Unwanted Neighbor

Great. Just Great. We are moving, again. Mom says this will be the last time but she said that the last four times we moved in the last six years, we have been moving since I was nine and it gets really old so now its just my mom and me as usual moving to another place. I just hope that the people we are moving in with are nice. Since every time we move into an actual house we end up not being able to pay either the rent or mortgage, so my mom thinks moving in with some others will be the best thing. I just hope we don't have to move again. I'm just about sick of it. We passed a school and everyone was already leaving, well duh It is after all almost three. I guess sleeping most of the trip screwed up my schedule because it only feels like its noon.

A few minute later we pulled up to a huge house with a giant porch with a swinging bench and it looked like a rich family would live here. We stepped out and someone came out. A man with somewhat long blond hair wearing black pants and white top with an apron on came out and greeted us.

"Hello. Yashamaru I presume?" my mom said.

"yes, You must be Haruno Sakiko and this must be Haruno Sakura." he said looking over at me smiling. I fake smiled and looked away. I cant believe what is going on. Well at least he looks nice, I wonder about the others who are suppose to be living here. They both started talking and mom told me to follow her. We walked in and the place was really nice. We walked and the place was amazing.

"feel free to look everywhere in the house. I have to watch for my niece and nephews so I'll be outside if you need me. Also in the backyard there's a fenced in pool and a small forest behind it that leads to a lake. So be careful if you go out that way." Yashamaru said before going outside. He does seem really nice.

There were stairs on the right and to the left was a living room, it had a nice couch with a TV and small table. Then there was the dining room with a giant table with eight chairs around it. Around the corner was the kitchen. It was actual pretty small but seemed easy to clean. You could walk to the exit on the other side of the kitchen and you end up face the front door. That should be a fun way to play tag. I walked through the opening and saw another room at the end of the hallway. I walked in and it seem to be a game room with all kinds of game systems, including old ones I haven't seen in years. I looked in the doors in the room, One was a closet, another went to the basement and the last one went to the backyard.

"Sakura." mom called . Right when I was going to see the backyard.

"come with me to see the rooms." she said from the stairs. That's right, I haven't had a room all to myself in who knows how long. "come on Sakura." mom told me going up stairs. I followed her and went up the stairs. We rounded at the landing and came to the hallway with all kinds of rooms. On the top of each room had a names put on it. The first one on the right said Yashamaru, the next one said Kankuro, then Sakiko and last bathroom. The first one on the left said Sakura, next Gaara and then Temari and the last one didn't have a name on it. We both went in the separate bedrooms.

My room was amazing, the walls were white with a tanish coloring with it. There was a bed on the left with two side tables with a lamp on the left one and a clock on the right. There was a dresser by the balcony window. It had a mirror with some girl things already on it. I went to the balcony and it had a great view of the pool and forest. I could also see part of the lake. I went out of the room and looked in my moms, she had already laid down, her room was similar to mine but didn't have a balcony but it did have a big window.

"Sakura isn't this great. I know that we have been moving a lot but if everything works out the way I planned it'll be okay. You might even be able to go to that college you wanted to go to." mom told me sitting up with a smile.

"Sakiko-san, can you come down here please." Yashamaru yelled from downstairs.

"sure thing." mom said getting up and going down, I followed. When we got there, there were three kids at the door.

"This is my only niece Temari." Yashamaru said intruding the girl.

"sadly the only girl." she said looking away with a small smile on her face. She wore a long black skirt with a purple black top and had a backpack in her hands.

"Temari be nice to you brothers, anyway this is my oldest nephew Kankuro." he said introducing the next kid. He had brown hair and black pants with a hoody and his backpack was slung over his shoulder.

"and this is the youngest Gaara." He said introducing the third one. He had messy red hair and wore a similar outfit like his brother and he too had his backpack slung over his shoulder. Except for the fact he looked a lot cuter. Wait did I just think that?

"you three, this is Sakiko-san and Sakura-san." Yashamaru said.

"I finaly have girls to hang out with then just Tenten and Hinata." Temari said sounding as if she had been desperate.

"You might have more friends if you weren't a bit.."

"Kankuro don't finish that sentence." Yashamaru said immediately. Yeah this is going to be interesting.

Most of the day I stayed in my room unpacking. Mom was downstairs helping Yashamaru cook, if I'm right Kankuro was in his room doing Kami knows what, Gaara had left with a loud blonde kid who wouldn't stop saying 'Believe it Dattebayo' and right now I hear Temari walking in the halls. She knocks on the door and I open it.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a bit? Tenten and Hinata are busy and I have no one else to talk to. I get bored easily." She told me. I know the feeling, when Ino was always busy I got bored easily to.

"Sure." I said going back and putting the last few things of cloths away.

"So tell me, what were your friends like back where you use to live?" She asked me sitting on my bed. I thought about it for second. There was Ino, Karin, even though she was a slut and Konan. Which reminds me, Konan moved a long time ago around this area. Maybe I might see her again.

"Well there was my best friend in the world Ino and there was also Karin. Well I cant say Karin was our friend that much. Every time me or Ino had a boyfriend we found out she slept with them in the end." I told her still pissed about it.

"wow why did you stay her friend?" She said laying down.

"We felt bad because her mother beat her all the time and her father raped her when she was little so if something like that happened to you I bet you would end up the same way." I did feel bad for Karin. She was all messed up.

"Oh I guess. What about Ino?" She asked. That would take a long time to explain but I guess I could always try and make it simple.

"Ino and I have always been friends since we were little. We were inseparable, not to mention always doing the same things to the same people who kept falling for it. Although there was also me moving but a few movings ago, and I don't care if its not a word, we both bought cell phones with each others numbers to keep in touch." I said sitting on the edge of the bed. "Karin is always with Ino though so I sometimes take with her. I wish I didn't have to move again and again." Oops that just slipped out. Oh well everyone should already know by the way I act that I don't like moving.

"My brothers and I have lived here since we were born. I couldn't imagine living without Tenten and Hinata." She told me getting up. "I'm gonna help with dinner so I'll talk to you later okay."

"See ya." I said as I fixed my bed. I am getting use to the place thanks to her. I guess all I need is some friends. Hopefully there are a lot of nice people around here, even if there weren't and they ticked me off they would have another thing coming. Tsunade was always my favorite principle. I went downstairs and found my mom setting up the table.

"Sakura, how do like this place so far?" She asked with a smile.

"I kind of like it." I said with a fake smile. It was true but I am still a little nervous about it.

"Don't worry, you will be starting school next week. Temari said she will show you around." Mom said finishing what she was doing. I knew Gaara must be home because I can hear the hyper blonde kid all the way from outside.

"You should have see Sasuke's face when Itachi told everyone, it was hilarious." He said when they entered, Gaara was obviously ignoring him by blocking out the noise. I use to do the same thing with Ino.

"Oh Naruto, will you be joining us today?" Yashamaru asked him.

"Yeah, I asked my mom if I could and she said since dad is busy with the school work and she has to do a lot around the house I could stay for diner if it was okay with you." Naruto said with a stupid grin on his face. In a way he made me want to laugh, not because he looked goofy but because he seem so cheerful.

"Well we have new guests as well." Yashamaru said going back into the kitchen. Naruto saw me and ran over.

"Oii, what's your name?" Was he serious, just rushing over to someone and asking there name without even thinking. Hmm this should be fun.

"Nanika." I answered.

"huh? Nani?" He said confused.

"Nanika?" I said as if I was correcting him.

"Nanika." He said smiling.

"Nani ka?" I said having a blast with this. He had a somewhat confused look on his face. Temari was trying to hold back laughter when she entered the room.

"wait huh?" He said.

"Naruto this is Haruno Sakura." Temari said laughing a bit trying not to completely burst out laughing.

"Ohhh Hi Sakura-chan." He said actually getting my real name. What a dunce.

"Hi." I said smiling. I couldn't help it after that who wouldn't smile. I do the same thing to the stupid people I meet.

"Dinner is ready." Yashamaru said. Everyone gathered at the table and started eating. Tonight's dinner is chicken, rice and sweet peas. Naruto ended up having ramen on the side. He did eat a little bit of the other food. The whole time Kankuro and Temari were arguing occasionally and my mom and Yashamaru were talking about things. Naruto seems obsessed with his food and both me and Gaara were quite. If I am in a place I don't know I wont talk much. Gaara looks at me from time to time which in a way was creepy yet I kind like the way he looked at me. Okay mind stop it.

After dinner I help with the dishes so my mom could go finish unpacking. Naruto said his goodbyes and rushed out the door really quickly. Kankuro was talking on the phone with his cousin Sasori apparently while both Yashamaru and Gaara went to there room.

"bed time." Temari said when we were finished. I guess I am kind of sleepy.

"sleep sounds great." I said.

"Your lucky you don't have to go to school until the weekend is over. That way you can meet everyone else. Once you do you will have no problems what so ever. Except for Akatsuki but you should worry about them to much." she said when we walked upstairs. She and I parted and I fell on my bed and immediately feel asleep.

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