I took in my surroundings before I opened my eyes. I felt Edward's hand on mine. It was…warm. That struck me as odd, but of course. His hand felt warm to me now. We were the same. I sat up. Something was strange. Where was that music coming from? I opened my mouth and…

Bella: Edward Cullen

What did you do to me?

Edward: You're a vampire

Can't you see that, honey?

Bella: Yeah, I get it

But why am I singing?

Edward: You're not singing,

But you might mistake your voice for ringing!

Bella: Stop singing!

I can't take it anymore!

Edward: I'm not singing!

Not that I don't have the talent in store.

Bella: You're all singing!

Alice: La la la la

Bella: Am I crazy???

Edward: Nooooooooooo


Bella, you're not crazy,

But no one's singing-

Carlisle: Does it all look hazy?

Edward: No one's singing to you

Ooh ooh oo oo ooh!