iWon't Desert You

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"Yeah I'm on my way. Can't a girl stop to get a snack first?" Sam said, cellphone in one hand and a bowl of fruits in the other.

"Not when iCarly starts in FIVE minutes!" Carly shouted back, frustrated at the fact that Sam was once again late for iCarly.

"Dude chillax, I'm coming up the elevator right now." Sam rebutted, hanging up the phone and putting a piece of fruit in her mouth. "Oh man, I hate this stuff. I want ham." Sam thought as she reluctantly placed another pieceof fruit into her mouth.

The elevator reached the loft and the door open with a ding sound. Sam walked out and noticed Carly pacing up and down the room, Freddie, fidgeting with his tech equipments.

"What up my peeps." Sam boomed, causing carly to shoot her a glare.

"Don't you what up me," carly growled. She closed her eyes and seemingly calm down. "Sam, next time you want a snack,….. GET IT AFTER THE SHOW!" Carly shouted. So much for calmed down I guess.

"Guys were on in five, four, three, two." Freddie said, starting to get annoyed with Carly's continuous complaining.

"Hey people of earth, I'm Carly," Carly said, her frown instantly replaced by a wide smile.

"I'm Sam, and this is iCarly." Sam continued before placing another piece of fruit into her mouth.

"Sam, put that away." Carly whispered

"Opps, Sorry." Sam said and threw the bowl at Freddie's head.

"Oww, what was that for?" Freddie remarked, rubbing thye area where the bowl connected with his head.

"Suck it up Fredward." Sam retaliated and continued with the show

"And were clear." Freddie stated, putting his camcorder onto the tech cart. His head was still throbbing from the bowl that Sam threw at him

"Awww, does someone's head have a booboo from a small plastic bowl." Sam said in a baby voice which made Carly laugh.

"Haha, very funny." Freddie said, each word smothered with sarcasm.

"Yeah I am one heck of a comedian." Sam smirked, dropping herself into the nearest beanbag.

"Why were you eating fruits anyway, I don't think I have ever saw eating anything other than meat." Freddie asked.

"Ahhh, it's my mom, she says we should start eating healthy and blah blah blah. Have you guys ever tasted them, their so …..not meat." Sam said as a look of disgust crossed her face.

"Hey your mom is right, their good for you." Carly said.

" Whatevs. Anyway, great show today." Sam said getting up and walking towards carly.

"Yeah the only bad thing is that I needed the bathroom the whole time, and with that, excuse me." Carly said running out the door towards the bathroom.

"Wait, don't leave…." Before Sam could finish her sentence, Carly was already gone. She hated being alone with Freddie nowadays. She always started to daydream whenever she was around him. She turned towards Freddie who was on his laptop sitting in a beanbag. She could not help but watch him. "Aw, you look so cute when you're engrossed in your tech equipment. Wait, did I just say that?" she gave herself a mental slap. She walked towards him and dropped herself in the beanbag next to him.

"What are you doing dork." Sam asked

"Nothing much, just calibrating……" Sam did not hear the rest as she soon found herself staring at him, lost in his eyes."

"Sam? Sam!" Freddie was waving his hand in front of her face. He wondered why she always seemed to drift whenever she was around him. "Maybe she likes me. WHAT! Come on Freddie, get it in that head of yours, it's impossible that she could share the same feeling you have of her. If only I could tell her, but knowing Sam, she would probably rearrange my face if I ever said that to her." Freddie's crush on Carly was actually fading but he now had another distraction.

Carly soon walked in and both quickly snapped out of their trance and acted like nothing happened.

"Hey guys, Spencer asked if you guys want to stay for dinner. He made his spaghetti tacos." Carly asked.

"I don't know if my mom would allow….." before Freddie could finish he was interrupted.

"Sure, my mom never cooks me dinner, and here is the only place I can eat a nice home cook meal. Anyway I can't stand the healthy food she's preparing." Sam said almost completely ignoring Freddie.

"Ok, so Freddie I understand if your mom…" Carly responded

"No!" Freddie screamed.

Carly raised an eyebrow. She was sure he was going to say his mom wanted him home or something.

"I mean um….. I would love to stay for dinner." It was not actually because he wanted to stay but because he wanted to spend more time with Sam, even if Carly was there.

"Okay." Carly said with a confused tone. She did not really understand why Freddie responded like that but soon forgot about it.

Sam and Freddie both followed Carly out the studio and went downstairs. They walked into the kitchen to see Spencer at the stove scooping spaghetti into tacos.

Sam grabbed her plate and sat down at the table. "Hey dweeb, get me a glass of water will ya." Sam exclaimed, waiting for a comeback from Freddie.

"Sure, but can not call me a dweeb, dork is bad enough." Freddie sighed.

"Just stating a fact." Sam said shoving food into her mouth.

"Ok will you two ever stop fighting." Carly asked taking a seat next to Sam.

"I don't think that is possible." Both Freddie and sam said in unison. Sam looked down and did not realised that she blushed.

"Are you blushing, Sam?" Freddie stated, happy that he gave her that reaction and sat across her.

"No, it's the food. It's so good." Sam exclaimed forcing more food into her already full mouth. Freddie simply laughed at the sight and sam blushed once again.

"Okay I think I should be going home now. I don't want my mom to call the police and look for me………again." Freddie said as he walked to the door.

"Yeah I think I should be going too." Sam said almost instantly.

"I thought you were sleeping over, or did I dream you said that?" carly said. She could remember that sam asked her that day if she could sleep over.

"Did I? You must be dreaming. Bye" sam rushed out behind Freddie.

"So see you tomorrow dork." Sam said while pushing him and making him slam into his door, then running down the stairs.

Freddie gave a sigh and walked into his house only to hear a loud scream.

"Freddie, where have you been. You were supposed to get a tick bath tonight. I almost called the police."

"Mom, I don't have ticks!"

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