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My first FF! Hoorah- finally got the nerve to write it. So it's been six months after TDI, and Courtney cant forget what happened on the island… ENJOY

Courtney's POV:

"Do you have a Blockbuster card?" I ask with as much patience as I can muster.

"Hmmm?" the lady on the other side of the counter mumbles. "Oh! Yes! My card! Of course, of course. Now where did I put that silly thing? I used it just last week! The grandkids were over for the weekend. The movie had something to do with a dog… I can't remember what it was called- oh, here it is!"

I let out a sigh of relief upon seeing the rectangle of blue plastic. I don't have any tolerance for chatty customers today.

"Alright," I scan the card "Your total is $9.50. Have a nice day." I give a forced smile.

"Oh, let me get my glasses. Can't trust machines today! Always making mistakes, they are." She sets her purse on the counter and opens it up.

"Now where are they? I'm thinking of buying a purse organizer, like the ones on t.v.? Sure would help! Hehe!"

The lady finally finds her glasses and places them on her nose. She regards the receipt and smiles.

"Good! I had better be off then, I've got dinner to make! Have a nice day… Courtney!"

With that, she strides over to the door and waves good-bye.


I rest my head in my hands and scan the store. It's fairly empty, except for a couple looking for a date movie at the back of the store. I hear bits and pieces of their conversation.

"How about Maid of Honor?" the girl suggests.

The boy shakes his head "I'm not watching a chick f-"

"ROMANTIC COMEDY!" she interrupts.

"Okay, I'm not watching a romantic comedy. How 'bout… "

The girl makes a pathetic face.


The boy's face softens and he smiles.

"Anything for you, Princess."


My stomach churns. It's been over six months- so why does that name still make me queasy?

My mind makes its way to last summer. Total Drama Island. Why can't I forget? I haven't seen him in forever… not that I miss Duncan or anything.

That pig never stopped bothering me. I hated him.

Sure. Riiiiiight. That's why I kissed him… several times.

Shut up. It was a spur of the moment sort-of thing. It meant nothing. I felt nothing.

Yeah. Uh-huh. Felt nothing. I'm pretty sure I felt his tongue…


I think I know. I was there.

Fine. But that was six months ago. Summer fling. We didn't even exchange numbers or anything.

I wish we had…

No. I. Don't!

Yes, I do!

Oh never mind. What does it matter? Duncan's who knows where, and I'm here, stuck at Blockbuster with this crappy job.

Well, I need a new violin, and there was that one I saw at the mall…

With the matching case!

Sucks that Bridgette broke mine last summer.

What? Oh great, now I'm thinking of TDI again!

And Duncaaan…


Snapping back to reality, I glance at my watch. Three minutes till closing.

"We're closing!" I call to the couple at the back.

They walk over to the counter and place the DVD down. The girl is wearing a triumphant smile. I glance at the case.

Maid of Honor.

Shuffling across the parking lot, I zip up my jacket and stick my hands into my pockets. Why is so cold? It's the middle of March. I clench my fists and jog over to my car, praying that the fireplace is lit at home and someone is making me hot chocolate. I open my purse and feel around for my keys, though my fingers are going numb.

I stop at the sound of a male voice.

"Hey there, Princess."


Me: Well, waddya think?

Courtney: Not bad for your first fan fic story.

Me: I know right???

Duncan: I dont like it

Me: WHY?

D: I hate cliffhangers

Me: Ya well I hate hangnails but you just have to DEAL WITH IT

D: And if I dont?

Me: Ill… uh… put you in… THE CLOSET!!! *flash of lightening/crackle of thunder*

C: The Closet? Kinda melodramatic, doncha think?

Me: … do YOU wanna go in THE CLOSET?

C: Uhhhmmm… I dunno… what's in there?

Me: Lots of sharp metal stuff…hehe

C: WTF!? Why do you keep knives in your closet!?

Me: What? No- we just have like 4 pairs of old skates it there.

D: What's so scary bout it, then?

Me: to claustrophobic people, ALOT. Or to people that are afraid of skates… dust… walls… air…

C: Uhhhh…

Me: The dark… carpeting…

D: How much longer will she rant on like this?

Me: The cold… doors…

C: Errr…

Me: Next chapter up soon!

Sorry the A/N was lame!