't seen Zexion since the day they saved Roxas.

"You wanted see me, Superior?" murmured the red haired man as the secretary let him into the office.

"Yes, Axel, please come in," said the man with dark skin and white hair that sat behind a desk.

Gulping softly, Axel walked closed and felt a chill shoot up his spine when the secretary shut the door behind him.

"I haven't seen you for a whole week," the man stated to the teacher in a calm level voice, eyes sharp and piercing. "I was beginning to think you were abandoning your duties to this school and its students."

"That's the thing, Sir," Axel replied softly, trying to keep calm, this man being the only person Axel truly feared. "I was taking care of one of my students. He suffered a trauma and needed my care."

"I'm guessing this student is dear little Roxas."

The man laughed softly and stood up, smirking when he saw Axel tense.

"I'm not going to play any more games with you, Axel" he went on to say, tone eerily calm. "I will have what I've been pursuing. That is you."

Before Axel could react, he was suddenly forced down onto the Superior's desk, hands yanked back and bound by some kind of material.

"No!" Axel exclaimed and tired to fight the man off but felt a sharp sting of a needle go into his arm.

His body was quickly rushed by a sensation so intense, it made his body quiver and break into a cold sweat.

"Wh-What did you do to me?" he exclaimed, his eyes getting blurry and going out of focus, veins burning up.

"Just gave you a little something to help you…get into the mood," the man replied with a smirk and started to rub himself up against Axel's rear, making the red haired man groan with anger. "I'm going to have you, Axel, like it not."

His head was spinning and he felt a painful tightness in between his legs as he was forced to arousal. His skin was hypersensitive and he could feel every bit of Xemnas rubbing against him. He wanted to gag and beat the man to death but he was so damn weak!

The blurry sight he was experiencing was getting worse until the light from the window he was facing was just speckles of yellow and white, making Axel lost in his own world.

Xemnas ground harder into Axel, making his pelvis rub up against the side of the desk and Axel moaned despite his inner protests. The friction was making his body defy his brain, whatever it was in his bloodstream was making him turned on.

"Stop…" the man tried to plead, his efforts to fight getting weaker by the second.

"Hush," was all Xemnas said before he slipped a hand around Axel's hips and undid his pants.

The next second, Axel felt the hot hand of the principal touching his most private part, gripping and stroking it. Axel let out a groan and thrust into that hand even though he didn't want to but his body was screaming for more.

"Yes, Axel, give into it," the man purred. "You can't fight it."

He was right. Axel couldn't fight it and the drugs were making him surrender completely.


Axel's pants were suddenly yanked down, a hand caressing the curve of his ass before giving it a rough spank, making the man gasp sharply.

"I have been waiting so long for this…"

His head was spinning but he knew exactly what was going to happen. He didn't even try to fight it. Hopefully it would be over soon.

"All mine for the taking…"

Axel felt something hard rub against him and he discovered what it was when he was suddenly entered, the man's member plunging deep into Axel without hesitation.

The pain caused tears to fill up in his eyes, but he didn't cry out in pain. Xemnas wasn't going to get that kind of satisfaction.

Fingers laced into Axel's hair, pinning his head down onto the desk as he was ravaged from behind, the man pounding the red haired teacher into the desk over and over again.

"Damn it…" Axel moaned, taking this punishment.

Xemnas began to thrust harder, pounding into Axel with full force and not caring if it hurt the man.

It went on like this for a while and right before Axel could peak, he was yanked off the desk and thrown onto the couch.

"I'll take you in every position imaginable," Xemnas snarled before he was on Axel and forcing himself back in.

Axel's head shot back when he felt the sting to his rear, fingers gripping the couch and bucking his hips.

It went on for a long time, too long. No furniture was ignored as Axel was taken upon them more than once. He wanted to die in an instant but was kept alive and awake by the drug in his veins. He could feel it all but when it was over, he felt absolutely nothing.

"School will be over in a few hours, feel free to rest here."

He heard Xemnas speaking over him but his eyes were closed so didn't see his face. There wasn't any caring in the principal's voice, only a cold satisfaction of winning.

"Hey, Roxas, you feel like coming over for a movie night with me and Riku?" Sora asked as the two boys sat in the cafeteria, eating a couple burgers. "Riku's been worried too and wants to see you."

"Um…maybe next time…" Roxas replied softly, not really ready to get back into the routine so soon when he just came back to school after a week away. Plus he knew it would be a little awkward with the two worrying over him. "Axel's been over protective lately and I'd feel better if I stayed with him."

"Alright," the brunette replied gently, understanding what his friend was going through. Reaching over the table, he held Roxas' hand tightly and murmured, "I'll always be here for you."

Roxas couldn't help but smile at his best friend, feeling both happy and sad. How did he end up with such a caring person that was like his twin? If only he didn't have to make everyone suffer and worry about him all the time.

"I know," Roxas replied and smiled at the other, giving his friend's hand a squeeze.

Getting up, the two hugged and went to class, going on as if all was well like they always did. Everything was ordinary. Everything was perfect.

Oddly though, Roxas hadn't seen Axel all day and he wasn't even at his car when school was over.

Leaning against the man's corvette, Roxas looked around the emptying parking lot, searching for the red haired teacher.

"Axel!" Roxas exclaimed with relief when he saw the man coming out of the building and walking slowly across the parking lot.

But something seemed really wrong… Axel was limping, his hands curled into fists and something about his face made Roxas really worried.

"Get in the car!" Axel barked at the blonde in a horse voice that was so sharp it made Roxas flinch.

"But…" Roxas tried to say, wondering why the man was like this.

"Now!" he roared, eyes blazing viciously, scaring Roxas so much that he quickly pulled out the spare car key and got inside.

What was going on? Axel was so…scary… Roxas was terrified and wanted to lock the doors to keep the other from getting in. It looked like Axel was about to attack him. Roxas didn't even realize his fingers trembling.

Looking at the mirror on the passenger side, Roxas could see Axel pacing, still limping too. Suddenly he stopped and tilting his head a little, Roxas could see the principal coming out of the school and heading for his car.

Axel was just standing there staring at him, hands still in fists with white knuckles. The principal waved and got into his car. Roxas could see Axel watching the man pull out of the space, head down the parking lot and drive into the road.

It baffled the teen but he didn't have much time to think of why that was when the principal's car suddenly burst into flames in an explosion to intense, it shook the car windows from a block away.

"Holy shit!" Roxas exclaimed and took off his seatbelt to get out of the car to see the huge pillar of smoke and flames but stopped when Axel got into the car, eye's white and skin a ghost white. "Axel…"

The man didn't even look at the teen, just say there shaking and panting.

Brriing! Brriingg! Brriingg!

That was Axel's phone but the man didn't even answer it.

"Axel?" Roxas whispered softly, reaching out and touching the man's arm, making Axel jump and gasp, head turning to look at the other.

Roxas pull his hand away in fear when he got that reaction, thinking he shouldn't have done that.

Brriing! Brriingg! Brriingg!

Blinking, Axel gulped down air and went through his pocket and pulled out his phone. From the flashing screen, he could see Zexion's name.

Answering it, Axel pressed the phone to his ear. "Yes?"

The car was so quiet that Roxas heard Zexion's voice say, "You're welcome."

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