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Proud of the House I Built

Prologue – Teaser (Chapter One to come in a day or two – the more reviews the sooner it comes!!!)

Harry and Ron laughed as they leaned in for a brief hug.

"It's so great to see you, mate! It's been forever…"

Harry sighed, "I know. But I've finally found a job that unfortunately I'm good at and get paid for with no taxes to take away from that amount. I only work it during the early morning hours so I have all day and all night with Jenny." Harry crossed his arms against his chest as he watched the two kids run around chasing one another. "If only this job didn't risk my health, it'd be perfect…"

A frown formed on Ron's face as he let out a sympathetic sigh. His whole family, but especially he, Hermione, Arthur, and Molly had sought out jobs that Harry may be hired for. They were all turned down. Now his best friend, recently employed by a whore-house director nearly five months ago, worked at home late at night as one of London's whores. Males or females were Harry's clients but most of them tended to be males. Harry would take them to the shed and would be paid up front ($10/hour/client). Harry worked every other night – beginning on Mondays – but worked both Saturday and Sunday and on those nights he normally had four clients who took up about two hours each. By the end of each week Harry managed to scrounge up about a mere $400. His monthly income only being around $1600… His clients who were wealthier – out of pity – sometimes gave Harry a higher fee. Ron and his family accepted Harry's job no matter how guilty they felt or disgusted with the ministry… They just felt terribly upset that this was how the savior of their world was now forced to live. Harry wrote to him every now and then through muggle mail and confessed the one fear that constantly crossed his mind... Ron, what if I contract a STD and end up dying? I can't give up this job for it pays me well. But what happens if I have to leave my little girl? Where will she go? What will happen to her? She is not welcomed in the wizarding world so you and Hermione – even though you're her Godparents – cannot take her in. I can't let her be dragged off to an orphanage. Ron, you have to promise me something… if something ever happens to me, please give her to Draco. I know he'll be in shock, but he'll come to love her. I need her to go to Draco. I mean Draco was also exiled and has no wand… so she can go with him. Ron intended to keep that promise, but prayed every night that he would never have to deliver it.

Sighing in defeat, bitter yet painful eyes met Ron's, "You must realize if I still had my wand and wasn't exiled from the wizarding world, Jenny and I would be around constantly. But having no access to my inheritance and being forced to live in the muggle world doesn't give me much of a choice other than working and raising my daughter… Mind you, we do live on a low income, but we are surviving."


"No, mate," Harry disrupted the red-haired man, "Jenny was worth my sacrifice. Believe me. She was worth it."

Draco felt his heart drop at the despair he heard in Harry's voice. Why would the wizarding world exile their saviour and his daughter? Why would they take Harry's wand and money away?

Ron's gaze dropped and he said, "I'm sorry, Harry. I forget sometimes that you got exiled from the Burrow, too. Forgive me."

Harry nodded, "I've gotten over it. The ministry had no right to tell me that either I abort my baby and could stay or I get exiled if I didn't abort it… there was never a choice there! I would never kill my own flesh-and-blood."

"If only that git didn't desert you. I warned ya of him, Harry. Once a Malfoy, always a Malfoy…"

"He was going through a difficult time himself, having just been exiled and wand snapped. Yes, I was frustrated that each time I started mentioning a topic that related to the pregnancy he always changed the conversation, but I don't blame Draco Malfoy one bit. In fact, it's better this way. He got the chance to start life anew, never having to look back."

"But if he'd listened, you guys would've been married and you wouldn't have been exiled."

"But Draco would have remained exiled so I would have been in the same situation." Sighing, running a hand through his unruly hair, Harry added, "Things happened the way they did for a reason. Nothing is going to change that. I don't regret these past three years at all. All-in-all, I pray that Draco has moved on and is happy."

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