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Switch Personalities

'Where am I?' Allen opened his eyes to the hollow darkness. "Deceit." A voice echoed across the dark regions. "Is.. Is anyone there?? Answer me, please!" "Lies." "What are you talking about? What lies?" "You lie, Allen Walker. You deceive everyone. You hate the Black Order." "You're wrong! They're my family now!" "You know it yourself, Allen. I'll help you realize this. Everything's going to change from now on since I've arrived. Know that, Allen Walker. Or should I say, myself." "Wait.. –Woah!" a hand reached out from the dark space on which Allen was standing upon and pulled him downwards. Allen felt himself plummeting down into the depths of darkness.. "NOOOO…-"

"-OO!!" Allen woke up with a start. "Huh? It's daytime already?" Allen wondered aloud as he tried to adjust his eyes to the bright rays of the sun. Jeez. What a bad start to the day. Allen shook his head, clearing all thoughts of his nightmare before moving himself out of bed. 'I wonder.. that dream seemed too real to be true.. Well, I guess all my dreams are like that.. The last part was pretty freaky after all, I mean, what did that voice say that it was me? It's not like I have split personalities or something…' Allen thought as he brushed his teeth and got changed.

As Allen wandered down the corridors towards the cafeteria, he pondered about the dream and in the end, he came to a conclusion : A dream's just a dream, what could happen? Allen shook aside the weird thoughts he had and went to the cafeteria for his breakfast. The first person he saw was.. Kanda. 'What I great but horrible way to start my morning.' Allen thought as his eyes fell upon the samurai's usual sulky face. He couldn't help but blush a bit because although he hated to admit it, he liked the samurai, or perhaps loved him.

"Morning, Kanda." Allen greeted Kanda. He knew that he would not get a favorable answer from the samurai, and stopped expecting to much from him. Kanda che'd and continued eating his soba. Allen sighed. He was really down at the pits today. "Morning, Allen-kun!" "Hey Allen!" Allen couldn't help but smile at those two voices. At least there was something to make his day better.

"Morning, Lenalee, Lavi!" Allen called back cheerfully. He walked over to Jerry and started ordering his usual amount of food, which, by everyone's knowledge, was a lot. Allen struggled to balance the trays holding his food as he sat down next to his two closest friends in the Order. "How're you feeling, Allen-kun? You look a little down today.." Lenalee asked, concerned for her friend's health. "I'm fine, Lenalee, really." Allen gave a weak smile in reply.

"Allen! You know, you've looked like you just got rejected by Yuu or something!" Lavi said, teasing Allen. "T-That's not it!!" Allen protested, a light shade of pink on his cheeks. "Haha, gotcha, Allen!" Lavi smiled cheekily at his friend's protests.

"Do you mind sharing with us why you look so glum today, Allen?" Lenalee asked kindly. "Umm.. It's just a stupid dream, really." Allen mumbled as he dug into his gigantic breakfast. "Oh really..? What was that dream about? You having your first kiss with Yuu?" Lavi suggested, giving one of his mischievous grins to Allen. Allen sighed and denied, giving up on his attempt to change the course of where his friend's mind was heading to. "No.. It was something about split personalities." Lenalee's eyes widened. "Split personalities? Like that Noah, Tyki Mikk?" "Sort of and sort of isn't? I'm not so sure.." Allen trailed off, shrugging as he starting digging into some chocolate cake. "Hmm.. It's okay, Allen, it's just your dream isn't it? How in the world can there be such thing as that happening to you? "

Suddenly, Allen felt angry. It was as if.. Lavi's comment was an insult. He felt furious. He clenched his fist tightly. Millions of thoughts were rushing through his brain at that moment. Why am I angry? It was just some remark; But he sounded so.. sarcastic?; What's wrong with me?; Allen suddenly lost control of himself. "Hey, Allen? Why'd you become so quiet suddenly..?" He couldn't control himself and then.. 'WHACK' the sound of Allen's fist coming into contact with Lavi's cheek could be heard throughout the whole cafeteria. People were staring at Allen in shock, surprised at his actions.

How could Allen Walker, such an innocent boy, do such a thing over some comment? "Heh, shut up if you don't know anything." Allen sniggered. Lenalee's eyes widened as she saw what had happened. "A-Allen-kun.. What're you..?" Lenalee looked at Allen uncertainly. Something was not right.. Allen.. just didn't feel like Allen at all. He felt.. weird. "ALLEN! What'd you do that for?!" Lavi shouted angrily, clutching his swollen cheek. Allen shook his head, like a person waking up from dreamland. He felt himself coming back to his senses slowly. 'What did I do..? My fist..? Lavi's face swollen? Did I..?' Allen gasped. "S-Sorry, Lavi! I didn't mean to-!" Allen's eyes widened. The only place that felt safe to him was his room.. His refuge where he could hide from all this weird confusion. "Sorry, Lavi, Lenalee.. I've got to go now.." Allen's voice trembled as he turned and ran away from the cafeteria.

'What is.. wrong with me?'

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