Hell From 12

Abby, Kate and McGee ended up in the centre of Blockbuster video. They couldn't decide on what movie to watch with Tony. They did know his likes since Abbey and sometimes McGee would go do a movie night with Tony. Still they were starting to get frustrated.

"Come on, something fun," Abby said. "You know, catch phrases and catchy tunes and all that," she explained in order to get the others on the same wavelength.

"There's always Ghostbusters," McGee responded. That was always a fun movie to watch, one liners, silliness and almost plotless, it was perfect for him.

Kate raised an eyebrow. "Ghostbusters? Come on," she said negatively. "That's a bit outdated and a bit of a bore. It's got to be a western movie right?"

"Not John Wayne," Abby whined. "He just about has everything on John Wayne," she let them know.

"We can try Deliverance again," McGee said. "I know it didn't go over well. But I think Tony is coming back," McGee held the DVD on top of the chest high shelf. "Worth a shot?" He asked.

Abby shrugged her shoulders and turned to Kate. "Perhaps you should pick a backup movie," she suggested.

Kate walked around for a moment as she tried to find another movie. Thousands of titles and none of them seemed to jump out and say 'pick me'. She made her way to the comedy section. There was always one movie that was good for a laugh. Well to her, anyway. Finally, the bluish cover virtually screamed at her, Undercover Blues with Dennis Quaid and Jane Turner. Well it always made her laugh with the corny jokes from the actors. That would be so Tony.

"I got this one," Kate said. "It's about spies who're on leave and have a run in with the local cops while they're asked to be on a case against a rival. While all the time having this street punk trying to get revenge on them. And, to top that all off, they have to raise their baby girl," giving her friends a quick summary of the plot.

"Sounds silly," McGee commented with a smile.

"Sounds perfect," Abby took the videos up to the counter. She thought that the two would be enough.

There was an eager knock on Gibbs' front door and Tony answered it. Gibbs had been asleep for the past hour. He quickly hushed the visitors before letting them in. Abby showed the movies and Kate showed the pizza as they went into the living room.

Tony sighed as they sat down. "You didn't have to come around," Tony didn't think he was really in the mood for any movies. But, since they went to all the trouble, he figured he might as well watch the movies with them.

"Deliverance?" Tony asked, looking up in surprise.

That wasn't a movie he'd expect them to bring around again. Tony closed his robe before sitting on the couch and waited for Deliverance to start. It was one of those old western type movies that started off really slow. Soon the famous dueling banjos scene came on. The young man was playing the guitar and the weird looking kid started to join in with the banjo. The kid reminded Tony of) something that belonged in the X-Files.

"Ne, ne, nee neow neow neowww," Tony raised an eyebrow. He'd always been the one to quote movies as well as mimic them. Only now he was mildly surprised to hear Abby imitating the banjo part.

"Bom, bom, bomb bomb bommmm," McGee began, causing Tony to raise his other eyebrow as Abby and McGee went further into the dueling banjos song.

"Nee, Nee neow neow neowww," Abby continued.

"Bom, bom… bom bom bom," McGee almost repeated what Abby was singing, except he made it resembled a guitar.

They seemed to be not letting up at this. Kate and Tony exchanged glances with each other and laughed at the absurdity of the situation. Tony shrugged his shoulders and started to sing,. "Yankee doodle went to town riding on a pony," he looked from McGee to Abby. "Stuck a feather in his had and called it macaroni," he chimed in (with words that fit the tune.

The dueling banjos from Abby and McGee increased in speed as Tony found himself struggling to keep up, but wasn't able to find his place again.

"This is nuts," Kate laughed at the three of them. It was good to see Tony joining in on something that usually irritated her. Only this time it didn't, it was good to hear Tony doing something he normally did.

"Nuts?" Tony smiled at the sound of that.


The noise that woke up Gibbs sounded like someone was either playing the bagpipes or even strangling a male and female cat. Gibbs donned his shirt and made his way downstairs to see what the noise was. On the couch, Abby and McGee were impersonating banjos, and Tony was occasionally chiming in with Yankee Doodle Went To Town. Gibbs couldn't do anything but smile at seeing his team together and enjoying themselves. That was something he truly missed.

Things had started looking better. It seemed that the talk with Kate had alleviated the guilt and doubt that both had been suffering from and allowed them to move past it.

"Hey, Boss," Tony had turned around and saw Gibbs standing in the doorway. "Sorry, we didn't mean to wake you," he said. The others had quieted down at seeing they woke their boss up.

"I was up already," Gibbs said. He wanted them to continue, since it proved that Tony was being Tony again, even if it was in small steps. Gibbs smiled when it was no surprise that Abby restarted the proceedings. It was funny in its own special way.

"Ne, neow, nee, neow, neow," Abby shrugged after hearing that Gibbs had already been awake. She then continued on as if they were never interrupted.

"Bom, bom bombom bom," McGee sang back.

The dueling banjos lasted for a good half hour until the voices of McGee, Abby and Tony threatened to disappear. They all shared a good laugh. Smiles appeared on everyone's faces, it finally felt more normal.


3 Weeks Later

Mentally and physically, Tony was feeling great. He finally felt as if he were well on the path to recovery. Finally, the next day he would go back to work. He had to admit he really missed his job.

Tony hadn't mentioned moving back into his own apartment yet. He was actually relishing in the company that Gibbs provided. They sat on plastic chairs under the patio in the back yard, having a drink.

"Can't believe I thought about reinventing myself a few weeks ago," Tony laughed.

"What changed your mind?" Gibbs was curious.

"Actually, it was several things," Tony answered deep in thought. "Something Kate said, McGee flinging paper at me, trying to get me back on track and dueling banjos," he laughed again.

"And then there was you," Tony's face turned deadly serious. "You never judged me," they clinked glasses together. "I'd say to friendship, but you're much more than that," Tony confided in the man he trusted so much.

"Thank you DiNozzo," Gibbs gave one of his rare smiles at the complement.

"No, thank you," Tony answered and again he entered into deep thought for a moment. "This reminds me of Boston Legal… I'm Alan Shore and you're Denny – Hey!" Tony felt the head slap.

"I'm not an old has been," Gibbs jokingly growled.

"I wasn't saying you were," Tony tried to explain, just like he usually did when finding he might have said the wrong thing. "But they had the same friendship we have and they met outside after every episode and just talked about anything."

"Well just be glad we're not on a TV show DiNozzo," Gibbs said smiling and shaking his head. Quoting Television shows, he never thought he'd be so glad to hear Tony doing that.

"I'll drink to that," Tony replied.

"Good to have you back DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

"Hell, it's great to be back," Tony answered happily.

Back To Work:

Abby was beside herself waiting for Tony to get into work. Each time the elevator pinged she was at the ready to chase Tony down and welcome him back to work. She paced, wringing her hand with impatience. Again, it was someone else and no sign of him.

Tony had assumed that people were waiting for him and deliberately bided his time before catching the elevator up to his floor. He knew that Abby would be waiting for him as she always did when someone had been returning from holidays or returning from sickness or injury. The elevator doors opened at his floor. He'd just managed to step out when he was almost taken to the ground by an overzealous Abby hug.

"Argh," Tony groaned laughingly as he managed to maintain his balance.

"Tony, I missed you, missed you, missed you, missed you!" Abby told him loudly while squeezing him, tightly. "Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back," she squealed.

Tony held his arms around the over zealous lab tech. He skillfully walked and dragged Abby around until he was at his desk. "Ok, Abbs," Tony said. "If you don't release me, I'm going to pass out," he wheezed, trying to catch his breath.

"Sorry," She released the grip.

"Tony," McGee said with glee.

"Probie," Tony answered more subdued. "Miss me?" he asked.

"No not really," McGee answered like he used to and then he flashed to how things had been. "Of course I did," he corrected himself. "It's just been so quiet without you."

"Yeah," Kate said as she walked by. "People have been acting professionally,"

"Gee thanks Kate," Tony said smiling.

Gibbs strolled in. "We've got a missing petty officer. Gear up," he called out.

"On your six Boss," Tony said.

Those four words was something Gibbs found that he'd missed. To hear them once more was definitely comforting and to know he had someone who he trusted that had his six. His team was whole again and ready for the future. They could face anything that life was willing to throw at them.

Epilogue: L Jethro Gibbs.

It was a damn slow process to get my senior field agent back. With the help of the team we were able to pull him through his dark time and allowed him to be his old self again. But it wasn't too long after that he contracted the plague all because a mother's daughter was too embarrassed about being found naked and tied to a bed. We thought we'd lose him, but DiNozzo fought the pneumonic plague and won out. Fifteen percent is usually nothing, but in DiNozzo's case it's a much better chance. Then three weeks after that, Kate was killed. I was really concerned about him then, considering how close he and Kate were. But the kid bounced back miraculously and even took the time to snap me out of the turmoil I was feeling.

Tony's a great man and just as long as we have each other's six, we'll be fine…


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