Chapter One: I Can't Believe It

Sitting on the couch watching television, Laura Lee Winslow nonchalantly placed her white sock covered feet on the coffee table in front of her as she began to watch her favorite soap opera. Placing her hands intertwined with each other behind her head, she closed her eyes for a second and began to sink into her thoughts that were swimming through her mind. She couldn't believe that only a few months ago, she was married to the man nine years ago she wouldn't even have on a list of thousands of other men to become married to. Not to mention that she now lived in her own home that not only resembled the house she grew up in for twenty three years, she had been promoted at Ferguson's for doing so well for the past few years and was now only a few spots behind her mother. Laura was also happy that Steve was able to win a few more Science contests with his strange yet surprisingly brilliant inventions while going to school at IOU on his last semester before transferring to MIT; the money won from those experiments was promised to go directly to helping his wife out with the numerous bills that were looming around the corner every month, not to mention for both of their tuition payments. Feeling very thankful that she had realized that Steven Q. Urkel was the right man for her after all the years that she had known him, she opened her eyes with a bright smile on her face and looked at the clock on top of the television and realized that Steve would be back in an hour. Suddenly gasping at the sudden turn of events that occurred on her favorite show, she grabbed a pillow to the side of her and hugged it tightly in front of her chest.

"Oh my god! I can't believe Neil just left her like that…but she was one sick puppy, I don't blame em."

Hearing the doorbell ring that had a similar tone to the one at her parent's house, she got up and slowly walked over to the door, not worrying about being seen with only a big blue T-shirt and matching blue sweat pants on.

"Hello, may I-" Laura began to say before finally realizing who was in front of her. Her mouth wide open for a few moments, she regained her composure and slightly frowned. "Myra."

"Don't worry Laura," Myra stepped inside, looking inside for a minute and realizing how closely it resembled the Winslow's residence only a few blocks away. "I'm not here for Stevie."

"Come on in." Laura sarcastically said, closing the door and walking to where Myra had decided to stop, which was next to the coffee table. "How'd you even know where Steve and I live anyway?"

"You see…" Myra began to answer, but stopped as she wanted to keep it a secret.

"What is it, Myra?" Laura could feel a little anger rising within her chest as she placed a hand on her hip and tilted her head to the side, almost similar to her mother.

"I'm looking for someone. Someone you know very well. Almost TOO well."


"Stefan Urquelle."

Driving carefully in his red and white Isetta, Steve Urkel turned the radio to Chicago's Polka music station and at the sound of his favorite tune that began to play, he turned up the volume and started to bounce up and down to boogie to the music.

"If only I wasn't in this darn busy street, I'd definitely have to get out and polka! This is my favorite!"

Realizing that he was a half-an-hour away from his new home, Steve took a minute to take out some notes from class and placed them on the seat next to him in case he would end up stuck in traffic on the main street he needed to take home before getting to Wrightwood Avenue. Feeling great from receiving an A+ on his midterm from his summer class, Steve saw the cars in front of him beginning to move faster and went up to his full thirty miles an hour that the Isetta would allow for save travel, or else he would have to repair it once again. Laughing and snorting at that moment those years ago when he took Laura with him in his Isetta to her cheerleading competition and she stomped her foot on the accelerator and caused the Isetta to break down, he quickly saw Wrightwood Avenue coming up and made a right turn. Realizing that his destination was only a few seconds away, he made his way down the street to the next light and went around the corner and to the back of his home where the driveway was and parked it next to Laura's car. Putting his notes in his backpack that he had placed next to his notebook, he opened the door and carefully stepped out, realizing that his cooking lessons while at the restaurant had paid off somewhat from him bumping or tripping something. Speaking too soon, as soon as he grabbed his liver and mung bean drink that he had made that morning while carrying his bookbag he accidentally dropped it in the middle of the driveway.

"Oh gosh oh gee, Lordy look out for me…"

Bending over to pick up his cup and his school supplies, he quickly began to pick his binder, notebook and pencils and place them in his bookbag.

"Hey sweetie!"


Dropping his stuff once again, he quickly began to back away from the woman who was in front of him. Seeing her begin to walk closer and closer, Steve backed up to the side of his Isetta, aware that he had nowhere else to go.

"Myra? I thought we were through! Outta here! Given the bootarooni! The ol' heave ho!"

"Stevie, you KNOW how much I would love to boom-booty-boom-boom with you but…I know you're with Laura now and…I'm waiting for someone to pick me up."

"Oh," Steve sighed in relief, but he quickly raised an eyebrow and adjusted his eyeglasses. "Who?"

Interrupted by the sound of a horn honking as a shiny, silver BMW sedan pulled up behind Steve's Isetta, Myra and Steve looked up to see who was driving as the latter's eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Myra, you ready to go?" The voice from in the car asked.

"You betcha, Stefan!"

"Stefan?!" Steve shouted in surprise as before he knew it, his ex had ran into the passenger seat and the car backed up and began its' trip away from his home.

"What was he doing here?"