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Feverish Emotions

As Allen ran down the seemingly endless corridors of the Black Order blindly, his mind was swimming with questions. He was panicking inside.

'I punched Lavi?'

'Why did I black out for a moment?'

'What's wrong with my body?'

'Why? Why? Why?!'

'Why's filled his head as he ran and ran blindly. He came to a stop to catch his breath. 'Where… am I?' Allen thought as he looked around. He realized he had ran all the way from the cafeteria to the exorcists' quarters. His feet felt so heavy all of a sudden. It was like, the ground was pulling him, drawing him closer. Allen panted for breath as he looked at the nearest door next to him. Kanda's room. Shit. He'd rather have stayed at the cafeteria instead of running all the way blindly and wound up at Kanda's door. He cursed himself silently as he turned around to get back to his room.

He was feeling dizzy suddenly. The world felt like it was moving.. Was it an earthquake..? Or was it just him? A cloud of haze seemed to settle over his mind and his vision started to become blur. He felt like he was being put in an oven for a moment.. It was just so hot... 'Must get to my room..' He struggled silently in his mind. 'No good.. I'm feeling all weak.. I'm..' Allen's legs trembled and gave way beneath him. He collapsed to the floor. "Get.. back..room.." Allen muttered as he tried to get on his feet but failed. The last thing he saw before his eyes succumbed to the darkness was a blur figure of a person with his/her hair tied up into one ponytail.. Kanda? Allen couldn't think any more as he went unconscious.

"Moyashi?" Kanda was surprised. 'I thought he was still at the cafeteria.. Why the fuck is he sprawled out on the ground?!' Kanda quickly went over and checked Allen's pulse. Thank goodness he was still breathing.. Kanda quickly lifted Allen and proceeded to bring him back to his room. He carried Allen to his room and laid him down gently on his bed. 'Damn Beansprout. I can't always be there helping him if he's going to faint all of a sudden..' Kanda thought, frowning a little. He felt Allen's forehead. It was warm.. Allen was having a slight fever.. It wouldn't be long until it was fully developed. Kanda quickly went to get a basin with cold water and a cloth

'Kono baka moyashi.. Making me so …'

'Allen…' A golden-brown framed mirror with clowns at each side. A cracked dusty mirror. 'I…' Hands connected, fingers touching smooth glass.. Then sinking into deeper murkiness. The mirror was.. His other reflection reached out, a smooth hand grasping his wrist. No words spoken, lips moved. 'What? He looks just like me..'

'I'm sinking.. ..again..'

Allen winced as he felt something cold and wet hit his forehead. It was only for a moment before whatever it was was being taken away. He slowly opened his eyes. "Where.. am I..?" "Your room, baka Moyashi." "K-Kanda..?" Allen muttered, surprised. 'Thank god he was alright.' Kanda thought unconsciously when he saw the boy's silver eyelashes flutter as he fully opened his eyes. "What happened..?" Allen struggled to steady himself but his body failed him. Allen fell back against his bed. "Don't bother. You're sick." Kanda muttered, loud enough for Allen to hear. Was that concern in Kanda's voice? No way. It just couldn't be. He was the last thing Kanda bothered to even care about, or was he..? That was what he thought.

"Thanks." Allen mumbled in appreciation of the older boy's actions. "Forget it Moyashi, I wasn't helping you out of kindness or whatever. I couldn't leave a weakling like you on the floor out cold." Kanda said coldly. Allen could swear his heart broke a little inside, but he regained his composure. What could he expect from Kanda? It was just impossible..

Allen plastered a fake smile onto his face. 'Why?' "Haha.. I thought so too.." he laughed weakly, trying not to let his emotions overrun him from inside. 'Why can't he just know..? How hurt I feel inside?' "I'm going to leave now, Moyashi. Maybe I would have Lenalee or that baka usagi to check on you later."

'Kanda never cared. But what did I expect..?

Kanda's just.. Kanda after all..'

"It's Allen.." Allen said faintly and ever so weakly.. Shit. He couldn't keep this up. "Che. Whatever." Kanda muttered and went out of Allen's room. Allen watched as the door closed behind the samurai's back. Tears ran down Allen's cheek. 'After liking him for so long.. I know I would expect this answer from him but I just.. feel disappointed..' Allen started to cry silently inside. The torture of liking someone but that person doesn't even show any feelings.. Love was indeed cruel. Allen closed his eyes and tried to sleep..

I just want to forget all this..

Lenalee was just on the way to see Allen when she saw Kanda come out of Allen's room. 'Kanda-kun..?' Lenalee was surprised. Why would Kanda even go into Allen's room? They were like, mortal enemies with each other.. Unless Kanda went and did something bad to Allen. After watching Kanda leave, she quickly hurried into Allen's room. "Allen-kun? Are you alright?" Lenalee called out. It was dark, she saw a figure lying on the bed, back turned towards her, presumably Allen (Who else? 3).

Allen was nearly falling into dreamland when he heard Lenalee's voice. "Wha-? Lenalee..?" Allen was surprised a little. "Allen-kun? Why was Kanda in your room just now? What did he want from you?" his female friend asked worriedly. "It's okay, Lenalee.. I was just sick and Kanda helped me back to my room.." Allen said quietly, trying to hide the bitterness and sadness. "I'm fine, really." Allen's voice cracked, giving his game away. "It's about Kanda, isn't it?" Lenalee could tell. "N-Not really.." "Tell me, Allen, I'm here for you, that's what friends are for right?" Lenalee comforted the now sniffing boy.

"Tell me everything."

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