In less than a second, he was blind, deaf and dumb.

I love you, Eli,

It seemed like this moment had been a lifetime coming but Eli hadn't prepared himself at all. He knew that there wasn't anything normal about the pull in his chest when she beamed at him or the countless times he tripped on his way up the stairs when he heard her laughing nearby, but love? He'd only just begun to consider an emotional attachment, and even that was much too fast for his comfort.

I love you, Eli,

And sometimes, when she frowned and her brows knit together, he had wanted to reach up and smooth out the wrinkles on her forehead. But love? He'd been certain that what she had with Scott was love, that what he had with Taylor was love. If he'd been asked two years ago, he never would have predicted that his fiancé was now his ex and that she also happened to be sleeping with his fiercest workplace competitor. He wouldn't have predicted that his firm would be splitting up and that he'd be offered a partnership in what could well become Wethersby and Stone. He certainly never would have predicted that he'd be sitting in a chair, listening to Maggie tell him that her engagement to Scott was off and that the married woman he'd slept with was the one person who could help him save a Pakistani life.

Two years ago, his brain was in one piece and he wasn't

I love you, Eli, but for once, I'm actually going to put myself first.

letting Maggie turn his world upside down and walk away, out of the library, out of the firm, and quite possibly out of his life. Melodrama wasn't his strong suit, and by the time Eli turned to follow her out the door, all he could hear was the clicking of her heels as she rounded a corner. For a minute, he debated whether he should follow her or not, but he didn't know what was left to say. She had made her choice.

Now it was time to make his.